Aural Fixation: Amy Ray Live

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Aural Fixation: Amy Ray Live

Amy Ray cruised through Santa Fe Friday night with her merry band of dykons in tow – keys master Julie Wolf (of Ani DiFranco fame) plus guitar maven Kaia Wilson and drum ace Melissa York (two-thirds of The Butchies). Producer Greg Griffith rounded out the ensemble as bass badass. Together, they worked their way through many of the songs from Amy's latest release Didn't It Feel Kinder, along with a smattering of tunes from her other two solo efforts.

The first thing to mention is that the whole group seemed to be having a great time packed onto the small, gear-stuffed stage. They giggled between songs – usually due to some silliness sparked by Melissa – and just generally appeared to love their jobs. (When Mel emerged from behind the drum set to dance wildly to Toto's “Rosanna” while groping an innocent audience member, I remembered her antics always being my favorite moments at Butchies shows.)


Pacing-wise, there was never a down moment. Granted, most of Amy's solo tunes are infused with punk attitude either musically, lyrically or both. But still, the set had a great flow with definite highs and no lows. “Bus Bus” was one of the highs as was “SLC Radio,” both from the new CD. Something about the group background parts that propelled those two in a live setting even more so than on the record. Speaking of backing vocals, when it came time for “She's Got to Be” and “Stand and Deliver,” Julie threw down a mighty effort to fill Brandi Carlile's wailing shoes.

From the back catalog, we enjoyed “Put It Out for Good,” “Rural Faggot” and “Driver Education” from Prom, the last of which will also be on the upcoming Indigo Girls collection. Stag offerings included “Black Heart Today” and “Measure of Me,” with “Johnny Rottentail” and an extended jam version of “Laramie” coming as the encore.


The Indigo Girls still do the occasional club tour to keep their grounding. It's a great way for any artist to stay connected to their fans and for those fans to have an up-close experience. That was most definitely the case last night as Amy and the girls all ended up signing autographs and taking pictures with folks after the show. Once the crowds subsided and the gear was loaded, they were on their way toward Tucson fueled by cups of Taos Cow Ice Cream.

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February 7 at Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colo.

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Saw them in Chicago with

Saw them in Chicago with Jenna it was an AMAZING SHOW! I highly recommend!

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That sounds like a great

That sounds like a great show. Thanks for the report, Kel.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.