Friday News Wrap

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Friday News Wrap

On Thursday, President Obama bashed the $18.4 billion in bank executive bonuses that were proffered in 2008 as taxpayers bailed said banks out of the toilet.

Colombia's Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that same-sex couples must be granted all of the same rights as heterosexual couples in common-law marriages.

After 20 years of hibernation, the volcano at Mount Redoubt in Alaska has logged some recent seismic activity sparking a 24/7 eruption watch as its only 100 miles from Anchorage.

A federal judge has ruled that donors to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign must be disclosed.


In Tikrit, a bronze shoe sculpture has been erected in honor of the journalist who hurled his get-along at former President George Bush.

A California Appeals Court judge supported the right of a private school to expel two lesbian students. The girls' attorney plans to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Rob Blagojevich got a unanimous Bronx cheer from the Illinois senate as they voted to kick him to the curb and appoint Lt. Governor Patrick Quinn as the state's new governor.

U.S. Army suicides increased 11% in 2008 to rest at an all-time high and those figures do not include suspected suicides, only those that have been confirmed.


Thanks to Senator Robert Byrd, one industry scoring some unreported cash in the stimulus bill is Big Coal.

New Mexico county looks to establish domestic partnerships for gays in the state. Gay marriage activists in Washington state are pushing for expansion of their domestic partner laws. Kansas also took a step toward adding sexual orientation and gender identity into their discrimination laws.

In a new study, NOAA is reporting that the effects of climate change are largely irreversible for the next 1,000 years even if carbon emissions miraculously disappeared.

It is now being reported that the California woman who birthed eight babies this week already has six kids at home (including one set of twins) and her Iraqi husband is soon going back to his homeland to earn money for the family. About a year and a half ago, they also filed for bankruptcy and abandoned a house, so the woman and her children live with her parents.

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Bwaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa! LOVE IT =)

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Just a random

Just a random thought.........


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Well, I like the term ......

Well, I like the term ...... "lesbians eat their own", is that positive? Laughing out loud

Never askin' if you're femme,



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Minnie, I followed a live

Minnie, I followed a live feed of the case last week and it looks like the majority of Coleman's "friendly" witnesses team did him more harm than good.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

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OK thinking back, there may

OK thinking back, there may be something to that. It also doesn't seem to like it if you edit more than once.

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Kelly, I forgot to tell you

Kelly, I forgot to tell you that we Minnesotans still don't have a U.S. Senator. Norm Coleman's court trial finished the first week. In the meantime, our one Senator Amy Klobuchar (D) has been named to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is a great opportunity for her.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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SFT! :lol:

SFT! Laughing out loud

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Slamming someone for their

Slamming someone for their sex life?

ooohh...musta missed that! Tex, you are right.


How's that fer manners?

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What the heck is going on?

What the heck is going on? This site has turned into nothing but negative slamming and in some cases bullying. And not just slamming for different political views - slammed if you're a butch, slammed if you're a femme, slammed if you're not in a butch/femme relationship, slammed if you say you want everyone to be who they want to be, slammed if you try to get cooler heads to prevail, slammed if you add too many facts in your comment, slammed if you do comment, and hell's bells now slammed if you don't comment!

The phrase "lesbians eat their own" has taken on a new meaning here as of late. I've witnessed the comments to comments becoming more and more vile in their nature. It would be a welcome sight if everyone would simply use some manners - maybe we should discuss Commenting Etiquette 101 instead of telling everyone how to have sex. Cause let's face it, you either are or you aren't, and I for one, don't want to debate my sex life much less anyone else's and then be slammed about it. And what is that all about? Slamming someone for their sex life? Hell, be proud for someone if they have one. Now, back to the commenting - show some manners. Don't say anything to anyone you wouldn't want them saying to you. And folks, whether you like it or not, this is America with freedom of speech and this, for now, is a public website......

Tired of this sh#t,


Twitter Time @kdhales

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Oh Hell. I don't agree with

Oh Hell. I don't agree with it and just because I didn't say anything doesn't mean that I did. In fact, it has been bothering me all weekend and I've been trying to cope with my feelings about it.

AO, let me be very clear, I didn't agree with the way you speculated about Obama's sexuality the other night. In fact I found your parenthetical statement very offensive.

But CA, do know that I'm not going to spend all my time here disputing what AO posts. I don't have that much time.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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I will definitely have to try

I will definitely have to try that next week.

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1. They don't care, they

1. They don't care, they believe God will reward them for it.

2. Yeah, there's nothing clean about coal, unless it remains in the ground. This was likely one of several concessions to the GOP, which they turned around and shoved right up Obama's...

3. I have never heard of a single case of octuplits occurring naturally, and I even checked with a friend at Loma Linda University. While I worry about the kids, the mental state of the family is obvious: opportunistic and greedy.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

How incredibly funny AND

How incredibly funny AND accurate! Laughing out loud

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Oh great! thanks for that

Oh great! thanks for that tip.

I was going to say that if you want to go on a long rant Smile then don't include any links and then it will post for sure (without waiting for one of us to track back into the spam box)... but I think Annermarlen has a better solution.


tweet tweet @gracemoon

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How to recognize a PUMA

How to recognize a PUMA post:
(NOUN) disparaging title for Obama / (VERB) ObamaSpiracy / (PROOF) link to discredited / unsubstantiated source of information

Repeat ad nauseum

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

Rusty's picture

You're right about not

You're right about not ignoring the hate. I just got worn out arguing with PUMAs on OC and was looking forward to not having to do it here, too.

But we do need a way to warn visitors that just because some of us have chosen to ignore the PUMA-trolls doesn't mean we agree with their hate speech.

Also, AnnaM's fix works. Post your comment without links and then edit in Firefox and add the links.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

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Good point.

Good point.

Not2Taem's picture

Hm... I'm not sure, but I

Hm... I'm not sure, but I think AO's may have been held up at one time also. She may have just sent the message through Contact Us without saying anything here, which is what I usually do these days. I do know that filters can be tweaked for key words and subjects. We have Big Brother operating in fine form in the public schools. Wink

Like the hat!

I know I'm taking a chance with the link, but you're worth the risk. Laughing out loud

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I read something about

I read something about irresponsible doctors...seems like this woman wanted one child but was implanted with far too many fertilized eggs...3 are usual (hoping one will take) but instead she got 8 and they all thrived.

We need to examine what the docs and industry are doing before we blame the women.

Annie Oakley's picture

Thanks LongBeach. Points well

Thanks LongBeach. Points well taken. You are a person with solid character and a fair-minded view. I admire that. Expression... (breathe!).

I agree too, that silence can be very effective (and keeps one's blood pressure down).

I was just reading this oldish article on Obama camps (as long as we're on the subject) and it confirmed what I and many others felt all along. Obama thinks "ends justify means" so any tactic, no matter how underhanded or personally damaging to people, groups of people, party and perhaps country, is and will be justified in his eyes if those actions help him gain and maintain power.

We are in for quite a ride.


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CMA I have a tip for you, I

CMA I have a tip for you, I just learned it this week by myself: When your opinion comment is posted, you could go in there a second time and set up your link or picture. this way there will be no blocking as spam. I think the function for correction works by your browsers. Wish a great blogger sunday.

love is a pebble laughing in the sun

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That would be quite the

That would be quite the photo-op!

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Turns out the mother is

Turns out the mother is single, and living with parents who just got their bankruptcy case thrown out of court for noncompliance with financial payment requirements last year, reinstating nearly $1 million in debt. Shortly after the case was thrown out, mom seeks fertility treatments.

14 kids, most premature newborn infants, all under age 8, one with autism. 33 year old mom is single, doesn't know who the dad is, and living with her parents, who will likely be foreclosed on in a few months. With motivations that obvious, she probably won't get the sweetheart deal on cable TV, but may end up a guest on Jerry Springer.

Meanwhile, medical associations are seeking to identify the doctor or clinic that provided the fertility treatment, with an eye towards license revocation. It seems there are many ethical questions raised by so many embryos being implanted (twice the norm for a woman that age), or the providing of fertility drugs to a woman who clearly did not have a fertility issue to begin with.

This is all according to an AP post on Yahoo. I'd give the link, but Spammie doesn't like when I do that it seems.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Now that's just plain wrong!

Now that's just plain wrong! Blocking CHOCOLATE?

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

My frustration is with the

My frustration is with the fact that neocon hate, fear, and conspiracy theories never get flagged, but so many other posts do. I know it is just a software glitch on the intellectual level, but the emotional side would love to get a good look at the source code and to know who the author is of the antispam application. It's the first time I've ever encountered one with a decidedly biased political agenda.

Yeah, I know, where's my tin-foil hat? LOL

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

An "ignore button" would be

An "ignore button" would be perfect. Unfortunately, the posts were top of the message thread, and were the first thing seen by two new visitors to the site this morning. Next thing they noticed was my post was not there (it had been blocked).

And, yeah, the PUMA's have a lot in common with Rush Limbaugh. They could care less about the country, and most could care less about Hillary Clinton. It's all about pushing an extremist political, social, and corporate agenda.

As proof, this week neocons filed lawsuits to remove Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, claiming she is ineligible to hold that office because she was in the Senate when the posting received a pay raise she voted for. The suit has merit, of a sort, unless the Senate acts to rescind the pay increase while Clinton serves before the matter is brought before the court. GOP Senators have promised to block any moves to reduce the pay by whatever means necessary.

PUMA has yet to even comment about that, let alone voice any protest, clearly indicating they could care less what happens to Clinton, that it's all about attacking Obama and crippling the nation.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

LOL, yeah, I wish. My

LOL, yeah, I wish. My dispatcher thinks I'm a machine of sorts, and is working my skinny butt off right now. Probably a good thing, since usually this time of the year I do a lot of sitting do to all the bad weather.

BTW, one thing I've learned about those who promote hate and fear is that ignoring them only encourages them. If only one or two object, they think everyone else agrees with them. Before you know it, someone visits the site, and the message of hate and fear is the first, and likely only, one they see, and they never return.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

CMW....... I totally

CMW....... I totally understand your frustration. I've been effected by the posting glitches myself, however I do understand that this site is going through technical changes, and patience is necessary.

This is a website. This is a forum for expression, I hope of all kinds.

I don't necessarily challenge every post I find offense, or out of line. There are times when not responding, says more than responding.

Everyone has a right to their opinion.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I am hardly a draw here, but

I am hardly a draw here, but thanks. This site has some great talent, far better than I'll ever be, especially Kelly, Grace, and Diana (my fav's).

But, this morning I got put into a very embarrassing situation by the technical glitches, which left a very one sided and negative view of this site with a couple I am coworkers and friends with. It is very difficult to not get discouraged when that happens.

I'll just limit myself to my personal opinions only, and leave the "factual" materials to the bloggers, and the corresponding conspiracy theories to the tin-foil-hat set, since only those posts regularly get through. Besides, no one really ever challenges them, so I have to assume, like new visitors to the site will, that nearly everyone agrees with the message they are promoting.

That was definitely the impression the couple had, I can assure you.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Unfortunately, technical

Unfortunately, technical glitches have created a situation where only one point of view is getting across, and I'm just getting too frustrated to deal with it anymore. The first thing I see at the top of any comments within news threads every Saturday morning is AO's conspiracy theories about Obama, laced with racial and homophobic language, with multiple links to conspiracy theorists in need of a medication and tin-foil hat adjustment. And then I see that my posts from the previous afternoon are blocked, posts about important legal and legislative issues of a time sensitive nature.

Very discouraging.

Even more discouraging is when hate speech and fear mongering goes unchallenged, which only encourages that sort of thing. Yes, we regulars who know what it is about can skip over it, but new visitors will be hit with it right away, and then tune out, leaving a very bad impression that this sort of thing is allowed to go completely unchallenged, implying we agree with that point of view.

The two conditions combined this morning when I was showing a lesbian couple from Georgia the site, so they could get the links to the legislative stuff going on in their state, and we couldn't find it. But, there was AO's anti-Obama propaganda, top of the page. The couple? African American.

That's what set me off. My issue with AO has to do with a comment posted a few days ago that I found particularly personally offensive on a number of levels. Only two of us challenged it. Because no one else did, AO feels vindicated and that most others agree with the posting, and has stepped up posting of anti-Obama conspiracy theories. Most of them appear to be very similar to the right wing campaign against Bill Clinton, complete with murder charges, charges of drug use, charges of sexual misconduct, etc, with a decidedly racial, homophobic, and religious extremist overtones to them, especially some of the links.

Ignoring hate never EVER works, it only encourages the source.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Sorry to explode on everyone

Sorry to explode on everyone like that Grace. I'm just getting really frustrated by what is getting through, and what is being blocked. I'll have to refrain from posting anything that requires links to sources, which is pretty much everything except opinion responses, in order to limit the frustration factor.

Oh, my avatar is AWOL because it is an old pic, and I'm trying to get a new and more current one in the proper format (for instance, my hair is now a very dark purple, lol). It will be a while, since I hate having my picture taken.

yonks's picture

Its not a matter of who i

Its not a matter of who i fuck with, but were i spend my money is private. lol.
I was just concern about appearing in some listing while googelise my name. peoples put your name on google and you never know what can shows up. Online petition you'v sign about political matters, your myspace profile, when you look for a job or a rent, stuff like this can put you into trouble some time.

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

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C_M_W and Annie

C_M_W and Annie Oakley..........

I enjoy listening to everyone.......some I agree with, and some I don't. However, I do feel very strongly that all points of view are imperative for an open dialogue about important issues. And,who should judge the value or importance of an issue? I would hope that it would be left up to the individual posting it.

My personal philosophy is really quite simple...... don't read what you find offensive, don't look at things that you may find disturbing, and don't talk to someone that you are bound to disagree with, unless you understand that they have just as much right to their opinions, as yourself.

Self censorship is a far better alternative to mandatory censorship of...... words, entertainment or art.

I enjoy reading your insightful words CMW and AO. Diametrically opposed opinions can be very intellectually challenging.... and , I appreciate an intellectual challenge.

I love you both, and value both of you...

Live in Peace...
Love in Abundance...

Fastgurrrl's picture

CMW! You are one of the draws

CMW! You are one of the draws to this site and the old site for me. Please, please do not deny those of us who look forward to your insight and info, we want and need you! I've made it perfectly clear (as others have) that I am a huge fan of yours! *hug*


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Not2Taem's picture

Do you know who financed it?

Do you know who financed it? Fertility intervention is not cheep.

Not2Taem's picture

Eight in one blow? I don't

Eight in one blow? I don't think that is a matter for contraception. Those babies can be sure they were planned.

Not2Taem's picture

So that's what those

So that's what those religious spies are up to when they visit here!

Laughing out loud

Makin' a list, and checkin' it twice...

Not2Taem's picture

Churches and sexual abuse.

Churches and sexual abuse. Nothing new. Nothing changing.

Not2Taem's picture

It wouldn't let me post at

It wouldn't let me post at all earlier. I sent a message and got back in. Its weird, but I take it very personally when that happens. On an intellectual level I KNOW my reaction is totally unreasonable, but I just can't help it. I guess this little community is more important to me than I would like to admit to myself.

Not2Taem's picture

CA_M_W, I feel your pain. I


I feel your pain. I just remind myself how disturbing I find the idea of censorship and skip Annie's posts all together. In this case, I read yours, but not hers. With her previous actions she has clearly identified herself as someone whom I cannot respect, so why bother.

On another note, lots of trucks in the neighborhood this weekend. Come join the party. Smile

Not2Taem's picture

1. Do we now have to start

1. Do we now have to start sending the Big Gay Bus to high schools? Can these people honestly not see who badly they are damaging our kids?

2. Coal? WTF!! Even if you could use it "cleanly", and the garbage from it has to go somewhere, just like nuclear crap. Then there is the incredible callousness with which it is removed from Earth.

Dear Mr. President,
Get a clue!

3. Do you have 8 kids all at once naturally? Should you have the first 6 if you're going bankrupt? Does anyone else worry about this family's mental state?

And don't even get me started on the media that promotes this nonsense.

Modern uncivilization is becoming a very bad dream sequence.

minniesota's picture

I just tried to post a photo

I just tried to post a photo of a chocolate chip cookie for you and the spam filter wouldn't let it go through. Spammie doesn't like cookies!

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

minniesota's picture

Grace, I'm sorry about your

Grace, I'm sorry about your spam filter issues. I've had to tweak a spam filter before. Like a new puppy, they can be hard to train. Wink

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Rusty's picture

CA_M_W; I hope you reconsider

CA_M_W; I hope you reconsider and decide to stick around. You are an important counter-weight, not to the PUMA trolls, but to the Obama euphoria. I'm counting on you to keep the rest of us honest.

Until we get an actual Ignore Button we just need to make a pact to avoid the Puma Flame Wars. They will never forgive him for beating Hillary; there is no lie too ridiculous for PUMAs to spread when it comes to Obama. In a way they have a lot in common with Rush Limbaugh. They want Obama to fail and if the country ends up fucked in the process they don't care.

I'm guessing Annie Oakley has shot herself in the foot with her over the top comments and links and most users either skip or laugh at her posts anyway.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

Grace Moon's picture

CA, sorry i didn't get on

CA, sorry i didn't get on till later this morning and went through the spam.

i commented already about our spam issues earlier today.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Kelly McCartney's picture

I still need to read that

I still need to read that one. Thanks for the reminder.

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword

foundithere's picture

what she said. :) :)

what she said. Smile :)

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Go ahead and just leave my

Go ahead and just leave my "and in other news" off the board. It's clear only AO's right wing rhetoric is welcome here, when that is all "the spam detector" will allow to post anymore.