L Word Recap 603: Shock and Awe

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L Word Recap 603: Shock and Awe

the significance of the hookup and insisting that “it’s not like we’re gonna add water and have an instant relationship,” Shane, (who has lived in West Hollywood for HOW long?), rushes off to buy beer on the way home at Jenny’s bidding. “I gotta go. I gotta find a liquor store.” Oh, bad writing. We missed you. Not.

Bette barges into Phyllis’ office complaining about Jodi only to find that Jodi is already there with Tom. It’s intervention time! Phyllis warns Bette that her behavior to Jodi smacks of sexual harassment and has to stop. It’s a deserved lecture, but still… ouch!

Jenny wakes Shane for some late night sweet talk with a side of please pass the barf bag nookie.

On The Look, Alice foregoes outing celebrities for a day and instead reads a heartbreaking letter from the sister of a gay-bashed, murdered gay teenager. Alice makes a heartfelt case that homophobia “is alive and well”—to the dismay of her producer and co-hosts.


Back at Shaolin studios, Tina learns that whoever stole the negative also forged a letter in her name, implicating her in the theft. (Oh, yeah. It’s totally Jenny!)

At the campus bar, Phyllis fires Bette. (!!!) It turns out that grad student Nadia made a complaint about Bette after their affair, too, and Phyllis never told her. That makes Jodi strike number two. Yikes. Now that Bette is no longer her employee, Phyllis is free to make a confession: “Bette, I’ve always found you wildly, exquisitely attractive.” Bette gets the giggles again. Phyllis tells Bette she’d leave fiancé Joyce in a cowgirl minute if Bette ever gave her “the slightest encouragement,” and that she’s the woman of her dreams! Phyllis makes a pass, and Bette almost falls off her bar stool in her hurry to escape.


Dylan has sent flowers to Helena with the card reading, “You’re beautiful when you’re angry.” Waist-deep in denial, Helena takes one of the flowers over to a beautiful woman and starts trying to convince herself she’s not still carrying a torch for the woman who betrayed her flirting.

Tasha helps Alice try to decide what to wear to a meeting with her producer the next day; Alice thinks she’s about to get fired for talking about homophobia and gay-bashing on the air. Alice gets a call from someone at the local GLBT Center and we cut to…

Alice and Tasha walking into the center. Alice is greeted enthusiastically by a frazzled employee, and they are escorted to the roof. It turns out the girl who wrote the letter about her dead brother is also gay, and is threatening to jump off the building. Alice has been called in to talk her down? Seriously? Tasha denigrates Alice’s usefulness in crisis situations. Stung, Alice bucks up her courage and climbs onto the ledge to talk to Sadly Awkward Plot Device, uh, I mean Marie. After an initial misstep, Alice manages to talk the kid down.

At The Hit Club, Sunset Boulevard is back, flirting with a smokin’ hot Kit. Proud of Alice, Tasha leads the gang in toasting her good-doing. Poor Kit sees Jenny and Shane making out in the parking lot, and her brain almost visibly implodes. Shane walks into the club, notably alone, and sits down with the group. Bette sniggers into her cosmo. Jenny arrives and greets Bette, who bursts out laughing again, continuing to giggle all the way through the next few minutes of boring exposition dialogue. (Amen, sister!)

Jenny leaves to scope out the VIP room. Shane makes a lame excuse to join her. Sunset calls Kit up to dance with her. (Aww. They’re so cute! They have to hook up!) Jenny and Shane exchange sweet nothings and then kiss on a balcony as the gang watches them from below.

Bette falls over on the couch laughing.


Next week: Max struggles to adjust to his pregnancy. Jenny pushes Shane's (and everyone else's) buttons. And Kelly Wentworth offers Bette a job!

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peacekitty's picture

that's interesting. I think

that's interesting. I think she began that way, but she's undergone a bit of a transformation since last season. I really think she tries to appear completely strong and in control, especially at work, but in her personal life she's very vulnerable.

I totally agree that she's complicated and flawed. That's why she's my favorite.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Julia Watson's picture

I don't think it's a cover-up

I don't think it's a cover-up for her insecurities (although there are plenty of those, too!) at all. I think her snobbishness and selfishness are intrinsically part of who she is, as much as her passion and intelligence. She's complicated and flawed, and kind of awesome.

peacekitty's picture

Y'all are on pot...Bette's a

Y'all are on pot...Bette's a marshmallow under all that "bitchiness" Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

peacekitty's picture

Because it's obvious that her

Because it's obvious that her hardass, snobbish attitude is really a way to cover up her insecurities. She's loving and tender underneath.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Julia Watson's picture

Dude. Bette is one of my two

Dude. Bette is one of my two favorite characters. She's not just bitchy. She's spectacularly bitchy!

Steph H's picture

Julia - your recaps are THE

Julia - your recaps are THE bomb! When I actually get to see the shows in 6 months I am sure I will be thinking - "oh, this must be the bit where Julia was talking about the barf bag!!"...

Why does everyone go for Bette when, fundamentally, she is a biatch??

Steph H's picture

I really didn't like her

I really didn't like her character at the beginning but now I love Helena! I do forgive her an awful lot for being outrageously attractive....


minniesota's picture

Julia, I give your a 10+ for

Julia, I give your a 10+ for your recap of this episode! Alice seriously cracks me up.

I agree with your theory. Jenny and Shane are like the spider and fly.

And I'll double your GAH. Gah, gah.

I think that scene with Phyllis and Bette was the writers' tip of the hat to all the Bette-fanatics.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Kelly McCartney's picture

Seeing Beals gaffaw so much

Seeing Beals gaffaw so much almost made me forget what a stick in the mud she can be. And, yeah, the playfulness of everyone else brought some much-needed levity to the melodrama. I'm sticking with Rose's laugh and Leisha's smile being the best things about the whole show. Full stop.

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword

peacekitty's picture

Haha...Helena falling off the

Haha...Helena falling off the treadmill was a riot. Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Julia Watson's picture

Dude. They are VILE! But it's

Dude. They are VILE! But it's almost worth having to sit through their crazy monkey sex scenes just to have gotten to see the expressions on all their friends' faces. Bette, Helena and Alice especially... OMFG.

Grace Moon's picture

shenny is messed up... no

shenny is messed up... no wonder someone had to die.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

peacekitty's picture

You took the words right

You took the words right about of my mouth Julia. I was really thinking there was no saving this show, but my friends and I laughed all the way through it. Thank god! Smile

Leisha saved us from the craziness early on. She was great in this episode, and so was Mia. All of the acting was better and it flowed much more smoothly.

I thought Bette's laughing fit at the end was way over the top though...as if she had smoked a fatty that night and was tripping. Okay so Jenny and Shane kissed...dude it wasn't THAT funny. lol

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Rusty's picture

"fleeing sensibly to the

"fleeing sensibly to the nearest radiation scrub down facility"

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna