The L Word 403 recaps Janine Avril

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407c.jpgSunday Jan, 20 2007. ep 403.
This past week's episode began with a disgruntled Jenny standing outside of Stacey's Merkin's apartment, yelling her name. What are the writers of this show trying to do to this poor character? First they have her cutting her legs up with razor blades and now she is crazily stalking the woman who reviewed her book because she didn't like the review. Are we supposed to relate to this character or are we supposed to thank our lucky stars that we are absolutely nothing like her? The madness was taken a step further when Jenny impersonated a Korean woman and admitted to Alice and Helena that she used the word vagina as a pejorative slur. I thought the vagina was supposed to be venerated on the L Word?

Onwards...I like the Phyllis character because what she is going through is, I think, a fairly realistic portrayal of what it is like for someone to come out of the closet. The first step is wanting to get a little wild and crazy after all that uncomfortable repression. Coming out makes teenagers of us all. You're suddenly able to be the gay teenager you weren't! I remember coming out at twenty three and acting like I was sixteen. It's even more interesting to see someone who has already been married and had children realize that it's time for her lesbian heyday at the local lesbian bar. Phyllis conveys the nervousness of coming out really eloquently, and I think she has good taste to pursue Alice. I want to date Alice too. Alice and I make a most excellent couple in my fanciful imagination.

Alice has been getting A LOT of action since Dana got sick, by the way. First it was the lesbian vampire. Next it was her incestuous roll in the hay with Lara, followed soon after by Papi's seduction. We are soon about to see her get naughty with a woman old enough to be her mother. It's all fine. Alice needs some hot sex after all the trauma she's been through. And while I'm thinking of Dana, I want to add that the writers have done a really nice job of not reminding us at all that she ever existed.

I am intrigued though by how Bette and Tina manage to exist in a room together so soon after Bette's kidnapping scheme and Tina's threat to never let Bette see "her" daughter again. What was Bette's motivation to come to Tina and Henry's "mixer for their gay and straight friends."? What happiness or satisfaction, if any, did she think she would get out of the experience? Tina also looked like she wanted to slit her wrists, and I think I can see where this is all going. Tina does not feel comfortable in a heterosexual relationship. She feels comparable to the way that people who have spent most of their lives in hetero relationships feel when they first come out of the closet. I'm not sure that she will be able to whether the storm of heterosexual life again after all her time with Bette. She is clearly miserable and wants to jump out of her skin.

I appreciated Angus sticking up for men who like to take it up the ass. His little demo on dick and ass was very cute. However, I am confused about how one second he had a hundred thousand dollar record deal and the next second he was thrown out of his band. Another L Word storyline totally unexplained.

One question to leave you with: What will Helena, the failed punk rocker receptionist, do next?