March Horoscopes

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March Horoscopes

March gives us a little reprieve from the major changes that were foisted upon us by the February eclipse and Saturn/Uranus opposition. By now, we will have gotten a sense of what absolutely has to change in our lives and are probably taking baby steps to move forward.

The main event for March is Venus going retrograde on March 6 (where it will remain until April 17). As Venus represents what we value, at the retrograde station we get to revisit those persons, relationships, money issues, artistic expressions that have meaning for us. In the sign of Aries, the energy will be more aggressive and confrontational. Venus in Aries wants what she wants WHEN she wants it, even if later she changes her mind.

On a mundane level, Venus retrograde will oftentimes bring back an old lover (For review — you generally don't want them back once you remember why you broke up with them.) or creative project. If is it NOT someone you were previously involved with, it may attract an old unrequited crush (Maybe it's time now to get it on.) OR a past life relationship. The latter are of the love-at-first-sight variety, where lightening bolts cut right through you. This is because retrograde planets, from an evolutionary astrology perspective, have to do with past lives and the re-living or balancing of karma. So the "new" person you meet during a Venus retrograde (which, by the way, happens every 18 months, but in a different sign each time), is definitely someone to reckon with.

Those who will be most affected will have planets in Aries or Libra and secondarily Cancer and Capricorn. Otherwise, for most of us, it will mean a review of our finances, female friends, our surroundings, hair style and wardrobe.

How will Venus retrograde affect you? The love or money thing may happen in these areas, based on your Sun or rising sign:

ARIES: You will draw lovers like moths to a flame, especially the ones you've already connected with.

TAURUS: Money that may have been owed you could magically appear OR send that invoice in once again, they may finally cut you a check.

GEMINI: Your sis or neighbor may turn you onto to a hot new partner in crime.

CANCER: Suddenly you find that love is near and dear, a tepid flame is re-stoked.

LEO: You have an excellent chance of igniting a new affair.

VIRGO: The girls at work are cutting you some slack or are giving you props and/or leads, all of a sudden the girl in the next cubicle is looking mighty fine.

LIBRA: Call in the love credits, people are lining up to get with you, also, luck with the public, particularly women.

SCORPIO: SEX OR MONEY, you pick, it's there for the asking.

SAGITTARIUS: That intriguing playmate you met on vacation may land on your doorstep for a replay.

CAPRICORN: Some fierce lady boss is ready to light fire under your butt or promote your ass off.

AQUARIUS: remember that friend of a friend? Well, now it seems she's free and available.

PISCES: A behind the scenes love affair may take flight. (Be forewarned, it may end come April.) We all deserve a little something, something, so go for it.

Obviously, for us gals, Venus is extremely important as she describes how we attract and receive love, present ourselves physically and define our self-worth. We are all different flavors of the goddess — look at how varied and magnificent we are! Let's celebrate our beauty (Venus) and fierceness (Aries) and, at the same time, disengage from people and situations that do not honor us. The next six weeks will provide us with that opportunity.

Comments [25]

shiva's picture

Oh, Patricie, you are

Oh, Patricie, you are amazing! I'll definitely contact you should I ever make it out of this deep black hole I've created for myself.

I moved less than a year ago, and hopefully will move again if someone hires me. I hope I don't have to move to the woods with my two cats!

You have a real gift for making powerful statements in a concise way. If someone isn't really paying attention, they would almost miss them. This is a jewel:

"Whatever shakeups occur are there for you to move into your true self."

Take care, and thank you.

Patrice Kamins's picture

Hi Shiva, No, I was just

Hi Shiva,

No, I was just trying to make an astrology pun. Any retrograde period for any planet will bring up the past or a redo. Hence, a Venus retrograde will have old lovers returning and a Mercury retrograde will bring in old friends or re-writes, revisions.

Mercury does rule writers and communication but it depends if you have Mercury retrograde natally in your chart. As 1/3 of the population has Mercury retrograde in their birth charts, it follows that 1/3 of writers of will have it.

You actually do have Mercury retrograde in your chart. It means that you will see the world differently but also that you will do well in the Mercury retrograde periods (next one is May 7 - May 30th). I see that you have been going through some major changes, including a possible move?

It looks like there will be some positive energy around a partner end of December 09 and/or a liberation from a relationship if things are not going well. Whatever shakeups occur are there for you to move into your true self.

But basically as a Sag/Sag rising you've been going through hell for some time now. Whatever is happening now is just the final "icing on the cake" (the worst should have already happened) to move your forward into a new life. Not to say it is easy, but
when things finally settle down next spring 2010, you will be in a much better place. The summer may bring a slowdown in any issues you have been experiencing, but they will be rekindled and seek some resolution in Sept. 09 and December 09.

Astrology can relate and/or explain almost everything in life and hence re: your mother's beauty, there is an explanation as well.

Neptune (planet of idealism, romanticism, illusion, glamour) is the ruler of your 4th house of the mother so you would have a tendency to idealize her and/or not see her clearly. It also means photogenic so your mom would have been stunning, particularly in photographs.

Anyway, best wishes. Our lives cannot be on a constant downward trajectory, even if it seems so, without things turning around eventually. So if circumstances have been tough for a while, know that there is an upward turn around the corner.

Be well, Sag woman!

shiva's picture

wait, could you elaborate on

wait, could you elaborate on the last sentence? Are you saying that writer/communicators like myself are always in retrograde?

Patricie, your work is really great and insightful. I've been looking on your website and have found really helpful jewels of info. If I weren't in such a bad financial situation now, I would definitely be using your services. Maybe in a year!

By the way, my birthdate is 12/16/57 at 5:35 am in montgomery, alabama (f*ing place). And my mother was so beautiful then! (I have no idea how that relates!!!!)

Bless you, Patricie

Diane's picture

Patrice, Thank you so much

Patrice, Thank you so much for having done this for me, it was kind of you and very helpful.

I'd like to have an entire chart done, to find out both the good and not so good about myself, to help me make some real changes.

Do you do charts professionally? Would you consider doing mine? If so, would you please contact me with your information at the email I've provided? I hope you take credit cards! Smile


Patrice Kamins's picture

That may actually be true!

That may actually be true! Or, as writing/communication is ruled by Mercury, she's in permanent Mercury-retrograde mode!

Patrice Kamins's picture

Hi Rovermom, Without knowing

Hi Rovermom,

Without knowing a person's birthtime, we astrology writer's have to base our "'predictions" on a natural house system which puts the person's Sun in the rising sign position.

Now that you've given me your birth time, you are Aquarius rising so does the "friend" connection make sense for you? Going forward, read for Scorpio and Aquarius. You may also have an opportunity to "hit up" people who owe you money.

Btw, your Moon in Sagittarius is on the galactic center, the so-called center of the universe. I don't know if I've talked about it here, but it means that you and some of the women in your life will be instrumental in "downloading" cosmic information around higher consciousness. This point would have been activated on Dec. 11th, 2007 so you may have begun an exploration that will reach it's full flowering in 10 years time.

Way more exciting that sex or money!!!!

Patrice Kamins's picture

Hi CJ, Thank you for

Hi CJ,

Thank you for writing. I can see this is a very challenging time for you, but with your strong Capricorn signature, you will be able to overcome any difficulties and thrive in the long run.

Right now, your partnership house is highly activated definitely saying it's time for your relationships to be transformed. This does mean that, yes, this partnership must die to it's present identity. With Pluto in Capricorn conjoining your Saturn in Capricorn, the old structure of your life must collapse so that a new form emerges.
People with Saturn in Capricorn generally grow up in very traditional, religious, judgmental homes, with the father, the church, the culture imposing their views and mores onto their progeny. (Btw, this is a very strong Saturn and eventually you may partner with a very prominent individual). But first, you must separate from the conditioning and ideology that you were raised with.

With transitting Saturn going into your second house of money and self-worth, yes, your finances and confidence may be limited. (We all get this every 28 years--even people like Bill Gates--so this would coincide with a period when you were a young adult). I don't know if your current partner will cut you off totally, but he may be a bit tight with his monetary assistance.
Please note that this transit would be going on REGARDLESS of your relationship with him, it just happens to be showing up in this particular manner.

Pluto inconjuncting your Sun/Moon midpoint, power struggles with the significant other and Neptune in the 7th House (your relationship is dissolving, disappearing) all point to a natural moving on.

While astrology charts do not reveal sexuality or gender, there are some common aspects that show up in the charts of bisexual individuals.

Needless to say, you have many of them. Your Moon is in Aquarius, Venus is in Aquarius, Mars square Uranus square Chiron (wounding around the male energy) and Uranus on the Ascendent (an alternative, forward-thinking individual).

Pluto transitting your 5th house of love affairs, self-expression and creativity wants you to liberate many LIFETIMES of limitation, judgement and repression. When we get a Pluto transit it's about clearing up the stuck emotional energy in our beings.

The astrology says its time for this relationship to end and while you may have a reprieve over the summer, the desire to part ways will be strong come September.
(Actually did anything go on in the last couple of days?)

While it is no doubt a very difficult time, if you allow the necessary changes and endings to take place your entire life will be transformed in new and exciting ways. And I won't lie, this won't happen in a minute but the longer you hold on to the old ways of being, the more painful the separations.

Btw, there will be a positive beginning eclipse on your Sun next January which could herald in a whole new identity and/or partner and energy around your Mars/Venus midpoint this spring and next year will jumpstart an exciting awakening of your sexual/romantic nature.

I wish you the best on your journey . . .

rovermom's picture

Sex or money? Are you

Sex or money? Are you sure?

November 20 1971 12:25pm

I'm not seeking either or.....

shiva's picture

Is this retrograde business

Is this retrograde business the reason Illene Chaiken is revisiting (and re-writing!) old "scripts" (i.e. "tapes)?!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe she's wrapping-up old business!!

LongBeachDogLover's picture

OMG. March of 2001 ?? That

OMG. March of 2001 ?? That is so right on.........
Okay, now you're scaring me.

Patrice Kamins's picture

Hi CJ, Give me a chance to

Hi CJ,

Give me a chance to take a look at your chart to see what's going on. Rovermom seems to have some very good advice . . .and people generally sense what's going on even when it can't be articulated, so he may know on some level.

I'll see what's happening astrologically and get back to you soon.

Be well,


Patrice Kamins's picture

Well, because she might not

Well, because she might not have been available until now!

Venus retrograde brings back old crushes and since it only happens every 18 months in different signs, Venus retro in Aries hasn't happened since March 2001, which is when the friend of a friend energy would have transpired.

Good luck--I hope you/she finds each other!

rovermom's picture

Do you love him? Do you want

Do you love him?

Do you want to be with him?

I'd say tell him, and find another way. It might take longer. But if you are not wanting to be with him....and feel more and more removed from him. Tell him and make sure you say with with sincerity and love. And tell him you do not feel right in feeling this way and being dependent on him.

You might remain might separate and deal with this and become closer and realize he is what you want and need. And maybe he'll respect your honesty of not wanting to use him while you're unsure of everything.

It's a gamble. But it might make you stronger in the long run.

and your relationship with him...

CJ's picture

Hi Patrice, Could you help

Hi Patrice, Could you help me? I was born 7:28 pm Jan. 10, 1959, Jersey City, NJ, USA. I'm worried about my love relationship and school. Recently I discovered my lesbianism and don't know how to tell my male partner, or whether I should leave him, since this feels deceitful. I do not date or cheat, and don't plan to. I feel more lonely than ever. I depend on him financially, am in school on student loans. Can't do it on my own, and think he would justifiably ditch me if he knew. What I've read about the period of Oct thru Nov this year in horoscopes about relationships and career are both scaring the heck out of me. Thanks, CJ

SnowAngel's picture

"That intriguing playmate you

"That intriguing playmate you met on vacation may land on your doorstep."


Tex's picture

FG, I have a motor that is in

FG, I have a motor that is in need of fine tuning.....

Twitter Time @kdhales

Tex's picture

Yeah, it's that "behind the

Yeah, it's that "behind the scenes" love affair that kinda takes the wit out of it, huh? So, make the "in the front scenes" love sordid and hot! Yep, that'll do....

Twitter Time @kdhales

minniesota's picture

Ohhhh, I'm Capricorn. I know

Ohhhh, I'm Capricorn. I know I'm not getting promoted but I may be getting new work opportunities. Anyway, my lady boss is way cool. Smile

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Steph H's picture

I am trying to think up a

I am trying to think up a witty response but none is forthCOMING.

Mwah (that's a smooch by the way!)

Tex's picture

Smooch, Steph! Don't let

Smooch, Steph! Don't let those stars get you in trouble - nor that wild fling. I've only got one bit of advice - make sure the sordid sex is out of this world if it's only gonna last a month. Just kidding, babe....

Twitter Time @kdhales

LongBeachDogLover's picture

"AQUARIUS: remember that

"AQUARIUS: remember that friend of a friend? Well, now it seems she’s free and available."

Great, so you tell me now..........
Where were you when I needed to know these things !! Laughing out loud

Steph H's picture

Yeah, me (Pisces) too.....

Yeah, me (Pisces) too..... this could be interesting....

Fastgurrrl's picture

Hmmm, apparently as a Pisces,

Hmmm, apparently as a Pisces, I have a booty-call coming at me, hmmm. I am not into sleeping around, so, we shall see.


Steph H's picture

Howdy Tex!

Howdy Tex!

Tex's picture

CANCER: Suddenly you find

CANCER: Suddenly you find that love is near and dear, a tepid flame is re-stoked.

I am all for re-stoking!


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