We Are Back In Kansas, Toto!

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We Are Back In Kansas, Toto!

Watching the news these days I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Is the Bush/Cheney government really gone? President Obama conducted his first official interview since taking office with Dubai based al-Arabiya TV. He spoke of changing the language used by the U.S. in addressing the Muslim world, and that "listening" would replace "dictating." Besides sending George Mitchell to begin a peace process in the Middle East, Obama will be addressing the "Muslim world from a Muslim capital," later this year.

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annie oakley's picture

oui, muslima.com advertising

oui, muslima.com advertising here too.

lol. not looking for a wife!!

lmz's picture

funny the international


the international muslim matrimonials site chose this page to advertise !!!!


sorry but France (which is an american ally as i'v been told) did not support the war and did not support Gitmo. We have now to take charge of detainees who have been jailed for years in this concentration camp for reasons we ignore.

just a thought

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Guess I am. Tried to post a

Guess I am. Tried to post a link to am irfi . org article 3x and could not post.

So much for freedom of speech!

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Am I on the censorship/reject

Am I on the censorship/reject list?

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ok, maybe this will post to

ok, maybe this will post to mysticsmb:

Can Sharia (Islamic Law) work in the 21st Century?

make sure to read #5

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Trying a version of my

Trying a version of my original comment without the YouTube link:

When did VP turn into a KKK/I hate Muslims site? If some of this crap was directed toward any other minority than Muslims the writer would have gotten their PUMA-humpin ass banned.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

Rusty's picture

When did VP turn into a KKK

When did VP turn into a KKK site? If some of this crap was directed toward any other minority but Muslims the writer would have gotten their PUMA-humpin ass banned.


"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

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Grace is there a word filter

Grace is there a word filter for comments? I tried to submit a comment about the anti-Islam comments but it went into the ether.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

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To Lady Annie Oakley, comment

To Lady Annie Oakley, comment below.

I live in France, Europe.
So what's your version of what happened in Malmo?
give your links, your sources, your interpretations.

"I said “everything no matter what”?" Yes you did about "islamification".
Using this word supposes:
- people are converting from one religion to islam : they are not. These muslims are immigrants.
- "islamification" seems, for you, to be a bad thing : islamists are dangerous, not muslims.

If there are more muslims immigrating or people from muslim countries, do you think it's because they feel well in their own country that they flee?

Of course some (few) islamists are trying to make problems, but ALL MUSLIMS ARE NOT ISLAMISTS.
You don't know that?

Annie Oakley's picture

mysticsmb: weird, your

mysticsmb: weird, your comment doesn't have a reply button either...

So c'mon. Answer my question. What kind of Supremes would be appointed with a muslim president? What effect would a muslim president have on women and lesbian women's rights? How would a muslim pres view and have an effect on transgendered, trans-everything persons?

It's easy to tear down my opinion by calling me a racist. That's the easiest conversationstopper around (which is why it was used by the Obama camp constantly). C'mon – think about this. I'd like your prognosis.

Waitin' on Grace Moon too.

Annie Oakley's picture

Dornac: I am not a girl; I'm

Dornac: I am not a girl; I'm a woman.

I understand a lot about Europe but will not lay out my bio here. Have you been keeping up with what's been happening in Malmø?

I said "everything no matter what"?? huh? what is that supposed to mean?

Do you live in the States??

Dornac's picture

you have strange fantasies

you have strange fantasies about islamification.
You were right not to quote France, you are careful.
But you quoted european countries and said everything no matter what.
You are a dangerous girl.
By the way, this speech about islamification is THE SAME AS ISLAMISTS' SPEECH to indoctrinate people ("we have conquered the world").
Read Chahdortt Djavann about that.

Recall : Sweden and Denmark are ones of the most liberal countries about women.

Dornac's picture

Right on Grace!

Right on Grace!

mysticsmb's picture

Annie, the reply button is

Annie, the reply button is not working on your comment below so I'll reply here to your question "how do you think your rights as a lesbian would be affected by a muslim president?" Depends on the Muslim, or Christian or Jew or whatever. Also, your statement and questions above about Muslims and banking smack of the kind of anti-Semitic talk people use when talking about Jews and money.

In fact, everything you say about Muslims smacks of every racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-anything slur that's ever been used against any group and I'm deeply offended to read your bigoted comments here.

Annie Oakley's picture

Something else to check into,

Something else to check into, Grace. Look into muslim banking. There are enormous amounts of money involved. Check into how that money is utilized.

Now tie the two together. To what extent, do you think, would a muslim president support muslim banking?

Deep inside you Grace, is the potential for a serious journalist – if only you would let her out!

Annie Oakley's picture


DEBUNKED BY PALIN HERSELF, right before she kindly offers the reporters a ride. minute 7:40

Never hurts to listen to women speak for themselves instead of believing what others tell (lie) you!

Governor Palin talks National Politics

bronniepickle's picture

Bush threw us over that cliff

Bush threw us over that cliff and left us for dead years ago. Where was your hysteria then?

bronniepickle's picture

Faux News...is that her

Faux News...is that her alias?

Annie Oakley's picture

muslimification correction:

correction: islamification

Annie Oakley's picture

Grace, the GOP was against a

Grace, the GOP was against a LOT of that package. The dems could have chosen a myriad of other things to slice.

You have an odd way of laying blame.

Annie Oakley's picture

not a myth. they're getting

not a myth. they're getting millions if not billions. They'll be in full force to re-elect obama.

Annie Oakley's picture

Apple: It would be too easy

Apple: It would be too easy if ACORN were mentioned by name. It's included via terminology under which ACORN falls.

Annie Oakley's picture

mysticsm, Defending

mysticsm, Defending Christianity is not my calling. But the last time I looked christians were not performing honor killings, demanding that "their females" follow a restrictive dress code, etc.

I'm amazed at the short term memories here. Weren't les's screaming about OMG how women would lose the right to abortion if McCain was elected because of the Supremes he would recommend? What kind of Supremes do you think a muslim pres would "recommend"?

You tell me: how do you think your rights as a lesbian woman would be affected by a muslim president?

mysticsmb's picture

Annie, can you tell me what

Annie, can you tell me what "Christians" have done or do for women's rights in this country?

mysticsmb's picture

Thanks for the snowbound

Thanks for the snowbound slogging and reporting yet another ACORN myth!

mysticsmb's picture

DeeDee, do you consider that

DeeDee, do you consider that there are MILLIONS of moderate Muslims worldwide who can do a far better job of influencing the more extremist factions of their faith than some swaggering American cowboy demonizing a large segment of the world's population?

p.s. in case you missed it, we just got rid of the dumb-ass American...

Annie Oakley's picture

Grace, I was serious about

Grace, I was serious about Sharia law being allowed in Texas. Look it up. It's happening. Read about what sharia law entails. Look up what the muslimification of places like Sweden, England, Denmark etc. is affecting. It is NOT a pretty sight and not one we should bring to our soil.

I am serious about listening to Farrakhan. Do it sometime. Listen to his "sermon" where he laughingly recounts how he hit his wife. you can find it on youtube. His wife stands next to him – silent. Go to the NOI.org website and look at the "learning to be a good wifey" courses muslim girls are encouraged to take.

What's wrong with a muslim president? Are you serious??

What do you think a muslim president would do to women's rights? What do you think he would do to YOUR rights as a lesbian? Do you know ANY muslims who think being gay is ok and should be protected by law??

I won't even go into national security or the fate of Israel...

As the economy worsens (and it will. The "stimulus" package will plunge us into close to 20 TRILLION DOLLARS DEBT) women's situations will grow more desperate. Women will be treated the worst in an impoverished economy. We need leaders who are acutely aware of that and keeping an eye out for women, NOT leaders that view women as inferior to men.

Annie Oakley's picture

Ahmadinejad is already

Ahmadinejad is already demanding an apology from Obama! Some think Obama already appears weak to the muslim world...(those muslims outside the US, I mean)

Obama should apologise to Iran: Ahmadinejad

applecrumble's picture

i'm slogging thru the 647

i'm slogging thru the 647 pages of the government printing office issued "american recovery ...act" and just for fun searched for any mention of ACORN and it just isn't there. kind of snowed in and home sick, and for some reason i'm reading this damn document and have c-span's blathering on in the background. i think i need a playmate.

applecrumble's picture

I was talking with a friend

I was talking with a friend recently about how weird it is that we are happy to have a president who denounces torture, can speak in complete sentences without sounding like a child learning to read, and believes in science. standards were so low electing a ficus plant would have been an improvement.

TheInsomniac's picture

Every time I hear one of

Every time I hear one of these constructive things Obama is doing my first reaction is I must be dreaming. The I slowing realize no, I'm waking up from an eight year nightmare! He's the most powerful person in the f***ing world. Of course the president should be diplomatic. Of course the president should be articulate. Of course the president should not be afraid to show his intelligence. Of course the president should work hard and with focus. Of course the president should have a hot wife... well I guess the last one isn't really a requirement... Wink


Grace Moon's picture

PS. the one of the many

PS. the one of the many compromises made to the stimulus package to appease Republicans was nixing women's health care for low income clinics... I hold that against the Republicans.

If Obama doesn't make some concession to the GOP, the fear is his admin goes the way of Clinton's. Clinton didn't get approval from any republicans leaders when he passed his tax bill in 93. Dems in the majority of the house and senate all signed on.

The next election, the GOP went after his tax bill (which by the way left us with a budget surplus by the end of his admin) -- the GOP won majorities both in the House and Senate using that as the wedge issue... the rest is history.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Grace Moon's picture

I really want him to go to

I really want him to go to Medina then make a full Hegira to Mecca walk around the holy rock and then speak.

I absolutely abhor the US-white-protestant-centrism that the wanning majority of American's seem to have.

Like Powell said, (not in these words) Even if Obama was a Muslim What the Fuck is wrong with being a Muslim American?!?

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Annie Oakley's picture



ca med woman: are you looking for perfection?

Annie Oakley's picture

In case anyone is interested

In case anyone is interested in where their money will be dumped, Pumapac is summarizing the whole 400 pages, 10 pages at a time, here:

bailout boiled down

This is a helluva job, so cut give them credit!

deedee's picture

O God help the U.S now is all

O God help the U.S now is all I can say,I wonder how long it's going to be before the U.S. is hit again with this man in the White House.I give it a year.The ones that want to kill us is probably saying damn them are some dumb ass Americans over there "Just wait til we hit them again"

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I think they should help out

I think they should help out because they are partly responsible. After all, they enabled the Bush Doctrine of preemptive warfare, which BTW is illegal under international laws.

Most of the "detainees" likely did nothing to warrant their detention, and many of those cannot go back to their home countries without fear of being murdered by the very people we were supposed to be fighting. Two of the detainees were political refugees from China, who China would love to get back so they can execute them, who we held and allowed Chinese military officers to torture for years.

No, Europe needs to step up and get with the program. They helped create this mess, with the exception of Germany and France, so they can help fix it.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Are you kidding? Having a

Are you kidding? Having a president who can articulate complete words, sentences, paragraphs, and maintain a train of thought was a huge plus already!

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

When Obama heads for Mecca,

When Obama heads for Mecca, the flying monkey right will have a collective massive stroke.

Not that this would be a bad thing! Laughing out loud

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Scientology and feminism are

Scientology and feminism are not entirely compatible philosophies, by any stretch of the imagination. If true, then there is a credibility issue here. I'll leave it to you to research it, since I no longer trust anyone but Rachel and Keith on MSM, and I still fact check them.

Annie Oakley's picture

those politically minded can

Annie Oakley's picture

yeah, Tex, thanx...that film!

yeah, Tex, thanx...that film! That scene! "We bitches from hell!" Evil Too bad the ending meant no sequel...

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Career ruined, church burned,

Career ruined, church burned, political party she belongs to disowns her, not much money in the bank, a mother of a child with a major disability, teen daughter is an unwed mother with a skank boyfriend who has drug dealers-manufaturers for parents...

And then the makeup artist at Faux does a hack job on her.

If it weren't for all the hate she spewed at everyone and incited in others, I might actually feel sorry for her.

Annie Oakley's picture

scientologist – really? Have

scientologist – really? Have no time to really search...

Still. If true, I would not discount her for her scientology in this matter, just as I would not discount others' opinions on many matters based on their beliefs. She is the only anchor I know of that stands up for women. Period.

Google has agendas. Google is not "neutral". They collect your IP address, they collect your searches...Ppl need to realize that.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Oh, how the flying monkey

Oh, how the flying monkey right blogosphere is all a twitter! From who conducted Obama's first major press interview to Obama's comments about Muslim experiences to reaching out to Muslims, all those nasty little lies about Obama being a stealth Muslim are resurfacing with a vengeance, lol.

You just know if Obama goes to Mecca or Medina, the neocon right wingnuts will have a collective stroke, lol!

You have to hand it to Obama, he really knows how to stick it to the media here in the US, especially after several of us caught the MSM in a major lie about his stimulus package. You have to love how politely he shoves it right back in their faces and gets the neocons completely spun, lol!

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I'd be very careful about

I'd be very careful about trusting anything the mainstream media has to say right now on any topic. They blew the last of their credibility last week with a story that proves they are making up the news as they go along.

Last week, the Big Four media corporations (GE, Viacom, Disney, and Fox), along with their various media partners, aired and published a story about how the Congressional Budget Office has released a report claiming only 38% of the $350 billion in appropriated funds for Obama's economic stimulus plan would actually make it into the economy over the next two years. The story even had quotes by various Dem's and GOP's that expressed concerns about that conclusion, the same ones who had said they would not support Obama's original plan (the one before Congress told him where to go and what to do when he gets there).

Well, that was last week.

Yesterday, I had a little free time, so I decided to do some digging around. I visited their web site ( http://www.cbo.gov/ ) last Monday, and couldn't believe what I saw. So, I contacted the Congressional Switchboard, who put me through to the CBO's public affairs office. They confirmed what I saw. The report being cited in all the mainstream media last week? It never existed! Still doesn't! I have a copy of the report given to Congress this last Monday, which is the only report, and it is completely different from what the mainstream media alleges was released last week.

Yes, they lied. They did so intentionally to turn the American People against Obama's economic stimulus plan. Why would they do such a thing?

A quick visit to http://www.cjr.org/resources/ will tell you. Over 95% of mainstream television (excluding PBS), radio (excluding NPR), and print media are owned by... Neoconservative Republicans.

In airing and printing the story last week, which turned out to be a very convincing piece of fiction, the mainstream media now has far less credibility than, say, the National Enquirer. All the various reporters needed to do was a little basic research. Excluding time sitting on hold, it took me 5 minutes to expose the story as fraudulent. Mainstream Media has yet to even check the internet or pick up a phone, and they have hundreds of millions believing their lies.

BTW, at the end of the article you cite, multiple sources debunked LA Times' $11 million figure, and the publication cannot name one source for that information. They are, in essence, publishing gossip as news, another reason not to trust mainstream media. I have no love loss for Palin, but it is clear the Republican owned and controlled mainstream media is trying to hurt her on many levels.

Tex's picture

Annie, your mention of T & L

Annie, your mention of T & L made me think of this scene....and you! Enjoy....


Annie and Tex or Tex and Annie - got a ring to it! Laughing out loud

Twitter Time @kdhales

Xanadu's picture

I wouldn't usually comment on

I wouldn't usually comment on a woman's appearance, but Palin was interviewed on Faux News and looked terrible!

I'll admit that it was kind of satisfying to see, as so much emphasis was placed on her 'hotness' during the campaign ...

Made me wonder what is going on in her life? Perhaps the realisation that she is a Grandmother has hit her?

Her face looked drawn and her makeup was all wrong ... made me wonder if her 'hotness' was owed more to a good makeup artist - and some facial fillers?

Xanadu's picture

Just the fact that Greta V.

Just the fact that Greta V. S. is a scientologist makes me not take her seriously ... and then there was that interview at Palin's house ... which was beyond cringe worthy!

minniesota's picture

Fox is a pox.

Fox is a pox.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.