Fashion Mofos

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Fashion Mofos

The New York Times coverage of New York Fashion Week includes a headline that reads “Trendspotting: Bringing Out the Beast”, pointing out the trend of designers using fur in their designs for this fall. While it is true that there are an enlightened few who work with faux, the majority are just mo-fos. Ironic, too, that at one point, the fashion fur story was opposite the one about the “domesticated” chimp who finally lost it and injured a woman badly before being shot to death by cops. Maybe Travis the chimp was pissed off about the rampant use of fur in fashion week.

But what was more interesting about this little Times piece was the language used to describe this trend: “The effect was unruly, even downright primitive, suggesting something feral lay just beneath the skin.” As someone interested in post-Colonial studies and theories, I just prefer to stay away from utilizing the word “primitive” altogether. And while, unfortunately, the sentence structure makes primitive synonymous with feral which only reinforces a kind of colonialist/fetishist rhetoric here… I have no problem saying that something is seriously feral (adj. ferocious, brutal) about the designers who encourage the slaying of fox, goats and Mongolian lamb and call it fashion. I also kind of wonder if the reporter who wrote about the fur phenomenon chose her words in an effort to sound sexy without necessarily being positive and pro-fur.

And what about the faux? I’ve always wanted a big faux fur coat in a bright color like purple or something, and I saw the most gorgeous mint green faux fur coat this past weekend… but is wearing faux only encouraging the violent use of fur in fashion, something akin to the use of toy guns?

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just don't send her to

just don't send her to china...

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um yeah i've been asking PK

um yeah i've been asking PK where tex has been.

i tried messaging her in the forums but nada.
should we be worried?


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LBDL, I was reading your post

LBDL, I was reading your post and was thinking the same cotton FEELS GOOD. Smile

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I've been wondering that

I've been wondering that too.. I miss her on here.

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Yo! Kitty read your comment

Yo! Kitty read your comment and now she is hiding under the bed. Thanks for the info.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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I know, where is Tex? I miss

I know, where is Tex? I miss her funny signatures.

Missing Tex,

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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Random thought: Where's Tex?

Random thought: Where's Tex?

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I try to wear cotton as often

I try to wear cotton as often as possible. A lot of progressive farmers are growing it with 'environmental' considerations, and are reaping the rewards of not contaminating their soil with chemicals. Organic cotton is very easy to successfully grow, and requires very little 'pampering' during it's growing cycle.

100% cotton feels so soft, it's breathable and cuddly.....I just love it. Laughing out loud

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Sounds like we should buy

Sounds like we should buy only 100% polyester (or acrylic) faux fur, and definitely nothing from China.

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Yeah - here in NZ (in our

Yeah - here in NZ (in our version of Wallmart - 'The Warehouse') they found kids jackets with collars made of real fur.

I won't buy anything with fur - even pet toys, as you just can't tell what's real or fake.

The world needs to get with it - we appear to be going backwards on this issue.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Hi Elizabeth, I hate to be a

Hi Elizabeth,

I hate to be a spoil sport to all of the ladies who believe that they are wearing "faux-fur"....

This has been documented as fact, and is happening at this very moment.... What is being marketed in America, and parts of Europe, as "faux-fur" is in fact dog and cat fur. It is from China.

In China they brutally torture, and kill dogs and cats for human consumption, and sell the fur to American companies, who in turn use it in the manufacture of "faux-fur" products that they manufacture in China. Everything from fur coats, fur collars,etc.... to tiny fur covered 'fake' mice, for our cats to play with. They are all real and cat fur. The companies know it is nearly impossible to control because we don't require any "prove if origin" when a product is imported and called "faux fur"...... Legislation has been nearly impossible to pass because of the powerful import lobbyists in Washington.

And, of course the infant harp seals in Canada that are clubbed, and skinned alive by 'hunters' who are licensed by Canada every year to carry out the brutal, bludgeoning to 100's of thousands of babies in front of their mothers..........

They are, unfortunately victims of what God gave them to protect them from their natural predators. White fur. When they're born the white fur is meant to protect them in the snow, to camouflage them. They don't change color till they are a bit older, and stronger. So, to the men who slaughter them it's imperative to kill them in their infancy. Unfortunately, the predators that they were designed to be protected from, were not humans. Their fluffy, white skins are sold at a premium for coats. Their carcasses left in the bloody snow, as their mothers wail in agonizing pain witnessing the brutality, and aftermath.

The fisherman in Canada put tremendous pressure on the Canadian government to stage these 'hunts', these brutal killing grounds are about money, greed and vanity... nothing more.

It sickens me.

If you have the stomach for on my name. I'm not 'lecturing' to anyone. Simply, hoping to inform about our inhumanity to living, breathing, feeling beings.

I sincerely believe that we will all, eventually, be judged by our compassion, or lack of... and, our morality concerning our system of values that we place on life. Not only human life, but all life.......

Sometimes I hang my head in shame.


P.S. Thank you for this blog Elizabeth. My intention was not to offend anyone.

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I think faux fur is generally

I think faux fur is generally unattractive, but have no problem with it politically. I also have no problem with using the skin of range raised food animals. I actually think it is a responsible use of resources.

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Hmmm...I see the "primitive"

Hmmm...I see the "primitive" and "feral" reference more related to 2001 A Space Odyssey (not related to the actual year 2001). In the opening scenes, the monolith appears (as it does a couple more times in the movie). The effect on the primates is that they become violent and territorial. Perhaps the writer of the article is inferring a primitive, feral energy that implies this form of brutality. Is she glamorizing it? Probably. I agree, that is ugly and disturbing. Point is, comparing faux culture to fur culture is like comparing a cockapoo to pitbull. No one who prefers a pitbull would be caught dead (so-to-speak) walking a cockapoo (even if she does name it "Killer").

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Why can't they just wear a

Why can't they just wear a nice wool coat like the rest of us poor mo-fos? Wink

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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I adore faux fur! Besides

I adore faux fur! Besides looking fabulous, I see it as a way of subverting the whole fur-wearing culture. There are powerful class politics behind taking something expensive and out-of-reach and making it your own.

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Wearing faux fur coat

Wearing faux fur coat prevents animals' killing since we can't pursued the ladies not to wear at all fur coats.
At least it s a start !