The L Word 401 recaps Janine Avril

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401a.jpgSunday Jan, 8 2007. ep 401.

The opening episode of Season Four was certainly not a disappointment. The train has got back on the track after derailing for a few minutes there at the end of Season Three, scaring the living daylights out of us die hard fans about the fate of the characters. Bette was on a kidnapping mission in Canada, Tina was finally getting some real live cock, and Alice was about to channel Dana’s ghost through Lara. I was just about to refill my Prozac prescription, but Season Four thus far has left me strangely optimistic so I’m holding off for now. I’ll review the selling points of the episode first, and then touch on what I could have done without.

Hands down to Joyce Wishnya for telling two girls who are warring over their biracial baby just what they would be in for if they decided to go to court to claim sole custody of Angelica. “A media bonanza.” Well put Chaiken. Sharp, cutting edge social commentary. Joyce’s diatribe while keeping Bette and Tina locked inside her office was much needed perspective for those two nut jobs and good brain candy for the rest of us who should contemplate how such a court case might unfold in the political climate of America these days. The scene was also well acted. Laurel Holloman is really hot when she gets feisty, and Jennifer Beals rocked an excellent fake cry.

The Jenny and Moira/Max relationship has at last come to its much needed demise. Those two had less on screen chemistry than any L Word couple so far and frankly I am pleased to see Jenny back with a hot femme, where she belongs. While Claude, her French flame, seems to have the depth of a paper plate, at least watching her and Jenny fuck is a serious joyride for some of us, namely me. Jenny and Max doing it was pitiful…glad to not be seeing any more of that.

To take a short tangent off of “selling points” I think this is a good time to note that Jenny is completely ruthless towards her ex lovers. The minute she moves on from a relationship, she has no problem screwing her latest find less than two feet away from her ex. (First it was Robin that she was screwing when Tim was right in the backyard peeking through the window of