Friday News Wrap

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Friday News Wrap

On Friday, Benjamin Netanyahu took the reins of Israel from President Shimon Peres and now has 42 days to form a coalition government.

The second ponzi scheme purveyor, Allen Stanford, has been located in Virginia by FBI agents. The Texas billionaire is accused of bilking $8 billion from clients. On Friday, his whereabouts were once again unknown.In response to millions of outcries, Facebook backtracked this week on new privacy policy they had unveiled which gave them content rights in perpetuity.

PepsiCo has signed an endorsement deal with radio host and gay hater Michael Savage prompting a company-wide boycott by gays.


A police image of a battered Rihanna has emerged. The singer was allegedly beaten by rapper Chris Brown on the afternoon of the Grammy Awards a couple of weeks ago.

President Barack Obama received a warm Canadian welcome on his first foreign visit on Thursday.

Portia de Rossi is set to soon begin in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments so that she and wife Ellen DeGeneres can have a baby.


To help stem home foreclosures, ACORN launched a civil disobedience campaign this week encouraging homeowners to have volunteers join them in resisting eviction orders.

President Obama has appointed gay fund-raiser Jeremy Bernard as White House liaison to the National Endowment for the Humanities this week.

In a move to ban abortion, North Dakota lawmakers passed the Personhood of Children Act on Tuesday that grants equal rights to "all human beings from the beginning of their biological development, including the pre-born, partially born." The bill goes to the state senate in two weeks. On Thursday, the same state senate passed an anti-discrimination bill that includes LGBT protections.

Anti-gay activist Fred Phelps and his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper have been barred from entering the United Kingdom for inciting hate.


All My Children insults the gay community this week by heralding the first daytime drama lesbian wedding while having one of the brides make out with her brother-in-law next week, ending the honeymoon.

Attorney General Eric Holder will put his boots on the ground in a visit to Guantanamo Bay next week in order to survey conditions and ready a plan for closure.

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Not2Taem's picture

Hmm... I used to read a lot

Hmm... I used to read a lot of Clancey's lawyer stuff, but that doesn't sound familiar. I'll have to see if its laying about.

Not2Taem's picture

CAMW Down there, Damn Girl!

CAMW Down there,
Damn Girl! The satellite defense system is less complex. I'm drained just reading about it. Time to get some coffee. Laughing out loud

Xanadu's picture

If they are going to try to

If they are going to try to have a baby, they could very well just use donor insemination ... not IVF.

It frustrates me the way tabloids report IVF like it's some walk in the park (and implying that every woman has to do that to get pregnant).

The story itself seemed like a made up page filler ...

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

LOL, twisted humor is what

LOL, twisted humor is what gets me through the winters, especially the really scary weather.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Thanks, me too. It's weird

Thanks, me too. It's weird for me to be the patient, it's usually the other way around.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

My grandfather was one of a

My grandfather was one of a very few US orthodox rabbis that wasn't a Zionist. My grandmother made sure I understood how Zionism came about, about the Crusades, all of the religious wars. They both wanted me to understand two things...

1) Just because it is done in the name of God does not mean God approves.

2) Any faith that involves oppressing or killing others is a false faith.

One of many reasons I really miss them to this day.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

A fictional novel by Tom

A fictional novel by Tom Clancy, The Sum of All Fears, actually had a workable solution in the book version I thought was impressive. The movie skipped that part, which po'd the author big time.

Problem is, too many would stand to lose financially if peace broke out. Hence why that solution never made it into the movie.

The first thing that has to come about is the profit motive must disappear.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

The trouble is finding an

The trouble is finding an outlet to plug into, lol. My rig is nowhere near normal, as it has to be able to double as a mobile MCI command center as well. Multiple satallite comm's, radios out the wazoo, computers, phones, O2 generators, etc. And the MRC wants me to upgrade to be able to deal with up to 1,000 casualties per incident, but we can't figure out the technical side of things, especially the weight and power drain issues.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Point taken, lol.

Point taken, lol.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

LOL, and here I was thinking

LOL, and here I was thinking I was cynical about transnational corporations!

I use to drink Coors (mainly because I thought it was actually beer, and not colored water, lol). Then the boycott began, and I discovered their competition. I never did go back to Coors, after finding much better alternatives.

I'm finding this whole thing with PepsiCo and their short sited greed campaign is going to have the same effect. I already found an alternative to Mountain Dew, one my doc would rather I drink anyway.

PepsiCo is about to learn an important lesson. Playing both sides of the road is a really good way to get hit by traffic from both directions. I really wish these dumb asses running the corporations would quit thinking in the short term, and think long term instead, and not just about this. It's just this sort of short sightedness that has our economy in trouble right now.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

What a contemptible, yet

What a contemptible, yet brilliant strategic move..... I haven't heard the word Pepsi being used so much in my life. We are all talking about them, that equals a lot of publicity. What's the saying .... "there's no such thing as BAD publicity".

Something tells me that after Pepsi works this for a while, they will make a public statement, and the suits will say it was a decision based on flawed info...they never meant to support someone who was so 'insensitive' to our community. I'm sure they'll even say that they have a a lot of gay employee's, and gosh... they treat 'them' just like all the other employees. They will apologize, and gays will drink pepsi like never before.........

This is kinda like Coors beer. Coors is now a major sponsor of most gay events..... But, I remember when most, if not all, gay clubs were refusing to sell it.

Now, they really love our money the LGBTQ community.


Not2Taem's picture

The whole spiritual faith in

The whole spiritual faith in terms of one supreme being is a no go for me on so many levels, but it must suck to have conflicting family histories like that.

I remember reading an article on the area way back in the 80's and finding out that it had been taken over by various peoples many times through history, even before the post war fiasco. I am not good with historical stuff, but I do remember it being clear that there was not going to be an easy answer. Folks just deciding to give away people's property to someone else; Where have we heard that before?

I would love to see them work this out, but so many people have had good reason to be very pissed off for so very long. Sometimes there is just too much history for the relationship to work.

Not2Taem's picture

I have a feeling you jest.

I have a feeling you jest. Changing a carbonated freak into a coffee freak is a daunting task. But if you were going to do it, I'd go for the kind that plugs into the lighter and brews it right in a cup with a lid. The little coffee pod is in one lid, which you change out for another to drink. My friend swapped the drinking lid with one from her favorite cup because she didn't like the one it came with. She used it on a trip from Maine to Florida and mentioned it on every check in call, so it must be pretty neat.

Now if they could just come up with one that makes coffee frappacino, caramel afagatto with a double shot... Oh, and as long as we're dreaming, lets ditch the calories but not import that nasty artificial sugar taste. Laughing out loud

mysticsmb's picture

Yes! Too many, particularly

Yes! Too many, particularly Americans, don't know the history of the region and know nothing of how Israel was 'created' post WWII by European and American leaders who 'gave' Palestine to Jewish settlers, though it was not theirs to give.

My girlfriend has a good friend who is Palestinian whom she met at university in Australia. He recounted how his family went on vacation to Egypt for a few weeks and upon return discovered Jewish settlers LIVING IN THEIR HOUSE. His parents had a deed of course to the property, but when they took it to the authorities they were told it meant nothing.

Prior to this experience this man, as did most Palestinians, enjoyed good relations with their Jewish neighbors. This is another 'myth' about these two peoples: that they have always been at each other's throats. Completely wrong. And of course it's myths like that that lead people to shrug their shoulders and assume peace will never be possible.

What irks me most is the settlers that are STILL building more settlements on the West Bank, even though it's disputed territory. What kind of person could do that? And what kind of mentality does it take to essentially say 'I'm going to raise my family in a war zone'? Scary.

There must be SOME way that Jews can have a homeland without depriving others of theirs.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I'll settle for an end to the

I'll settle for an end to the violence. Kind of a difficult situation for me. I'm a Jew, but if it weren't for the Palestinians helping my grandmother during WWII, I wouldn't exist right now. The Palestinians really did get a raw deal, and bore the brunt of European and North American guilt over what happened to Jews during WWII.

It makes having a spiritual faith very difficult when I see so many killing and dying over a similar beliefs. It's one of the many "why's" I will be asking my higher power directly when that time comes.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Girlfriend, you crack me up

Girlfriend, you crack me up !! Laughing out loud

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

After the last couple of

After the last couple of winters, that groundhog is way overdue for an ass whooppin', lol.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

LOL, yeah, guess it's time to

LOL, yeah, guess it's time to get a coffee pot for the rig, lol.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Minnie, thanks for the heads

Minnie, thanks for the heads up..........I'm on my way !!
Step back from the groundhog, and no one gets hurt.... Laughing out loud

I'm thinkin' CMW is having a bit of anxiety about the loss of her Pepsi products.....she would never endorse violence towards a groundhog, would she?? Sad

Petting the little guy on his furry little head,
LBGroundhogLover Laughing out loud

lucia_2008's picture

Netanyahu, goodness. This

Netanyahu, goodness. This guy does not like to negotiate.

PepsiCo-something to boycott as a group...I am so excited and can't believe PepsiCo is really this stupid. is good!!!

little_earth's picture

Oh yeah, Dr. Laura is

Oh yeah, Dr. Laura is horrible. I feel bad for those who take her seriously. I listen to her the same way I read the Bible, not for "truth" but for entertainment purposes only.

Lots of Love - little_earth "Occasionally, I'm callous and strange" - Willow

Not2Taem's picture

That is why they make coffee.

That is why they make coffee. Laughing out loud

Not2Taem's picture

OK, but I don't exactly see

OK, but I don't exactly see all of those folks hookin' up. Not to be a pessimist but...

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I think prior to the

I think prior to the Crusades.

And no, this one is not beyond our influence. The solution is actually quite simple. Stop selling the tools of war to the sides involved. All the weapons in the Middle East originate from the US, France, Russia, and the Peoples Republic of China. If we really wanted this war to end, these are the parties with the ability to end it.

Guns don't work without bullets.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

For most, avoiding PepsiCo

For most, avoiding PepsiCo products will be no big deal. Del Taco instead of Taco Bell, McDonalds instead of Burger King, Domino's instead of Pizza Hut, etc.

Please don't get me started on Laura Schlessinger, yet another self serving opportunistic bigot who profits from hate. Just so you know, Schlessinger is not a medical doctor, nor a psychiatrist or psychologist, not even a social worker. Although she claims to be a licensed therapist, she is not, and never was. Those of us who have actually worked in mental health know the serious harm she causes so many people with every broadcast.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

One would assume they are.

One would assume they are. I'm not sure what your point is, though. Are you saying the story is a lie?

Xanadu's picture

Are these stupid tabloids

Are these stupid tabloids aware that not every woman has to have 'IVF' to conceive a baby?

Conlite's picture

Hope the medical stuff goes

Hope the medical stuff goes as good as possible for you.

Conlite's picture

We have been enjoying an

We have been enjoying an early "spring", with temperatures hovering between 0 and +10 farenheit. Up here, no point in getting sick of winter till April or so! Hope your senators get their act together though.

Conlite's picture



CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

LOL, I still have to stick

LOL, I still have to stick with resealable drinks, mainly because the freeways have deteriorated so much in the last few years (big rigs aren't the smoothest riding vehicles on earth). As for the choice of Dew, that was because of one very important thing I noticed...

Mountain Dew, even in concentrated form, is the only beverage that, when hauled in bulk, does not require a hazardous materials endorsement, nor hazmat placards on the vehicle. This surprised me, given how the stuff effects me. I would have figured one would need to put fissionable materials placards on the trailer and have a military escort, lol.

Aside from alertness, caffeine also controls my migraines rather nicely (when combined with aspirin and B-12 every day). I guess I'll have to find a substitute this weekend while at home. Keeping alert, and even avoiding migraines, doesn't justify funneling money into companies that support hate with it.

Not2Taem's picture

When was the last time

When was the last time anything did bode well for the Middle-East for more than a couple of days? Sad There are some things that are just beyond our realm of influence.

little_earth's picture

I know about Savage... My

I know about Savage... My boss likes to listen to him in the work truck. I'm not sure if its morbid curiousty, the burn for listening to the stupidity (like how sometimes I listen to DR Laura, not because I agree with her, you know at all!, but it is fun to listen to her call people stupid) or if he actually agrees with him... It is really hard to tell... But I know Savage well.

I'm just trying to envision a boycott on all of PepsiCo. Like you said, it is everywhere and hard to avoid. It is my only option at the soda machine at work. I did used to drink Rockstar, in fact it was my preferred energy those very few times I would purchase one. But no more. And I know you are on the road, so it will be harder for you.

So I understand your point, I'm just frustrated. Why do we have to have stupid people and their stupid agenda ruining my soda choice? But I guess it works just as well... I have a friend that drives for Coke, and I like using my Coke points... Oh that reminds me I have a coupon at home for a free one!

Lots of Love - little_earth "Occasionally, I'm callous and strange" - Willow

mysticsmb's picture

Well, I for one am glad

Well, I for one am glad you're boycotting the Dew, but for health reasons! That stuff rots your teeth and the lining of your stomach. I understand the need for caffeine in the line of work you're in but at least coffee (or black tea) is all-natural and has some additional health benefits.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Let us hope that theory works

Let us hope that theory works out. Something must be done to create a permanent peace in that area, and very soon.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

And in other news... In what

And in other news...

In what has to be a first (to my knowledge), Spain is moving to change legislation to permit transgender recruits to serve in their armed forces. The case began when a trans-man applied for service in February 2007, was rejected, and then reapplied and was refused again earlier this month. The changes will apply to postoperative transsexuals only. Preoperative transsexuals may still face exclusion due to (obvious in my opinion) billeting, bathroom, and shower facility issues. PreOps can still serve if they live in their birth assigned gender role.

In yet another landmark ruling, South Korean officials have convicted a man of raping a trans-woman. The ruling effectively changes and expands the definition of rape in South Korea to include not just biological females, but transgender women as well. The court determined that, despite having been recorded officially at birth as being male, their decision was based upon the fact that the victim had obtained legally recognized gender reassignment surgery, the length of time she had lived as a woman (30 years), and her capability to have sexual intercourse with a man (which she had been doing for 10 years).

Unfortunately, in the United States, transgender people are barred from military service, and sexual assaults against them are rarely considered rape under most state laws, and mostly go unreported due to police hostility and indifference.

mysticsmb's picture

I was upset too, but then I

I was upset too, but then I listened to some Middle-East analysts who said this might actually paradoxically increase the chances of Obama brokering peace. Livni, by their account, would have provided moderate 'window-dressing' while Israel pursued hard-line policies under the radar. Without the cover of that window-dressing to placate the international community Netanyahu and Israel will face far more scrutiny and be held accountable for their treatment of the Palestinians. And Obama will find it much easier to ally himself with the Europeans, who have been consistently more sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians.

mysticsmb's picture

Minnie, I feel your pain here

Minnie, I feel your pain here in MA where we're having snow squalls--grrr (and brrrr).

But then again, we still have two senators...

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Just so long as they don't

Just so long as they don't use the same doc Suleman used.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

As a rule, in general terms,

As a rule, in general terms, I do not support companies that either take an active role in something I consider harmful to myself or those I care about, or who advertise with such people.

Michael Savage is such a person.

Michael Alan Weiner (his real name) is a self-serving opportunistic homophobic racist bigot with serious fascist nationalistic leanings. In 1999, and again in 2003, he has made statements to the effect that minor female children who are forcibly raped enjoy the excitement. He is anti-immigration (both legal and illegal), to the point that he wishes death upon both immigrants and their supporters. He is anti-Islamic, anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, anti-liberal, anti-women, and definitely anti-LGBT. He believes that disorders and diseases, particularly those suffered by children, are merely financial scams by the families and the medical community in order to bilk insurers and taxpayers.

Weiner, and his parent company Talk Radio Network, Inc., have repeatedly filed frivolous law suits against any organized effort to boycott his show or his sponsors, all of them getting tossed out of court. Many of his advertising sponsors, upon learning of his on-air antics, have pulled their advertising from his show, rather than risk being associated with his particularly extremist views. Most of the sponsors inadvertently advertise on his show through media buys.

The deal with PepsiCo is no such inadvertent third party error.

I think everyone who regularly reads my posts knows I live on Mountain Dew, a PepsiCo product, when I'm on the road. It gets me through the 11 hour daily drives. Most of the places I eat at in the truck stops offer only Pepsi products, and many have PepsiCo companies such as Taco Bell, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc, where I can get something hot in me relatively quickly (I rarely have time for a sit down meal). The fact they stood up to the AFA, and supported LGBT equality directly, was a huge factor for me in my purchase decisions.

No more. Weiner has been particularly offensive and threatening to the transgender community on many occasions, most of which never gets reported (even in the LGBT press). The only weapon I have in dealing with this threat legally is my wallet.

Simply not purchasing Rock Star energy drinks will not work in my case, because I do not buy that product to begin with. But, I do spend thousands of dollars each year on other PepsiCo products, money that will likely go into promoting Rock Star, and by default Weiner's agenda, until either PepsiCo recoups their initial investment, or it becomes such a money loser that they end the deal.

Yes, PepsiCo gave $1 million to LGBT causes. Michael Weiner will make many times that off the deal with PepsiCo, all of which will go to support his fascist agenda. I cannot support any business who supports hate and intolerance, especially when that hate and intolerance is directed against anyone who isn't an ultra-conservative Protestant white heterosexual male who shares Weiner's views.

I'm boycotting PepsiCo in every way possible.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Almost home, gotta take a

Almost home, gotta take a sleeper break before I can finish the last 5 hours of driving tonight. Gunna enjoy a relaxing weekend, before I have to getting various biopsies done. Oh well, the fentanyl and vicodin will the rest of my time at home entertaining, lol!

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

He'd better soften his line a

He'd better soften his line a bit. From what I've been reading in the foreign press, Israel isn't exactly popular right now outside the US after the war crimes and attempted genocide in Gaza by the IDF.

minniesota's picture

CA, hope you get home safe. I

CA, hope you get home safe. I wonder if LBDL is going to try to rescue the groundhog, though. Wink

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Yeah, I'm done with winter.

Yeah, I'm done with winter. Two days being stuck in Donner Pass in the Northern Sierra Nevada in California this week (total of almost 4' of snow), and all I want to do is get home to sunny Southern California, to check the flood damage to my home! Sad

This winter was just to fracking weird for me. Temps ranging from -50F to +90F, blizzards WITH tornadoes, avalanches, ice storms, floods... About the only thing not to hit me this winter is a fracking hurricane! And yes, I'm staying the hell away from Florida right now, lol!

Somebody find that fracking groundhog and kill it!

Lezbeth's picture

Aaaahhh...A little

Aaaahhh...A little dedeRoneres or would that be a dedeGenossi?

Lezbeth's picture

And fugetabout Hamas.

And fugetabout Hamas.

Lezbeth's picture

My heart goes out to you on

My heart goes out to you on the sick of winter thing. Even though I live in Calif (north and higher altitude), we've had a lot snow and shitty weather this year. It must be much worse in Minnesota...yuck. Have you ever tried to house train a puppy in the snow? Challenging.

little_earth's picture

This boycotting thing... I

This boycotting thing... I praised Pepsi in January on my blog (which I'm currently transferring from my myspace and not even close to being done) so I just went and posted it so it will be at the top (click my name I've posted my new blog as my website), because they were being boycotted by the AFA for making large donations to HRC and PFLAG (as mentioned in the article you linked). But now because they want to become overlords of the drink world by (buying, marketing, distributing? I'm not sure) selling these energy drinks, I have to boycott them?

Politics and consumerism, not a fun mish mash. It makes me confused about who to support, who not to support....

But it is good to know that Rockstar was co-created by Micheal Savage (or whatever his non-radio show host name is). I'll definitely be into boycotting that, whether or not Pepsi has anything to do with it.

Lots of Love - little_earth "Occasionally, I'm callous and strange" - Willow

minniesota's picture

News from Lake Wobegon: 1. We

News from Lake Wobegon:
1. We are all sick of winter.
2. We STILL don't have a decision on the Coleman-Franken Senatorial race.
3. It is suppose to start snowing this afternoon.
4. We are all very sick of winter.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Kelly McCartney's picture

The old, white men have to

The old, white men have to keep a handle on something, right? They can't seem to understand the fact that they are no longer wanted.

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword