On Being Famous: Octomom, Jessica and Dolly

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On Being Famous: Octomom, Jessica and Dolly

Gossipers in Hollywood are saying that a film producer approached Angelina Jolie to play Nadya Octomom Suleman in a movie about the controversial woman who recently birthed a litter of eight babies. They say the mega-breeder is a dead ringer for Angelina and that she’s even had plastic surgery to look more like her. As if! She’s more like an ugly cousin, and that’s being generous. According to reports, Angelina is creeped out by Octamom and scoffed at the idea of participating in the film.


More and more, Hollywood starlets’ weight gain or loss is providing the gossip mags with food for fodder. But, of course, readers eat that shit up. Most recently, everyone from the National Enquirer to Larry King Live has weighed in on the subject of Jessica Simpson’s curvier figure. In true New York Post fashion, a horribly offensive cartoon was published, featuring a wildly exaggerated version of Jessica dumping quarterback boyfriend Tony Romo for Ronald McDonald.


On the other end of the scale, fave celesbian Lindsay Lohan is suspected of doing more snorting than eating. After pictures of her very thin body were judged by the world, she had to actually eat a McDonald’s hamburger in front of the paparazzi to prove she isn’t starving herself. She’s never bothered dispelling the coke rumors.

Speaking of skin-and-bones coke-heads: singer Amy Winehouse reportedly tried to break up a lesbian relationship while vacationing in St. Lucia! A woman, suspicious of her girlfriend’s incessant partying with Amy, walked into their hotel room one night to find the two fooling around in their bikinis. Amy better watch out, it wouldn’t require much effort for an angry lesbian to break her skinny butt in half.


As you may remember, about a month ago rumor had it that Meghan McCain could be a lesbian after confessing her obsession with burlesque star Dita Von Teese. Now she’s slated to speak at the Log Cabin Sell Out Republican Convention this April. Hello, Lezzie!

Enjoy my fave video of the week, femme extraordinaire Dolly Parton discussing her gay fan base and rumors that she’s a lesbian on Larry King Live.

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Erin Blackwell's picture

amy thanks for educating me


thanks for educating me sorta re KG, your hero. she interrupts people kinda annoyingly, don't she?

i found the distinction made... or myself made the distinction between NonEntities like Paris Hilton who live to be photographed doing nothing & actual Artistes who live to make art but must suffer the PR culture in its current manifestations...

also, beautiful people, e.g., Charlize Theron, with dull (together) lives aren't "interesting" because they're too busy WORKING! unlike, alas, lindsay lohan, who just hangs out watching sam spin.

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

Here's an interesting

Here's an interesting discussion about the relationships between the paparazzi and celebs that Kathy Griffin (my hero) had with a paparazzo when Kathy was substituting for Larry King on his show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRyVW4qnH3o

Steph H's picture

Hey Erin - I just read this

Hey Erin - I just read this line in "Tender is the Night" which I am reading at the moment -

"The English are the best-balanced race in the world."

Made me laugh in the context of our current conversation!!

Fastgurrrl's picture

EB, wow, great to read, THANK

EB, wow, great to read, THANK YOU! =)

Erin Blackwell's picture

as the buddhists say, there

as the buddhists say, there is a third way. just because Joaquin says "no" to Hollywood Business As Usual, is he necessarily crazy? everyone knows it's DEATH to refuse to play along with God Letterman, ergo, you'd have to be CRAZY not to. but isn't it possible he's doing his own thing (unheard of in a herd mentality)? POSSIBLE. anyway, i retract my insistence he's nuts. let's ADMIRE him for rocking the boat! it's still putative insanity. marlon brando comes to mind. you're mad to think you could beat this system. and the conformists come out of the woodwork to torment you for trying.

Steph H's picture

Agree. Really interested in


Really interested in what you and others say up the page. I learn so much here.

Steph H's picture

Okay, yes, the Brit media is

Okay, yes, the Brit media is fairly foul when it comes to celebs but that is just a reflection of our culture - when my south african girlfriend first came to this country she could not believe how rough we are on our friends - it's what we do - we take the piss out of each other and ourselves. We don't take ourselves too seriously and celebs are treated in the same way. If I pitch up to work looking like I just rolled out of bed - my colleagues will say something. So if a celeb pitches up to work (talk show) then the press is going to say something if he/she looks the same way.

We all have burdens to bear in life - celebs bear burdens that I don't have to and I bear ones that they don't have to. Isn't that just life, or am I a heartless bitch?

beauty's picture

i would have been dead long

i would have been dead long long ago.

and as a gay community with our own audience of cowardly hecklers, one could say our persecution comes with the territory as well, especially if one believes that god condemns us...why not join in on the "fun".

mysticsmb's picture

Erin, keep blah, blah

Erin, keep blah, blah blahing--it's good thinking and fascinating, because as you say it's easy to oversimplify what is ultimately a very complex subject.

Completely agree, as I'm sure most gays and lesbians would, about all the propaganda surrounding 'family'--but am mindful of not letting my reactions to the propaganda supplant my own thinking on the matter, because then the PR-machine still wins somehow.

Erin Blackwell's picture

PK, i AGREE it's "a little

PK, i AGREE it's "a little insane" for him to go on Letterman (the LAST place his manager or whoever should have sent him) & what's with this "documentary"? how do i know? people , especially celebrities-in-trouble, sometimes display disastrous behavior for all to see, partly i guess cuz they're inured to performing their lives. but being visibly in trouble needn't be taken as permission for "moralists" to pile on with mockery.

having been raised on my mother's stories of Old Hollywood, i don't accept that people in the public eye surrender all right to privacy as an inescapable model. having lived in france, i see there's another viable way of treating celebrities as people. (but then i think of the papparazzi hounding Diana to death in Paris and I think they're not any better.)

BriTwit mentions below the cruelty in the UK and i think maybe the Ango-Puritan countries are worse with their tabloid mentality. maybe we caught it from the Brits. yeah, that's it, let's blame THEM.

Erin Blackwell's picture

"children: for 'em or agin

"children: for 'em or agin 'em!" is the kind of oversimplification that discussion of family invariably provokes in this oversimplified culture.

at distinct moments in my life i had powerful desire to bear children: it didn't work out that way. i never, however, saw a child as a commodity i needed to possess to complete my lifestyle. and i'm repulsed by the extreme measures mothers-by-any-means-necessary will go to to procure the necessary. a lot of avoidable suffering is caused by this multibillion-dollar industry.

families per se are fine but like all heterocentric activities, they're overrated. "family" is used as a blanket argument to condone lots of awful behavior, often to the detriment of civic virtue. the fact that the gay-rights agenda has been hijacked by the marriage debate is an indication of our inability to think outside the family box. single people and childless people are typically less-than in the eyes of a society hell-bent on having people clump together along heteronormative lines.

as is true of other things, it's the PR-machine attached to "family" that gets my goat more than family itself. there's a smug, self-congratulatory, exclusionary vibe to a lot of "family" propaganda that implicitly discriminates against other ways of bonding and other reasons for associating. "family" is the argument of choice against lots of progressive social ideas that will never see the light of day: equal rights for women, unfettered abortion rights, gay rights, and a mature acceptance of free sexual expression generally.

blah blah blah. sorry. it's fascinating to me. i'm not arguing so much as thinking in print.

mysticsmb's picture

Sorry, I'm with PK on this

Sorry, I'm with PK on this one. Despite the occasional octa-mom, birth rates have fallen dramatically across industrialized society over the last 50 years, so clearly the biological imperative is dwindling. I personally have never felt that imperative, and unlike PK I don't even spend that much time around children, but I will always BE somebody's child and I am damn glad to be here and for better or worse damn glad to have shared that unique relationship of being someone's daughter and sister. I also have a very close friend who was adopted and that has given me added perspective on what it means to have, or not have, blood relatives.

It's fine that someone chooses not to have children for whatever reason, but I think it's unfair if not selfish to impose that reasoning on someone else.

Robin Rigby's picture

I kind of think that bringing

I kind of think that bringing children into the world is usually motivated by selfishness rather than selflessness. Children and parents teach each other how to love? I don't know about that.

Fact is, we are biologically designed to procreate and since we no longer live in a world where unencumbered procreation is necessary to the survival of the species we come up with all sorts of excuses to explain away a need to have children that many of us feel. In reality, it's nothing more than biology and Erin's feelings aren't negative, they just represent the fact that she doesn't feel that biological imperative. Maybe it's because I don't feel it either that I understand what she's talking about.

Grace Moon's picture

I'm not condoning the haters,

I'm not condoning the haters, i'm just saying that it comes with the territory...

tweet tweet @gracemoon

peacekitty's picture

Wow Erin, I'm sorry that you

Wow Erin, I'm sorry that you have such a negative view of families.

People have children for many reasons. Unless it's accidental or for religious reasons as you mentioned, many people who choose to have children do so because they feel that they complete them and give their lives more meaning.

I love children. Watch children take their first step and see the utter joy on their faces. Watch them explore the world around them and become delighted and happy with things we take for granted and/or continually bitch and complain about.

Children and parents learn about life and love from each other. What better reason to have children than that?

I don't have children of my own but I chose a career where I'm around them daily.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

peacekitty's picture

Grace, that was very wise and

Grace, that was very wise and true. I agree that if artists put themselves out there, to the extent of going on a talk show, then they should understand that they are leaving themselves open to scrutiny. Most people are good people and don't make a habit of trashing celebrities. They're too busy living their own lives to pay attention. It's the media that does that, and unfortunately it's par for the course in the entertainment business.

Erin, you seem convinced that JP is having some sort of mental breakdown. If that's the case then it's not wise of him to go on a talk show when he is down like that. It's not wise of him to film a documentary of his "break down" and have a camera follow him around during it. That's a little insane.

If he doesn't want people to "kick him when he's down" then commond sense suggests that it would serve him well to stay as far away from the public eye as possible.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

mysticsmb's picture

Hahaha. Glad to be of

Hahaha. Glad to be of service Ms. Blackwell, though I admit I was cameltoe ignorant until I saw the movie THE WEATHER MAN (not to be confused with ANCHORMAN). And yes 'muffin top' is perfect, though I cringe because of course these phrases are all used to pick on women, and women alone.

Everyone had cameltoe in the 70s! But I think in SOME ways we were a kinder, gentler (less snarky?) people back then. But what do I know, I was just a kid, and was too busy crushing on Olivia Newton-John to notice much else...

Erin Blackwell's picture

clan sounds more extensive,

clan sounds more extensive, no?

Erin Blackwell's picture

interesting idea & love the

interesting idea & love the "baby procurement" concept

i don't know WHAT people are thinking who have kids, apart from those ideologically motivated to swell the numbers of their race or religion... but i do see a lot of greed masked by "it's for my family" rhetoric & to hell with anyone outside the clan!

Erin Blackwell's picture

only a coward mocks someone

only a coward mocks someone when they're down

SnowAngel's picture

A little song about Camel Toe

Steph H's picture

I agree, but then I live in a

I agree, but then I live in a country which is RUTHLESS with those in the public eye.

Grace Moon's picture

my personal opinion is if

my personal opinion is if you've decided to become a public persona both your highs and your lows are fair game.

actors and performers exist for an audience, if you want to keep your personal life personal, don't go on Dave Letterman or Good Morning America to discuss yourself.

If you do then be prepared for critique.

this hold true for any art form in my opinion. If you are a published writer, exhibiting artist, singer, whatever... be prepared for ppl to love you or hate you,

the tragedy is there are people better equipped to deal with the successes and failures of life.

i think i've had too much coffee this morning...

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Steph H's picture

Okay - gotcha. Is there a

Okay - gotcha. Is there a difference between the clan and the "nuclear family" I wonder?
I do love the way you write.

Robin Rigby's picture

Erin, I'm interested in your

Erin, I'm interested in your opinion. Do you think that this need to procreate is just another example of the rampant greed in our society? It feels to me a lot like the procurement mentality that we are suffering from and that got us into our current financial mess.

Fastgurrrl's picture

Xanadu, very interesting

Xanadu, very interesting post, thanks! Smile

Fastgurrrl's picture

EB, thanks for making me

EB, thanks for making me THINK. Smile


Erin Blackwell's picture

use firefox browser for

use firefox browser for self-edit

Erin Blackwell's picture

BritWit i dunno, like moving


i dunno, like moving from dynasties to democracy. like sending the kids off to school to meet kids with other dna. travel broadening the mind. all that sort of thing. the clan is inward, ingrown, good for amassing power but ultimately self-destructive unless refreshed from without. transcending biology, the fallacies of race, breeding, bloodlines, inbreeding, the Hapsburg lower lip, Appalachian pinheaded married cousins, unquestioned loyalties to serial abusers.

the clan, literally or figuratively, is a deadend.

Steph H's picture

That's genEtic code.... Note

That's genEtic code....

Note to self - type more slowly

Steph H's picture

Sorry to invade again but

Sorry to invade again but it's in my gentic code.

Please can you tell me why "almost all societal evolution depends on overcoming it"? I ask out of interest, not facetiousness.

Erin Blackwell's picture

the old double standard on

the old double standard on regulation: who decides what's regulatable? like homosex needs a firm hand on the tiller but babies? bring 'em on!

Erin Blackwell's picture

xanadu, mmm, experts. why

xanadu, mmm, experts. why don't they ever have a zen monk on, i wonder? or a kierkegaard specialist? where's the public discussion of dread? like, what are these babies designed to placate? and from whence the overweening privilege to mass-produce?

"family values" the supremacy of the clan, is notoriously destructive and retrograde. almost all societal evolution depends on overcoming it. somehow it's become an unarguable good.

love "name drop GOD"

mysticsmb's picture

I read an interesting story

I read an interesting story by a woman who did IVF, then ultimately chose to adopt. When getting the fertility treatments there were no questions whatsoever about her ability to parent, however the moment she started filling out adoption applications every aspect of her life was put under a microscope. So the idea that we can't 'regulate' parenting, as claimed by fertility clinics, is indeed utterly bogus.

Xanadu's picture

I've watched with my mouth

I've watched with my mouth open at the people called upon on TV to give their 'expert' opinions about Nadya S.

Larry King had the judge from the Anna Nicole Smith body/baby trial, (who cried fake tears on the bench and made himself famous). He has so many deals lined up for himself, he can't decide ...

Then Larry interviewed Kate (the 'Plus 8' mother), who had twins and then sextuplets. She had nothing positive to say at all.

Joy Behar interviewed 'The Duggars' family ... You would never have believed these people even had 'impure thoughts', had it not been for the 18 wholesome faces sitting in their CHRISTIAN fashions behind them. No plans to stop having kids there, but then they are MARRIED and name drop GOD every five seconds - so they're 'OK'.

Gloria Allred came on with her usual threat of 'helping' the situation, by removing the kids from their mother. Gloria didn't seem to realise or care that this also has an effect on children.

I've come to the conclusion that these people and media commentators are ALL fame whores, no different from each other ... They sit smugly with their fame and book/tv deals, making millions of $$$ whilst not being that talented or bright. They have used the same cosmetic surgery/botox that they trash this woman for having.

Nadya wanted a piece of the pie (and went the wrong way about it). She also clearly has mental health problems, but her critics won't dare say this is the primary problem, so they can publically trash her.

... and where's the 'medical professional' who made all this happen? ... Going on with his life.

Robin Rigby's picture

Well, the part that's not

Well, the part that's not debatable is that he has a guy following him around with a camera and they've said it's because he's becoming a rapper and they're making a documentary about it. I think the theory about him pulling a stunt and the documentary being fake makes sense for all of the reasons you mentioned- he's a terrible rapper, he's acting like he's on a bad drug trip, he's acting paranoid on Letterman- He's either completely lost his marbles or he's playing us.

Erin Blackwell's picture

yeah, i'm not sure how we got

yeah, i'm not sure how we got to where a single gal living with mom'n'dad can go baby shopping and come home with 14. an op-ed in Newsweek by a specialist in reducing multiple-birth risks suggests an underlying reason:
"In the U.S., reproductive medicine has mostly been a political exercise hijacked by conservatives to promote a "right to life" agenda and not patient welfare."

Erin Blackwell's picture

i've heard that theory but it

i've heard that theory but it makes no sense to me. who wants to see that docu? he's not parodying a rapper or doing even a passable job of rapping. he's acting like a bad drug trip. his responses on letterman were of the paranoid variety: what does that have to do with being a rapper? even if that theory's true, the "humor" seems mean-spirited to me: "We're normal; he's a freak; let's laugh at him."

Robin Rigby's picture

Oh, and I don't believe

Oh, and I don't believe Joaquin is losing his mind. I think it's a stunt for the 'documentary' that he's making about his new career as a rapper.

Robin Rigby's picture

While I see your point about

While I see your point about Angelina and all of her kids she did adopt most of them. At least adoption doesn't add to the earth's ecological problems. Personally, I'd like to see someone like Suleman (and those folks with the 18 kids on TLC) get forced sterilization. As for the doctor that helped her get pregnant he's worse in many ways.

Erin Blackwell's picture

nadya suleman seems like a

nadya suleman seems like a scapegoat: fair game for endless articles and abuse. not unlike joaquin phoenix. i don't understand why he's fair game at awards ceremonies? why we're invited to laugh at the sick man losing his mind in public? he seems like a target only a bully would enjoy.

i've never understood women's insistence on having kids at any price. especially when more humans are a threat to the species and the planet. these onerous procedures to produce offspring rarely receive public criticism, because it's a sacred right for women to reproduce? but it's somehow okay to take out our collective repulsion on nadya suleman, who has simply carried this mania to insane extremes. i think Jolie sees herself in this distorted mirror and can't take the implications.

Tex's picture

Thank you - Dolly

Thank you - Dolly prereduction - woman gives me chills!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Pugs's picture

Erin, you cracked me up.

Erin, you cracked me up. Thanks. Long live the cameltoe!
. ----- just kidding, of course!

Erin Blackwell's picture

that's never thrilled me like

that's never thrilled me like VBS, but they both emerge out of the previously TBA bin.

Grace Moon's picture

to go along with your ski

to go along with your ski mask?
or is that a mud pack?

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Steph H's picture

What about VPL?

What about VPL?

Erin Blackwell's picture

Lucia darling, the essence of

Lucia darling, the essence of acting is compassion. all the great parts are fuck-ups of one sort of another. whatever talent AJ might have once had she has possibly misplaced through snobbery, narcissism, glam sham. any actress worth her salt would be THRILLED to play a real trainwreck like La Suleman.

and really, on what does La Jolie's unconscionable earning power rely if not the slavering imitations by women far less privileged than she?

Erin Blackwell's picture

god, you made me go look up

god, you made me go look up "cameltoe." why do people have to come up with the... least appetizing images? anyway, from there i went on to whale tale & muffin top (made me laugh, it's such a perfect visual allusion), so thanks, i feel somewhat enlightened by these overly exciting trends in fashion. oh yeah, also "visible bra straps." what a wonderful world we inhabit.

Xanadu's picture

Did you see the pictures of

Did you see the pictures of Samantha and Linds in their bikinis? Yeah Ronson's boy-ishly thin in clothes, but I thought she had a really nice shape!

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

Nothing makes me happier than

Nothing makes me happier than a Steel Magnolias reference! THANKS!