Moon & Cage: Afternoon Chat

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Moon & Cage: Afternoon Chat

Diana: Iceland is getting a dyke prime minister. Want to move there with me?

Grace: Sounds good. Except they are bankrupt.

Diana: So are we. And they made the Sugarcubes and, subsequently, Bjork.

Grace: True.

Diana: The blog I was just reading on Huffpo about Johanna Sigurdardottir quotes a bunch of Icelanders as saying that gender, race, etc. don’t matter, which is really only a valid thing to say if those things truly don't matter (ie: if there is no gender- or race-based discrimination). In the U.S. people also like to say, "Oh we just want the best person for the job." But the default person is a straight, white male.

Grace: At least used to be a straight, white male. It’s still a male. So is the new Icelandic P.M. totally out? And how did she get elected? I know their country was totally a mess after the economic meltdown. I think the whole government totally collapsed.

Diana: The current guy, Geir Haarde — that everyone hates because the country is bankrupt — is stepping down ASAP before their scheduled elections because he has a malignant tumor on his esophagus.

Grace: So is she getting in by a vote or is she next in line? Or is she being selected by Rod Blagojevich?

Diana: I say bring back Blagojevich. If he wants Oprah as a senator, I'm down with him. But no, it’s not a vote. She’s being appointed. She has said that she will accept the position as long as she feels she has significant backing, which apparently she does. She’s like the most popular politician in Iceland.

Grace: What's her background? I'm excited by the first dyke world leader! We beat the gay guys... I think? Lincoln was kinda bi.

Diana: Her wife is a playwright and they have two grown sons. She’s been in their Parliament since 1978. She was Minister of Social Affairs from 1987 to 1994 and again in 2007 to now. Berlin and Paris have both had gay mayors, but no presidents yet. Norway had this ‘mo for a hot second.

Grace: Wow. What are the gay laws in Iceland? Can we marry?

Diana: In 2006, they outlawed all forms of discrimination against gays and lesbians. They have civil unions. Religious groups don’t have to marry gays if they don’t want to. Icelanders are now working toward getting transfolk the right to change their gender and names on the national register.

Grace: Even though Bjork has issues with feminism, I think she pretty much rocks when it comes to other social issues. Did you see her campaign to save her country? So LGBT equality in Iceland basically came about due to... what’s this dyke's name? The new P.M.?

Diana: Johanna Sigurdardottir.

Grace: So as the minister of social affairs she helped pass those laws, I take it?

Diana: I’d imagine so. The thing is Iceland only has about 280,000 people in it and most of them live in the capital. Things are a lot easier when you only have to get 280,000 people to agree. That's one third of the population of San Francisco.

Grace: Oh jeez, so it's like being the mayor of a city.

Diana: Right. A small city.

Grace: Like if Gavin Newsom was King of San Francisco and San Francisco was a country. It should be, by the way; and so should New York City.

Diana: Totally. Anyway 2.5 million people live in Brooklyn alone. Two million people live in Manhattan. Jeez, no wonder Manhattan is so crowded. It's like the same size as San Francisco, but with more than twice the population. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the numbers before.

Grace: Our city is crowded. I think our analysis of why we were able to get in and out of D.C. during the inauguration was correct. We know how to negotiate crowds and there really weren't that many people in D.C. to begin with. The National Mall was like Park Slope.

Diana: Yeah, we are used to living in insanely crowded conditions so it didn’t freak us out the way it did some people.

Grace: We managed to avoid the purple tunnel of doom, remember...

Diana: Mostly avoid it. We didn’t completely avoid it.

Grace: Well, I hope Johanna Sigurdardottir will lead her city/state to prosperity. It would be nice to have an out dyke leave her mark on the geo-political world.

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annemarlen's picture

I think of muffins, just a

I think of muffins, just a little.. Wink

love is a pebble laughing in the sun

annemarlen's picture

ah, ok, understood, this mom

ah, ok, understood, this mom told you and everyone, she is not one of those "gentiles"... Wink

Wish you a nice start into the week

love is a pebble laughing in the sun

Not2Taem's picture

Annemarlen, This is the


This is the weird brain linkage: geology > family connections > childhood friend's mom constantly asking about family: "So, your grandparents, where are they from? (The town they currently lived in was not the answer she was looking for. She meant where did their people originate with names, dates, cities, marriages, etc., and I had very little idea.) You don't know any of this? Who are your people?" > late realization that this was emphasized in her Jewish culture more than my own > any religious discussion brings me back to the big C.

OK. In retrospect, that would require some explanation for anyone not intimately familiar with the vagaries of my warped mind.


annemarlen's picture

Hi Not2Taem, thanks for

Hi Not2Taem, thanks for posting. but why reminds my comment to "dóttir" you on a girl's mom who is always asking about family connections? And what in my comment makes you thinking of "the nature of catholicism that leads us to forget"?

love is a pebble laughing in the sun

Not2Taem's picture

Thanks for the link, Tex!

Thanks for the link, Tex! Somehow I missed that one the first time around. I was so impressed I spent a good hour grazing her stuff. This girl understands images! She's not exactly lacking in social consciousness either.

Laughing out loud

Not2Taem's picture

Glasses are all the rage

Glasses are all the rage these days. Just, please, do it better than Kit and Helena!


Not2Taem's picture

Reminds me of a girl I grew

Reminds me of a girl I grew up with. Her mom was always asking everyone about family connections. I didn't understand why until I was in 6th grade and she made a comment about gentiles being void of family history. LOL

Now I realize it may be the nature of catholicism that leads us to forget.

annemarlen's picture

In fact, dóttir means in

In fact, dóttir means in English doughter or in German "Tochter", those words go back to one root word.
In Iceland surname's are seldom. Even the Iceland's phone book works by forenames. Instead the surname Icelander wear either the father's name or the mother's name ending with „daughter“ -dóttir or „son“ -son (prominent example: Björk Guðmundsdóttir = Björk, Guðmundurs daughter Wink ) and this name doesn't change with the marriage. By families often are passed on the forename's.
To avoid mistakes in names, the children often receive more names. Icelanders ask you instead for your name about whom son/daughter you're. This is the question to your family. Many Icelanders know their entire genealogy since the time of the land seizure.

love is a pebble laughing in the sun

Goatornac's picture

damned! You recognized me! I

damned! You recognized me!
I should have put my dark glasses again !

Steph H's picture

Don't forget Maggie Thatcher

Don't forget Maggie Thatcher became Prime Minister of the UK in 1979!

Fastgurrrl's picture

"I just about came when I

"I just about came when I felt the sun on my back (side). :lol:"


As Nacho would say, "Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss."


Not2Taem's picture

So, new name AND picture!

So, new name AND picture! Does this mean that you see yourself as an old goat with a knack for opening doors? Or perhaps, you have a knack for finding the door to woman's soul.

Yeah, I like that one better.


Not2Taem's picture

Gudmond's Daughter? Just a

Gudmond's Daughter? Just a wild guess.

Sandra's picture

i have a serious crush on

i have a serious crush on grace moon, diana cage and professor crandall... gosh..

Dornac's picture

... at the end of their name,

... at the end of their name, I mean.

Robin Rigby's picture

Cool. Thanks. Learn

Cool. Thanks. Learn something new everyday.

Dornac's picture

right. "daughter" and "girl"

"daughter" and "girl" are the same words ("fille") in French.
Do you know if they use it for all women or not?

mysticsmb's picture

Close, but it actually means

Close, but it actually means 'daughter.'

DoorNack's picture

it seems that "dottir" means

it seems that "dottir" means "girl". Perhaps it's like in russian, you always add "- ova" at the end of females' name. But I can't confirm for icelandic.

Steph H's picture

I love puffins....

I love puffins....

Kent's picture

Love the BSG reference

Love the BSG reference CA_Medicine_Woman. So which lesbian would you want to see in the Oval Office???

Tex's picture

You bring your sweet self

You bring your sweet self right on over here!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Kent Martin's picture

TEX! Sold! I might just have

TEX! Sold! I might just have to come cuddle in Texas. Wink

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Xanadu...... Prime Minister


Prime Minister Helen Clark, sounds like an awesome woman. An independent thinker......... I'm sorry that she is no longer your PM. I hope that she is still able to serve the public in a constructive, and pro-active position. Women like her are rare, and sorely needed in our global political structure....

Robin Rigby's picture

You know, Bjork's last name

You know, Bjork's last name is Gudmondsdottir (not 100% sure of that spelling) but it makes me wonder what 'dottir' might mean in Icelandic (Is that what their language is called?) that it seems somewhat popular as a part of people's last names.

Random thought.

And I haven't heard anything about Bjork not being a feminist. So what's the story with that? Not that it'll change my listening habits, her music is freaking awesome.

Xanadu's picture

Our Prime Minister Helen

Our Prime Minister Helen Clark (who has just been voted out after serving 3 successive terms - 1999-2008) was assumed by most of the New Zealand public to be a lesbian ... even though she has a husband.

She was forced by some in her party to marry Peter Davis back in the early 80's (and it is well reported that she cried throughout the ceremony) as she didn't believe in marriage.

Helen was the best PM this country has ever had - bringing in:

Civil Unions.
14 weeks paid parental leave.
Abolishing interest on student loans.
Property (Relationships) Act (for de facto break-ups).
Child Tax Credits and Working For Families packages.

Before the election, all sorts of disgusting rumours were spread about her and hubbie online and she was attacked in the media for her appearance (practical haircut) and her love of trousers (she didn't wear a skirt when she met the Queen - GASP!)

Ironically the thing that did her in, in the end was - she banned the smacking of children.

'Family' (Christian) groups attacked her for being 'anti family' and used negative innuendos about her sexuality and the fact she chose not to have kids, as proof.

She also brought in a 'Rainbow Room' in Parliament for the gays ... bless her!

I'll miss Helen ...

Not2Taem's picture

Getting warmer every day. Its

Getting warmer every day. Its a good thing their population is so small, because they're loosing land mass pretty quickly. They may not be looking for a community as large as ours to move in.

Poor Puffins Sad

ElizKoke's picture

hey what was Bjork's deal

hey what was Bjork's deal with feminism?
Also, I am confused how speculating that Obama might have sex with men is homophobic?

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Hey......... I vote for

Hey......... I vote for setting up VP camp in Malibu. It was 73° today, and I just about came when I felt the sun on my back (side). Laughing out loud

Livin' Ice Free,


CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I agree. I went to Iceland

I agree. I went to Iceland for winter training in my Army days. The people were nice, when we were allowed to interact with them. But, the one thing that stood out the most was IT IS TOO FRACKIN' COLD!

How about saving on the moving expenses, and we just get a lesbian in the Oval Office soon? Then I could stay in sunny (mostly) California.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Wow, even I was offended by

Wow, even I was offended by this remark, and I'm no huge fan of Obama.

You having a bad day or something? This is a pretty huge line to cross, even for you.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Yeah, we got a general

Yeah, we got a general warning on your lovely weather last night.

I was in Eastern Pennsylvania, when I noticed two things. First, it was raining. Second, it was only 21 deg. F. Since I had never seen rain actually fall at such low temperatures (it usually turns to snow before I get to see it), I decided to shut down until the weather did something I had seen before. It took an hour of pounding with a rubber mallet to get all the ice off the critical areas of the tractor this morning.

Now enjoying the lovely +14 deg. F weather in Indiana (NOT!).

Frack, I can't wait until winter is finally over!

Tex's picture

Move Vp to central Texas -

Move Vp to central Texas - ice last night - everyone got a delay to work this morning or an ice day off - melted by noon.....we also know how to cuddle on the cold nights....and are the only state to have it in our constitution that we can return to a Republic if needed....

Just a thought,


Absolutely love Bjork.....

Twitter Time @kdhales

mysticsmb's picture

Maybe even better than the

Maybe even better than the fact that she's a lesbian is this (from HuffPo):

"She is often described by many of her countrymen as the only politician who really cares about the "little guy." She has devoted her career to fighting for the welfare and equality of minority groups - women, the elderly, the poor, disabled, and immigrants. She holds no fancy foreign diplomas - she has a Commercial degree from the Commercial College of Iceland - nor extensive family or wealth connections like many Icelandic politicians but has diligently worked her way up the political ladder through hard work and determination."

mysticsmb's picture

What a ridiculous, HOMOPHOBIC

What a ridiculous, HOMOPHOBIC comment about Obama. Wouldn't expect to read something like that on THIS site--I'm disgusted.

Annie Oakley's picture

We beat the gay guys… I

We beat the gay guys…

I don't think so, Grace. Unless you are talking about "out".
I would bet that Obama is bi...(or one of those men that think when men serivice you it "doesn't count"...)

And here - more bio:

Also, is everyone sure there isn't a les in a high gov position Skandavia somewhere?

Professor Crandall's picture

The First Lady is a

The First Lady is a playwright!!! Iceland is so avant-garde. Nice chat, inlanders...

diana cage's picture

In New York last night's snow

In New York last night's snow is just turning to dirty slush due to sleet and freezing rain. So if you guys want to move VP to a warm island I'll happily be the first person to sign up

Allegra's picture

Yes lets do it ! And if we

Yes lets do it ! And if we find a warm exotic desert island to establish out community it will be perfect...

Allegra's picture

Iceland sounds good to me for

Iceland sounds good to me for moving there if the people there are so open minded.
And I m sure they are very progressive since Iceland was the first European country who had woman president (1980).

minniesota's picture

Hurrah for Iceland but I'm

Hurrah for Iceland but I'm hoping some warmer country gets a dyke PM before I'd consider moving. Smile

Hey, why don't we just declare Velvet Park a country?

Still searching for the right brainy quote.