Letter From The Editor: Goodbye, Hello

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Letter From The Editor: Goodbye, Hello

lesbian print magazine Curve. GO magazine and Velvetpark began the same year in 2002 in New York City. In pure dedication and commitment and despite the incredible costs of a fickle print industry, Amy Lesser has continued to deliver newsworthy content and the lesbi cultural road map across dykenation. And how about the forward minded Sarah Warn who in 2002 knew the future of lesbian community and culture was online. Afterellen.com grew quickly and remains the premier destination for lesbian media, celebrity and gossip. The rest of lesbian media has scurried to keep up with her, fumbling our way online in her wake.

Then there is Ilene Chaiken. It is with great respect and gratitude that I thank Ilene who gave me the opportunity to work on OurChart. My very limited experience of having worked as her editor is that she is woman of vision, insight and a million ideas. The L Word has so dramatically positively altered our visibility and self-image — I mean really, she made being lesbian an A-list experience. High profile TV show, Paparazzi, red carpets —what? Had we ever felt so special before? And like seriously I still think TiBette should not stay together.

Even as I contemplate the loss of OC’s contribution as we knew it, it’s instructive to remember that the site does not exist in a vacuum. Established media giants like Time Inc. and Conde Nast Publications have both shed hundreds of employees recently, while newer ventures like the fits-and-starts prone Radar magazine finally folded entirely last month. Okay now, I didn’t mean to scare you with the eminent recession or depression, but take heart — in the words of my dear friend and colleague Diana Cage “We are lesbians, we know how to survive.” And that, we shall do.

Now that I’ve come back to my dear little media company that could, I would like to first thank Tami “IT girl” Johnson, Elizabeth Koke and Anna Romer who kept the home fires on Velvetpark burning. Thank you to everyone who began at Velvetpark and followed me to OurChart as well as those of you whom I met through OC (there are so many of you, please for give me for not mentioning all of your names). A shout out to Kelly McCartney whom I have known for over 10 years and I seriously could not have accomplished anything without. She helped me found Velvetpark and became an absolute pillar of constancy on OC — editing, fact-checking and delivering consistent thoughtful informed posts ranging from green living to music to news and any number of topics we needed to cover in any given moment.

Thank you Diana Cage, my media girlfriend, the great illuminator of queer politics and culture. Cage, you’ve been one of my greatest allies and inspirations in keeping lesbian media alight. I look forward to setting up the lesbian commune (perhaps it can be right here on Vp), while we wait out this bastard economy.

And to you, OurChart readers who I really deeply felt became my online family; minniesota54, Tex, Lezbeth, Btfan2, my fellow dyslexic DeeDee, Rovermom, motaterz, peacekitty, Rusty, mysticsmb, CA_Medicine_Woman, and again the many others of you whose names escape me at the moment. I have thoroughly enjoyed our discussions even when we argued passionately. Nothing but love.

Lastly, I throw out a heartfelt thanks to Lisa Bang, who was really the lynchpin in keeping OC running behind the scenes. She helped me ease into my position at OC and showed me the ropes. Her organizational, marketing, and managerial skills — not to mention editing and creative talents — will be an asset to any company in the future.

Going forward you can continue to find me here at Vp, and I hope to be joined by a few other of my compatriots in short order. So come back soon. And please do comment and feel free to express your thoughts. And if you’d like to join our ranks, make sure you read the fine print: we put the “free” back into ‘freelance” and the ‘Dyke” back into “DIY”. Long live lesbian media.

In love and gratitude,
Grace Moon

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Lerika's picture

what a real story..

what a real story..

Ksana's picture

Good night, blopggers =)

Good night, blopggers =)

Luna's picture

wonderdful post))

wonderdful post))

10der's picture

It's true... miracles never

It's true...
miracles never cease..., or cease to amaze.
Glad I found you ladies over here.
Sorry about the OC, but change is always inevitable.

chasingsunset's picture

I was sad to hear the news

I was sad to hear the news about OC, but that's life. I always long for a site made primarily for women... I think it's important.

Thanks Grace, for your words.

romperroom's picture

Will you be a brownshirt post

Will you be a brownshirt post burner on VP like you were on the OC?

MsQueer's picture

Hey Lisa B. Just wanted to

Hey Lisa B.
Just wanted to add my HUGE APPRECIATION for all of your patience, guidance and posts on OC. Yes, you put up with alot and did your best to handle a large demand. My experience was you were always on top of things with a lightning-quick response time! You took very good care of us.

YOU ROCK, GIRL! Will miss you and hope to be able to follow you to new projects. All the best to you!!!!

STVBuddyMatch's picture

LISA B... out of all the

LISA B... out of all the FACES that are now missing from the OC... that far and distant memory for some but a place some of us STILL LOVE for all the greatness it brought to our days and NIGHTS... I just wanted to say... YOU and your FACE will be the MOST missed from EVERYONE...

There was not ANYONE who participated within the forums or post regularly that DID not know the SECRETLY behind the scenes you WERE the REAL GLUE to the entire framework we all so very much loved an adored!

LISA... from one of your FRIENDS on the OC... You are greatly missed, thanks for LISTENING to all of our rantings and wants all the time, even though you could not possibly get to all of them thanks for just being there and letting us know you heard us!

I wish you lots of WONDERFUL SUCCESS in all your future endeavors!

Lots of love & friendship,

STVBuddyMatch's picture

Many happy wishes to all

Many happy wishes to all those who contributed to the GREATNESS of the OC... I wish you all a happy HOME in all your new endeavors... ALL of our wonderful BLOGGERS are greatly missed!

And for those caught in the path and wake of the STORM, well for those of US... few and far between folks. Well we will definitely miss all those friends we made along the way but, we still feel some things are worth fighting for...

Lots of Love & Friendship,

K I T's picture

yo Lisa, glad to see your

yo Lisa, glad to see your still a live and kicking!
are you going to become a editor here?
or can we find you some where else?
wishing you nothing but the best !

it's not only the OC bloggers that i will remember !
you def will be remembered to !

rock on !

Barb's picture

I will miss Our Chart. On the

I will miss Our Chart. On the upside, move on Moon, and I'll tag Velvetpark as my new favorite. You are an amazing writer and I love reading your blogs and the blogs of your fellow bloggers.

dreamtrapped's picture

Well, nice to find you here

Well, nice to find you here again...
I really liked reading your blogs on OC, (though I didn't post frequently) and I'm really glad to find you here. The best is yet to come!

*now bookmarking site...*

MMMissy's picture

:) I was/am an OC lurker :)

I was/am an OC lurker Smile I knew many names on there, sometimes enjoyed the comments more than the actual blogs, I think I may have only actually commented at most 5 times. I joined it possibly the same day it started? Anyways.. glad to see some familiar names on here.

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[...] about the decision on OurChart.com however it seems to have been removed. She has also posted at Velvet Park Magazine, where she now spends her time as Editor in Chief. A few months ealier I had been invited to post [...]

K I T's picture

wishing you all nothing but

wishing you all nothing but the best !
and remember this ? !
The Butterfly Story: The Idea of Transformation

"The idea of transformation is most often
symbolized by the butterfly which takes
a completely different form, “trans-forms”,
from one part of its life to the next."

In its earlier form it is usually a slow, “dull”, earth-bound consumer.
By going within, into its dark chrysalis, for a period of time,
the butterfly emerges to take flight into beauty and grace.

In Norie Huddle's book, “Butterfly” she writes:

"The caterpillars new cells are called "imaginal cells". They resonate at a different frequency. They are so totally different from the caterpillar cells that his immune system thinks they are enemies . . . and gobbles them up - Chomp! Gulp! But these new imaginal cells continue to appear. More and more of them! Pretty soon, the caterpillar's immune system cannot destroy them fast enough. More and more of the imaginal cells survive. And then an amazing thing happens! The little, tiny, lonely imaginal cells start to clump together, into friendly little groups. They all resonate together at the same frequency, passing information from one to another. Then, after a while, another amazing thing happens! The clumps of imaginal cells start to cluster together! . . . A long string of clumping and clustering imaginal cells, all resonating at the same frequency, all passing information from one to another there inside the chrysalis.

A wave of Good News travels throughout the system - Lurches and heaves . . . but not yet a butterfly.

Then at some point, the entire long string of imaginal cells suddenly realizes all together that it is Something Different from the caterpillar. Something New! Something Wonderful!! . . . And in that realization is the shout of the birth of the butterfly!

Since the butterfly now "knows" that it is a butterfly, the little tiny imaginal cells no longer have to do all those things individual cells have to do. Now they are part of a multi-celled organism - A FAMILY who can share the work. Each new butterfly cell can take on a different job. There is something for everyone to do. And everyone is important. And each cell begins to do just that very thing it is most drawn to do. And every other cell encourages it to do just that.

A great way to organize a butterfly!"

WisdomWays delivers ways to connect these imaginal cells
and create a new way of being.

There are imaginal cells with each of us, our organizations and the body of our society. Transformation is about allowing those new ideas, those “imaginations” to emerge and grow.

Individuals and organizations that have the “ways” and the courage to do this will emerge with greater beauty and capacity to soar to new heights of success.
Winks ~ smiles ~ lol

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[...] farewell continues on:

[...] farewell continues on: catch it at VelvetPark or Bilerico where it seems to be the big news in queer [...]

PH2008's picture

Hi Grace, I only recently

Hi Grace,

I only recently joined OurChart but I heard you prior to that on OutQ 109. I just wanted to say thank you for your phenomenal writing. It is appreciated by many, and we will continue to read what you have to say. Always exercise your voice.

Tex's picture

OMG, Lisa B, you are a former

OMG, Lisa B, you are a former OCer also? Then, sweetheart, I've got to say something to you that I never did - and I've been sitting on this for months - since someone posted a pic of you and Diana right after Dinah. Geezus, but your cleavage is awe inspiring!

Thanks for keeping us all straight over on OC - it will be nice to see a comment from you and not think I'm in some sort of trouble!

Nothing but love


Twitter Time @kdhales

Fastgurrrl's picture

Grace, Lisa, I basically

Grace, Lisa, I basically liked you, and the other staff, before, but I can feel your vibe way more now, and I love that!


Grace Moon's picture

The Artist Formerly Known as

The Artist Formerly Known as OC Editor,

Bang! I love you!

tweet tweet @gracemoon

lisa b's picture

moon, thanks for the kind

thanks for the kind words and transitional thoughts, which echo many of my own.
looking forward to all the good things that are sure to happen here at VP, to keeping in touch with all the wise and wonderful OC folks who've wandered over here, and to commenting without using the words "terms of service" or "community guidelines" ever again Smile
-the artist formerly known as "oc editor"

Wellie's picture

I'm so sad that the OC blogs

I'm so sad that the OC blogs will soon be a distant memory... It's already a very hollow silent hall and I had only just found yas there!But at least I have found yas here at VP and this place is buzzing, best of luck and thanks

MsQueer's picture

Wow, Grace - I'm glad I

Wow, Grace - I'm glad I followed the link over here from OC. Yes, we Lesbians do know how to survive. I, too, wish that you would have had the chance to post this at OC, but it is what it is. Seems like IC needs alittle instruction on the "Love" part of the "L" word! Ah well. Thanks for so many great months there. I'll look forward to following your work here and hope that many of the OC bloggers follow you here. It's been a great community. It was never about the location, it was always about the people there! Take care,

hopefulspirit's picture

I didn't post much at OC, but

I didn't post much at OC, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the blogs - thank you. I particularly found all the political blogs very interesting and informative, I'm in the UK and it kept me up-to-date with what was happening with the US election. The Universe works in mysterious ways and who knows this will probably turn out to be a blessing for you (and your readers). And oh, TiBette definintely need to stay together, ha ha!! Hope...

Not2Taem's picture

Grace, So good to finally be


So good to finally be able to contact you here. My daughter finally figured out that this site does not like my IP address so I pilfered a network from a neighbor. Speaking of which, now that I finally have access to the new geighborhood, lets borrow some chairs and gather around for a good oldfashioned Thanksgiving. I'll bring mounds of sweet potatoes and the Cleavage Gals can play Let's Pretend until we get the pics up.

; ) Not2Taem

Fastgurrrl's picture

Have you ladies checked out

Have you ladies checked out the videos just above this? Fuckin' cool! You know, Grace, something wasn't coming across fully with you on OC. What I mean is, you seemed a little "stiff" to me. This site I feel more of a connection with you. Your videos and interviews are great, and I can see that you are a cool, funny lady. Anyway, I love your videos and I hope those will be a big part of this site, because we really get more of a feel for you, and Parisa, and Diana, etc. Vanessa Craig is fuckin' funny too...nice lap dance! Smile

(pssst, Ashley Caplan from the LOGO channel @ Dinah, ahem, cute!)

conlite's picture

Thanks for making an effort

Thanks for making an effort to pick up here where Ourchart blogging has left off. Hope all goes well for you and the staff here as you handle this transition. Thanks again.

diana cage's picture

Here's to the next venture,

Here's to the next venture, You make beautiful things happen. I can't wait to see what you create next. Now that we have a new project to work out I have an excuse to cook for you all winter.

toodlin's picture

Grace, You are a real

You are a real talent. I hope some form of dialogue will continue over here, there is a need for it. I will miss oc however there is always another horizon. You, me, and the banana are one, don't you forget that.

Barb's picture

Geez...I take a few days off

Geez...I take a few days off from reading and posting to get some school work done and look what happens - madness...
I always enjoyed reading and responding to your blog at that other site, Grace.
I will continue to read your blog here, and wish you much success with all your endeavors; smart and compassionate is a winning combination - keep doing what you do!

test_jess's picture

testing tech issue, sorry

testing tech issue, sorry ladies.

itty's picture

Thanks Grace... for all your

Thanks Grace...
for all your efforts at OC...
I'll miss you there but will catch you here!!!
I'm sure this place will become a haven for many of the OC girls!

LongBeachDogLover's picture

It already feels like home

It already feels like home Grace......... thank you.


shrrew's picture

I was heartbroken to hear

I was heartbroken to hear about OC today but elated to read about the link here. What a great site! I wish I had known about it earlier. I have been passing this new sites link to my friends. I hope this site is successful and safe from a bad economy...

yonks's picture

it is conforting to know that

it is conforting to know that even if the invisible hand have strike again, visible fairys dyke work hard to put all the pieces together
kiss to you all

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

ZaraThustra's picture

Time will be had -- yes,

Time will be had -- yes, Prufrockian style -- for the taking of tea. x

Grace Moon's picture

oh dear me, then we shall

oh dear me, then we shall have to meet up for tea.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

ZaraThustra's picture

Thank you, sweetness and

Thank you, sweetness and light -- I promise to stop by Vp frequently and, accordingly, participate when my cup overfloweth with intellectual stimulation.

In the meantime, I'm moving to NYC....fancy that!

Grace Moon's picture

Oh Zara dear, thank you for

Oh Zara dear,
thank you for finding yourself here. I was going to miss your mighty wit and keen aesthetic intellectualism...


tweet tweet @gracemoon

ZaraThustra's picture

Well, I've re-emerged from my

Well, I've re-emerged from my cave....and am mighty confused. I, too, like countless others (it seems) was attracted to the OC because of your and Cage's posts.

Onward, I suppose?

bronniepickle's picture

By the way, in my "P.S."

By the way, in my "P.S." above (11/22 @ 11:18 PM) I was referring to the unnecessarily cruel and unjustified post above by "Lisa, 11/22/08 @ 6:00pm". I love and respect every other Lisa I know....I think...hmmm, wait a minute....thinking.thinking.thinking....yessss...yes I do...every single one.

btfan2's picture

Grace, wow what the heck is

Grace, wow what the heck is going on. I've been distracted lately and not really aware of whats going on. Of course this one seems to have come from no where and it seems we were are caught unprepared.

We live in a crazy world at crazy times so I guess you get up brush yourself off and try again. I'm kinda dismayed but; I'm going to just be still for a short time and decide how I fell and what to do.

I'm going to miss you most on OC and Kelly hang in. I'm sure most of us will be here driving you to distraction. I'm pretty sure I can multi task, opps multi blog.

THANK YOU and KELLY for all the grat blogs, the great discussuions, insights and yes even the times we didn't see eye to eye.

Love and Respect BTFAN2

Angela Jimenez's picture

welcome back home. you are

welcome back home.

you are the best


Turquoise's picture

I'm sad...gods are sad...but

I'm sad...gods are sad...but I'm looking forward for great changes. Change is life-altering though the transition can be excruciating. Keep it up, Grace. I believe in the power of lesbian transformational narrative and your blogs are a proof of that.

I will certainly miss the witty, leshumorous insight of yours on OC. We love you.

Grace Moon's picture

Everyone, Thank you again.

Everyone, Thank you again. Your totally heart felt sentiments are more than appreciated.

I'm rolling up my sleeves as we speak, I will keep you posted of our plans as they happen. I'm scribbling at the drawing board right now.

Tex, these are NOT sarah palin glasses.

CA, I hope you will write in with any news items I'll be talking with Kelly today about her contributions here.

J Wats, I'm roping you in shortly.

Chin, you are an angel we will speak soon.

All arguers and people who like to cause a commotion are

I'm sorry our site is a little bare bones at the moment, my IT girl Tami, wasn't expecting the influx so soon. We will be working on make the site more functional for comments and replies as well as other functionality for the site.

Thank you really, for your out pouring of love and gratitude.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

lmz's picture

yes we'll certainly survive

yes we'll certainly survive but i'm getting old
cheers !

mysticsmb's picture

Yippee--you're HERE!! Thanks

Yippee--you're HERE!! Thanks for thinking of us and promptly posting after what I'm sure was quite a shock. The fact that I never completed my OC profile is a testament to the quality of the CONTENT which captivated me from the first day I wandered in to the OC web. I so appreciate all your efforts to produce and manage that content, particularly the emphasis on fostering community through spirited dialogue, and I eagerly await what the future holds here at VP and wherever life takes you.

Oh, and on the jobs front, take heart: Obama just released a plan to create 2.5 million new jobs. Most of them will require picks and shovels, but what self-respecting lesbian commune doesn't have a stash of shovels?


Meiohmy's picture

Grace, Thanks so much for all

Grace, Thanks so much for all of your hard work on OC. I am glad to know you are still out there. I have loved reading the blogs and being inspired by such bright minds.

Krystal's picture

BigPOC, Dyke media and queer


Dyke media and queer cultural production, always.
It's ours to define.
You did it, you're still doin' it, gonna keep doin' it,
You make our community stronger by questioning and challenging what we mean and what we think we are.

Lookin' forward to bein' a bigPOC like you someday.

Proud of ya, love ya.

Julia Watson's picture

Moon, it has meant the world

Moon, it has meant the world to me to be a part of the community and fellowship of writers and readers you built at OC. I remain honored to have been in such fine company, and I look forward to being a part of whatever comes next, one way or another. Do count me in for the commune!

Love you. Proud of you,