The L Word 409 recaps Janine Avril

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I’m frankly shocked that Jenny Schecter had the time to write a whole new book: Lez Girls, when she was so busy hunting down Stacey Merkin (the vagina wig)’s girlfriend, pretending she was Debbie, and then burying and cremating poor Sounder. The season begun with the release of “The Sum of her Parts” and all of a sudden she has a brand new book out! Time flies for television characters. Jenny is becoming quite the success, despite her ruthless attitude and reckless abandon of the friends who helped her become someone when she moved to L.A. I have a feeling it’s all a game of chutes and ladders though, and her ominous downfall is soon to come.

It’s about time that Jodi Lerner has begun to drop her defenses, quit her disclaimers and start opening her heart up. I applaud Bette on having been patient and emotionally secure enough to put up with Jodi’s intimacy issues and antics for this long and to realize that underneath this polyamorous, kid hating, deaf woman is actually a beautiful, sensitive soul. Maybe now that the veil has lifted, we will see a new side of Jodi. The chemistry between her and Bette is strong, and since I really like watching them make out, I hope this lasts. After all, the L Word does need one relationship that doesn’t fall apart at the seams. I won’t count my chickens though.

Alice and Tasha are another pair of hot blooded lovers: so different from one another, yet somehow charming together. Their relationship is growing on me. Tasha also has less of a stick up her ass these days though I kind of miss her and Alice fighting over politics. They are due for another raging debate about the Bush regime which ends with hot sex.

I would have been mortified if Phyllis’s husband ended up at my house, needing a pep talk about how women become lesbians even after they’ve been married for twenty five years. The girls handled it quite nicely though, treating Leonard with dignity and respect. And I’m not the least bit shocked that when the stress was over, they all needed a drink. In the L Word, stressful experiences are dealt with by using some sort of mind altering substance: namely alcohol or cocaine. Doesn’t anyone in Hollywood believe in going to a yoga class or the steam room at the gym? Or meditating quietly in the confines of one’s home, burning Nag Champa incense and red currant candles? Apparently not.

It is too predictable what is in store for Helena. The conniving gambler she’s dating is going to be taking her on a very unpleasant ride when she refuses to give Helena the share of the winnings that she rightfully deserves. Helena is going to have to find another job. From millionaire to skate shop receptionist, to party caterer to gambler to…….We’ll have to wait and see.

Papi is a mess if she’s after a straight girl, and thanks to Angus…so is Kit. It remains to be seen whether she’s going to forgive his sorry ass. Frankly, I don’t think he’s really apologetic. I just think he’s a drama queen and even fools himself with his own act. He likes to get caught up in his own melancholy and drama. If he’s so remorseful, why was he banging the nanny in the first place?

My heart broke for Shane when that son of a bitch of a father came to claim Shay. Shane absolutely should sue his pathetic ass and rightfully get back custody of her brother. Shay is the most positive thing she has going for her in her life, other than sexy, Terminator woman who she’ll be dropping like a bad habit now that she doesn’t have a kid anymore. I think she gave up too quickly. She should sue and she should win. She might not even have to because that pathetic attempt for a father will probably abandon Shay again.

The “Lez Girls” dance troupe was talented. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of them.