Mary Jane: To Weed or not to Weed?

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Mary Jane: To Weed or not to Weed?

Up until I left Jamaica, I had never been really close to the Cannabis Sativa plant. I knew what it smelled like (sort of) and I knew what it looked like from pictures. But my goody-two-shoes-persona would not have allowed me to fraternize too closely with the substance I knew had sent my cousin, Snoopy, off his rockers.

I also knew that when most of the men I grew up with smoked it, they were freer with their hands on my body, quicker to violence and less inclined to go to work. So whenever I heard that there was going to be weed somewhere, I absented myself, thus, preventing my ever having had to refuse it outright. Back then I didn’t even drink.

Cut to life in America on the artist-circuit. I’ve never seen coke or heroine or meth, but I have heard that they were present in some rooms I have occupied. But Marijuana is everywhere. These lesbians in New York have bongs and blunts and joints and brownies and a whole lot of other shit I can’t spell. Come to think of it, Denver dykes are no different, nor are the lesbians from Lansing. Drugs are simply a part of contemporary adult life in Urban America. (I just realized that these confessions may make it impossible for me to run for president later, but what the hell!)

Anyways, not only did I have to constantly refuse to take a toke over and over and over again, I had to also explain why the Jamaican girl with the big afro was anti-Mary Jane and her talents. I heard every pro-weed argument in the book: weed makes you more in-tune with your higher self; good grass will make me really enjoy sex; it makes chocolate better; it makes me less uptight (as if I mind being uptight!); weed will make me more fertile; weed will increase the amount in my bank account; weed will bring Jesus to me; weed is a gift from Jesus; weed will make Bush a human rights activist. Weed, in the art world, is seen as the rebel drug that has survived the cruel tactics of right wing government through the ages.

In my heart of hearts I wanted to try this miracle drug. It seemed like it could fix all my problems. I lie awake at night imagining that what my life would be like if I were a

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Bebi_Bebito's picture

its a weedy world

weed ain't a miracle drug and as with all things in life  it can be good and it can be bad.

first of all i would like people not to forget that its NOT a mood maker it does not make you happy etc. its a  enlarger it multiplies so if your down or suicidal etc. then  don't expect  it to snap you out of it. ( it might just be the thing that pushes you over the edge then)

some people can benefit from weed  for different reasons  including medical ones

if some one wants to try weed i would urge them not to take it when there alone

best thing is to have some one around who aint using it at that moment. safety first.

personally i have used weed and still do ( in different forms/manners)

i for one do benefit from it but i know when to take it and when not to and

to me that is the key

(when used medical  its recommended to use a appropriated device inhalator  / vaporizer safer on the body it is specially long term thinking - if you can afford it)

last but not least i would like to say that every person is responsible for them self's and there own life and well being so what ever you do or choose ? its  up to you !)

skate's picture

And whatever happened to

And whatever happened to cousin Snoopy?

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I believe that you should

I believe that you should think really a lot about this question. I know that Jamaica is way too well known about the fact that weed is everywhere but that weed is healthy. the weed we have in the States is made most of it by chemicals. This weed we have in here is genetically modified. If you have a problem quitting the use of weed then you could try the Narconon Vista Bay treatment. You don't need to go to the rehab. It's enough that you order the medicine online. I could give you a website for that.

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Hi Mystics, Thanks.  :)  Yeah

Hi Mystics,

Thanks.  :)  Yeah I know a couple of those people too.  One got her PHD that way.  Go figure.  xoxo

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

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Whoops that was supposed to

Whoops that was supposed to post under Mystics...

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

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I am from B.C., home of the

I am from B.C., home of the "B.C. Bud", a cultivar developed by a former 70s Friend of Jesus hippy whom my sister met one time.  He publicly apologised for what he had done to B.C.  He and his buddies had moved north and wanted to make a strain of pot that would grow up here. They accidentally produced a variety that is about 10 times more potent than other kinds (and also has 10 times the side effects).

It has since been developed into a 10 billion dollar organised crime industry in B.C. (that makes it our number one industry, ahead of oil and gas, logging, and tourism).  The distribution is mostly handled by biker gangs (esp. Hells Angels), though recently Russian Mafia have also been moving into the area.  Much of the production is handled by people living in B.C.'s many remote areas.  A disproportionate amount of the growers and users in our area are First Nations people (Native North Americans), probably because of the political and social mess government policies have inflicted on them.  The effect of all this locally is high crime rates (gang-associated murder, assault, rape, and arson) and high rates of family break-ups and dysfunction, particularly among First Nations people.  Drug driving accidents are common - including semi truck drivers and heavy equipment operators who drive high.

The scientific studies that show marijuana to be non-addictive and not harmful to your health were performed using other milder strains than the B.C. Bud.

The good news:

- Legalising marijuana would lessen the associated crime problems.

- Marijuana will not kill your brain cells.

- Medicinal marijuana is a whole lot better than morphine.

The bad news:

- Marijuana contains 15 times the tar of cigarettes.

- Marijuana contains 50 percent more carcinogens than cigarettes.

- Prolonged marijuana use restructures your brain cells in a way that causes permanent damage to your short-term memory (giving you a problem like alzheimers').

- B.C. Bud is as addictive as other illegal drugs.

I am a teacher and I know teenagers who have developed a pot habit because the high made them alert while studying for school tests.  They are not yet 18 and they are addicts who struggle to think clearly or remember anything.  They may have done well on a test or two, but they will now never make it to college.

Nothing good to say about recreational pot use at all, ever.  And it stinks too -  having sex while smelling that?  Really????

Robin Rigby's picture

Yeah, the idea that sex is

Yeah, the idea that sex is better when you're high is ridiculous.  I don't smoke, as I said, but I know sex is not better when I've been drinking.  Quite the opposite.  

Joanne Robertson's picture

I think it should

be legal and taxed as alcohol, but I'd be concerned about the effects on youth's brains *feels old*.

I had a perfectly intelligent go-getting friend, who had his own business and started smoking pot regularly.  I'm sure it triggered his depression and the fact he has been on benefits since his 20's, unable to get back to the person he once was.

With all the research about under-developed brains and mental illness being triggered in the under 25 age bracket ... the nerd in me is concerned about youngsters.  Sure, you can put an age limit on it's purchase ... but like alcohol, it will be easily obtained.

Then there's the issue of drug driving ... I really don't want to be on the road with people who are high, as there are already enough drunks out there Sick

People STILL don't get the drink driving message, so what will happen if a city declared pot legal and the population just decided to give it a go?!

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i'd be equally concerned

i'd be equally concerned about all of the legal drug's (adhd/add, bipolar, other drugs that drastically alter personality) effects on forming brains (youth's brains) as i would be weed. and it's not even for the biological health side affects, but more that i feel people should be able to develop to a certain age with the wits they were born with, and not think that they need something external to correct, fix, heighten, help something. should be allowed to develop a personality that isn't based on a drug be it weed, coke, adderall...lithium...whatever

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It was good at the time...

I liked pot. But since it is illegal and I am no longer young and stupid...well, less stupid, pot is just a warm memory to me now.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Robin Rigby's picture

I don't smoke, the smell of

I don't smoke, the smell of pot gives me a headache, but the only people I've ever known who do so regularly don't have better lives than I do. And from what I can see their experience only matches StacyAnn's. ie; things just look better but haven't actually changed.

Robin Rigby's picture

In the immortal words of my

In the immortal words of my big bro- "Pot just makes you S-T-O-O-P-I-D."

Grace Moon's picture

I actually agree

with Carollani down there, as far as legalizing it -- and then taxing it. I mean i really don't see the diff between alcohol and weed.

Personally I stopped smoking at 19 (i started when i was 12! - blame the islands). But i have known potheads to be layabouts, i worked for a pothead for a couple years -- he was stoned everyday by 3 in the afternoon and his business went down the toilet.

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Tex's picture

Forget the plant...

no kind of smoke going into your body is a good thing....and an orgasm is never lousy, some are just better than others!  


Twitter Time @kdhales

SMBrown's picture

Well said, Tex! (on both

Well said, Tex!

(on both counts)

Rusty's picture

I'll just say no

I'm not a fan either. I know too many layabouts who can't come up with money to help support their kids, but somehow always have enough to get high. As for personal use - I'll stick to beer. Every time I tried pot I sat around in a waiting for the cops to bust down the door state of paranoia.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

Carollani's picture


Hahaha, I mean absolutely no disrespect by this, but you sound adorably ignorant about weed.

Let's forget your anxiety for a moment, weed makes people less likely to act violently (as opposed to alcohol), isn't addictive, has very real medical benefits, and is pretty effing harmless.

If the US legalized pot, farmed it openly, taxed and regulated it, then we would not be in a recession. We could stop wasting millions and billions of dollars on fighting a drug war that is literally impossible to win, and poor street corner entrepreneurs would be decriminalized.

Is there a downside?

Not2Taem's picture

On Pot and War

LOL  When I read your comment the first time I missed the drug in your war, and thought, "Yeah, just get all of the heads of state and military commanders stoned and there will be a permanent cease fire.

SMBrown's picture


I agree pot should be legalized (possession of a small amount has been decriminalized in my state), but I don't agree with your rosy assessment that doing so would pull us out of recession--though it could help a bit in some state like CA.  And most of the money spent at the federal level on the 'drug war' is spent on harder drugs like coke, heroin and meth.

I agree with PK below that it isn't nearly as 'harmless' as you claim, particularly if smoked.  That's the primary reason I've always steered clear--I've been a runner for much of my life and it definitely affects the lungs.

peacekitty's picture

Hi there, Hmm...I don't think

Hi there,

Hmm...I don't think "weed" is as harmless as many young people think.  Smoking it can cause lung and throat cancer and most current research studies have determined that long-term use of pot can have negative effects on brain chemistry.  Plus there's the fact that many people who are regular pot users often use alchol and other drugs with it.  I don't know many people who just smoke "weed."  There's also a lot of debate going on as to whether or not it's addictive.  I do agree with you though that alcohol is the most dangerous drug.  Alcohol and barbituates are the only drugs that can actually cause people to have siezures and die if they stop it abruptly after having become too dependent on it over time.  You won't die from pot withdrawal.


"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Carollani's picture


Tell me how pot is more dangerous than cigarettes. A lot of pot users I know don't even smoke it, so if you can use THC without smoking (method should really be an individual choice, don't you think?), then you're talking about a drug less dangerous than cigarettes, caffeine (shown to permanently decrease brain function after withdrawal), cough syrup. Seriously, you're grasping at straws.

Now, you're not really addressing the benefits that THC can have for people. It can cure chronic stuttering, shaking, pain, nausea, seizures, and do you know what that means to people who are stuck in a world of pain and isolation? Fucking freedom.

You literally can't overdose. There are literally NO deaths directly linked to usage of THC. There should be no argument.

I may sound like a pothead or something, but I could count all the times I've used pot in the last 5 years on one hand. I don't like to do it around other people because I get self conscious and don't enjoy it. I just know that my experiences aren't the end all of the drug. It can benefit millions of people and I don't think anyone should be able to stand in the way of that.

SMBrown's picture


You make some good points but you way over-state your case with the 'grasping at straws' phrase.  Most people do smoke pot because it's the easiest and quickest way to use it--other methods require some advanced prep.  Why does it have to be MORE dangerous than cigs to question its effects on one's health?  Cigarettes carry a warning saying they cause cancer which can kill you--that's dangerous enough for me to avoid them and urge others to do so as well.  If pot was sold legally it would probably have to have a similar Surgeon General's warning.

Carollani's picture


Those are reasons to regulate, not ban.That's what I'm saying. Cigarettes are legal. Alcohol is legal. Salvia is legal and unregulated. Marijuana is illegal because there was an illogical smear campaign decades ago that left people with weird moral feelings about a subject that has since been studied extensively.

Your points about health are, I guess, relevant, but we're discussing the legality of the drug. In my mind, if this drug is less dangerous than completely legal drugs then what's the problem? That's why I said you're grasping at straws, because those "dangerous" effects are no more, and even less, dangerous than drugs that are legal.

SMBrown's picture

PK, thanks for pointing out

PK, thanks for pointing out that pot does damage the lungs (and kills some brain cells along the way too!).  But I have to tell you I know a number of people who only smoke weed....

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Look up. 

Look up.  Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"