The L Word Recap 608: I Can Haz Ending?

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The L Word Recap 608: I Can Haz Ending?

“Let me just make sure we get the pool in the shot.” Ha!

At Chez Portard, Kit asks Bette: why the sudden plans to move to New York City? Bette confesses that she is “so ready to get out of here.” Kit finds out about Jenny being up in Bette’s business re: the Kelly thing. Bette hasn’t told Tina about Kelly coming over that night. Bette: “And if I tell her now it just becomes this whole mess... I am happy to be getting out of this incestuous hotbed of lesbian inter-fucking-connectedness.” Kit remarks on the new balcony, overlooking the pool – the contractor hasn’t had a chance to put a railing up yet. Kit: “That’s dangerous!” Uh huh…

Alice and Shane are drinking beer in bed (aww), discussing Shane’s relationship with Jenny. Shane: “I feel responsible for her. It’s like I’ve been entrusted with this lost child in a way. And that I was given this opportunity to be responsible for someone else’s feelings.” No, that was like THREE storylines ago, Shane! Three seasons ago, at any rate. Please. Progress! Shane admits that she’s just staying at this point to make Jenny happy.

Dylan is on the phone with someone, terse, tense. Helena walks in and Dylan abruptly ends the call, dodging the question when Helena asks who she was talking to. Dylan stalks off, angry that Helena still doesn’t trust her. Helena chases after her, admitting that trust is difficult for her, but she’s willing to try. Woohoo, make-up sex on the kitchen table! Dylan: “Do you trust me?” Helena: “Yes.” Dylan pulls a huge chef knife from the block on the table and slowly, savagely cuts through Helena’s bra strap, literally ripping her clothes off. Holy hell, was that hot!


At Shane’s studio, Jenny reviews Helena’s footage for the video. In it, Helena admits that the reason she was such a bitch to Bette when they met was because she was jealous of her intelligence and talent and they way Peggy had always raved about Bette’s accomplishments. Phyllis and Joyce share wistful goodbyes, too: Phyllis, gushing over the hotness of Bette, and Joyce, over all of their lovely money by way of lawyer fees.

Tina writhes on the bed, moaning, coming, Bette hidden from view between her legs. Tina: “Oh my God, we should get Weezy to finish the railing before all these people come to

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peacekitty's picture

HI Ldawn. I think that the

HI Ldawn. I think that the strong, passionate feelings of disappointment you're seeing from many people is just indicative of how much all we all care about the show. Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Xanadu's picture

Oh - right ... that book. He

Oh - right ... that book. He paid for that, in the end! Jodie hasn't spoken to him since ...

I heart Jodie Foster.

Robin Rigby's picture

Thank you, PK. I had been

Thank you, PK. I had been reading some of the comments on Arlan's blog and I realized that this show was much more meaningful to some folks than to me. I guess I was just feeling very philosophical and forgiving or accepting, I'm not sure which. I went to a wine tasting and now I'm not feeling much of anything. Smile

Fastgurrrl's picture

That girl needs to get

That girl needs to get snapped up, she is damn good! Glad you're here for now, Julia. Smile

Ldawn2's picture

It is beyond my comprehension

It is beyond my comprehension why everyone is spuing such hate at TLW and its ending.
Firstly I thought the last episode was awesome. IC gave all characters equal time and was able to cast a shadow on each one. Certainly I do not think any of these women are guilty however she left it all open to continue to tell this story.
Perhaps the story did not end with all conclusions solved and perhaps we have a need to have answers and solutions to all lifes dilemnas, I ask you how real is that anyway ?
It is obvious to me that IC wants a spin off and perhaps more and I for one want that too. The only way to get that is to create drama and curiosity
Surely I hear so many say how they cannot stand IC or TLW but clearly that is what everyone is talking about…so much so that the showtimes ratings have skyrocketed, highest ever for any series…
So as I hear everyone ranting about how insane IC is I say Great job IC…you got their attention and they cannot disconnect a job real done


The interrogation tapes …Brilliant…..we will be hearing from the “L” for six more weeks bringing us to about the same time a season lasts….how is that for media attention

Lets face it girls….we may not feel that these stories are worthy our time or attention because we women have been elevated to a higher plane but there are women out there who do find these stories useful , helpful, encouraging and entertaining…


Kel's picture

I think there's too much

I think there's too much death and destruction for it to be a good representation. I understand the need for realistic representation, but in real life, I do see more optimism and happiness.

smagerts's picture

Hey Peacekitty..I know "we're

Hey Peacekitty..I know "we're not skeptics"...this show brings out the emotion in all of us. thanks.

peacekitty's picture

Thanks I just found it.

Thanks I just found it. Interesting article on the L-word and feminism. Doesn't change my mind about season 6 but it was a good read.

And trust me carole, we're not skeptics. Check out our comments over on the "Day of Mourning and Celebration" blog.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

smagerts's picture click on L word feminist in the search bar...

Lake's picture

Hey.....I have missed

Hey.....I have missed Dollhouse .....I'm in need of a run down, when you have time. I feel so bad for missing one of Joss's creations.....I promise I will catch up!!! Wink


Lake's picture

I was snowed in.....LOL!!!!

I was snowed in.....LOL!!!!


Julia Watson's picture

Hey, Lakey! Where you been?

Hey, Lakey! Where you been? Smile

Lake's picture

By far your best yet!!!!

By far your best yet!!!! Thank you

Always with the "emotional range of a shoe"



peacekitty's picture

"Sorry, the page you've

"Sorry, the page you've requested cannot be found."

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

smagerts's picture

LB, You have your right to an

LB, You have your right to an opinion, and I appreciate it...I just think don't think sarcasm and taunting is necessary....from either of us.

smagerts's picture

QUOTE (simone @ Mar 11 2009,

QUOTE (simone @ Mar 11 2009, 06:38 PM)

Finally a good article on and about the the L Word...I suggest all you skeptics read it...It' excellent.

peacekitty's picture

Very well-said Robin.

Very well-said Robin.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

minniesota's picture

Those ads are too funny

Those ads are too funny sometimes. Almost as funny as someone trying to get me to feel bad about having lived and loved long enough to have lines in my face.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

peacekitty's picture I was reading the I was reading the comments about lines on our faces I see that there is an add for "anti-aging" wrinkle cream on the left. Hahaha! Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

peacekitty's picture

I'm glad you like the show so

I'm glad you like the show so much Carole. More power to you. Smile

I enjoyed the first two seasons and last season was lighter and entertaining overall because of some "new blood" (aka Angela Robinson) that they brought in to offer direction and insight.

I think that the overall consensus though, judging by reviews and comments on many sites, is that this season is pretty much a bust and an incoherent mess.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all appreciate Ilene and company for getting the show on the air and recognize that she's a very smart lady who wrote a great first season. We love the actors who have done an amazing job (some award-worthy performances IMO.)

Yet when a show begins repeating it's own storylines and/or creating absurd and unbelievable ones, the characters start changing their personalities and the dailog sounds like a junior high school drama class wrote's time to lay the show to rest.

It happens to the best of them.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Grace Moon's picture

you are truly and expert :)

you are truly and expert Smile

tweet tweet @gracemoon

smagerts's picture

What has the done that has

What has the done that has not NOT given us a good image?? First of all, it's a television show. This show is about characters that are reconizable in the gay community. I know many people like Bette, Tina, Dana, Alice, Shane and Tasha. These characters are not perferct, but they are loveable..Thiese women are no differenct in the straight world..they're just gay. I saw wonderful qualitiies in these women..some not..The main thing is that we have a face, we are amoung the "living" now. We don't live in a perfect world with perfect human beings. this is the point..we are no different than the straight community. We love, we have affairs, we cheat, we have big mouths, we join the army..we live in a real world just like the everybody else.

Again, this is a televison show with beautiful women..not all beautiful..alice, tasha, max --not beautiful,..and whats wrong with beautiful....damn if we do, damn if we don't...we are forgetting that this is not a reality show. It's drama, it's tv, it's fun, it's inthralling...I am proud of what IC has created, and I don't know 1 straight person that does not love this show..we are now somewhat a part of a really big world with the same human flaws...I just hope we get more.

Okay, mabye the writing is not good sometimes, but its' good most of the time..Sometimes we didn't like the stories, but drama was created to keep the audience coming back...what's wrong with that?? Overall Ic created a pretty neat goup of friends with many facets and personalities--personalities that many people relate to, and I loved it....and apparently millions of other people loved ,too.6 years of fun, sadness, anger and love...mostly love..give me more, please.

Robin Rigby's picture

LBDL, obviously you're angry.

LBDL, obviously you're angry. I'm angry. I think the difference between those of us who are pissed off and expressing our anger and those who are just happy that the show ever existed is age. Not chronological age, but what I'm going to call lesbian age. Basically, if you've been out for years (over 20 years for me) you don't need a TV show to establish your own self worth and you've already created your own community. But if you've just come out shortly before The L Word or as a result of TLW then this show means so much more to you than just a TV show.

For the latter folks it's difficult to hear us older, more jaded lesbians who view this as just a TV show (albeit an historic one) be annoyed about it's lack of artistic merit. The newbies take this as a personal attack on something that means so much more to them.

To both sides I say we are all just expressing our grief, but in different ways.

Kel's picture

You know, I've to add my

You know, I've to add my comment about "The Farm".

None of my lesbian friends went to jail... but I know of a few COPS. Can we have L-cops please? It's more realistic! (I'm sure you people know of a few dykastic cops in uniform too.)

Shout out to NJ Detective Lieutenant Laurel Hester... RIP Laurel, you've inspired me.

Kel's picture

It was not about TLW. It's

It was not about TLW. It's her comment about a book (Foster Child) Lucius "Buddy" Foster wrote... about her family... but it is so apt, isn't it?

Xanadu's picture

Kel - What was that Jodie

Kel -

What was that Jodie Foster quote about? Was Jodie actually referring to TLW?

Julia Watson's picture

:) thanks for noticing

Smile thanks for noticing

Julia Watson's picture

Carole, what about the show

Carole, what about the show makes you feel as though it has provided a "good image" to "us" as a community? I'm not saying I entirely disagree -- I'm just interested in your take.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

:lol: You're killing me

Laughing out loud You're killing me Minns.......

Xanadu's picture



Kel's picture

I quote Peacekitty, "We

I quote Peacekitty, "We lesbians are so starved to see us represented on television that we’ll watch it even if it’s the worst show on tv."

and... I watch the show because of the gorgeous, talented actresses (who managed to portray their roles so wonderfully in spite of the ... or lack of... script.). In fact, I thank them for redeeming the show.

minniesota's picture

LBDL, don't you think it is

LBDL, don't you think it is hilarious when someone says, "Get over yourselves, people"? I mean, c'mon. If you want to insult us, you must try harder. Laughing out loud

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Hi Carole....... Do I know

Hi Carole.......

Do I know you? Is this Ilene? Laughing out loud

I'll be as negative, immature, pessimistic, cynical and ridiculous as I wanna be....
And Carole, we were all someone before 'The L Word', and we'll all be someone long after 'The L Word' DVD collections have been recycled.

Have a nice day.

minniesota's picture

Hey, I EARNED my lines,

Hey, I EARNED my lines, youngster. Hah.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Not2Taem's picture

I really have to give Kitty

I really have to give Kitty credit for the thought sequence. It started with her list of old shows. I mostly caught it passing through when my sister was watching. I don't think I ever watched a whole show. I just have a vague memory of Rob being stressed over an idiot boss and not realizing that his wife was smarter than he was. This clip is actually quite cute. Smile

Robin Rigby's picture

I'm not concerned about

I'm not concerned about promoting Apple products, I'm typing this on a MacBook. Smile But seriously, I noticed that Schechter's already digitizing footage (which you do with Final Cut) and then Shane buys Final Cut. Also, Jenny shot video with her iPhone- iPhone's don't shoot video, their cameras are strictly still. Clearly someone was asleep at the wheel on fact checking.

I'm an editor and there's only so much you can do if the info isn't there so if there was a problem with scripting or production then you're hamstrung as an editor. The choice to do a season-long flashback was odd. I think it was to keep us tuning in to find out who killed Jenny. HA! The problem with flashbacks is that they tend to drag the viewer out of the emotion that's occurring and put them into a different space which can cause an awful lot of confusion as your emotions are being jerked around.

This final episode had so many flashbacks and flashforwards that it was an emotional roller coaster (and not a good one). I don't think it was necessarily any editor's fault, I think this was a scripting issue. If the needed footage is there, you can cut it together in chronological order or mix it up "Pulp Fiction" style, whichever is best for the material.

smagerts's picture

The show has been on for 6

The show has been on for 6 seasons.....dah, some people obviously liked it.

Take a look in the mirrow, will see nothing, but since the L Word, we finally have an image...a damn good image. I loved the L Word..I wish IC continued success.

Get over yourselves, people. Try and say something positive for a change, you'll have less lines on your faces.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Tae....Did you say Petries,

Tae....Did you say Petries, as in Mary Tyler Moore & Dick Van Dyke??
Very classy and sexy, in a '60's suburban sorta way........ Wink


Not2Taem's picture

Yeah, I figured as much. I

Yeah, I figured as much. I don't begrudge anyone their jollies, it just took her from total simmering hotness to Oh No for me without any warning. But hey, there's still Kate, and Rachel, and that cute Little Redheaded Girl Rachel keep having on, and...

Yeah, I guess I can let that one go, especially since she is going to such a fruitful imagination. Wink

Not2Taem's picture

Thank you to the ladies

Thank you to the ladies below. (How I do like the ladies below! Wink )

The multiple cameras saving time makes perfect sense; one of those things that you read with an, "Ah duh... I should have been able to figure that out." Thanks for the background.

On another note, how glad are we to have moved away from:

a) canned laughter
b) cued background responses

I remember how not surprised I was when I got to see them film and understood why everyone's response was the same. :roll:

peacekitty's picture

I'm inclined to agree with

I'm inclined to agree with you Tae, but then I just read that the ratings for the finale were great and I think that's all they look at.

We lesbians are so starved to see us represented on television that we'll watch it even if it's the worst show on tv.

Can you imagine the impact the L-word would have had if it were actually GOOD? Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

peacekitty's picture

For LBDL down there. Thanks

For LBDL down there. Thanks so much for all of this great info. I'm really learning a lot about tv production and I'm enoying reading it too. Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

peacekitty's picture

Well it looks like we might

Well it looks like we might have the spinoff, according to the L-word finale ratings. Just found this:

'L Word' Series Finale Delivers For Showtime
Final episode drew 756,000 viewers
By Alex Weprin -- Broadcasting & Cable, 3/10/2009 2:38:11 PM

The series finale of The L Word delivered strong ratings for Showtime. Season six’s final episode drew 756,000 viewers, the highest rated finale in the series’ run, and the third most-watched episode in its history, behind only its first two installments in 2004.

The strong ratings will likely give leverage to a spinoff in the works at the network. L Word creator Ilene Chaiken is writing the spinoff, which stars Leisha Hailey (The L Word’s Alice Pieszecki character) as she serves time in prison.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Tae....I'll try to explain.

Tae....I'll try to explain. Excuse me if it sounds like I'm rambling.

It's not the number of camera's, it's the time spent on the actual production of each episode. For example, to 'shoot' a half-hour sitcom it generally takes 2 days. Now, this is stage/camera time only.

One 'blocking day'. Or, camera rehearsal day, and then the following day the show is shot in front of a live audience. Normally, twice. A 'dress' show, and an 'air' show.

The days prior to rehearsal and shoot days, the talent has table reads, and will rehearse without cameras. Because of re-writes, the writers work long hours, and long days. As well as other production staff. Now, keep in mind....they would be doing exactly the same thing regardless of the format. So the savings doesn't necessarily come from the production staff. Their input is fairly constant.

So, to answer where the savings comes in is this...... Generally, the actual amount of time spent shooting. There are 4 cameras, so 4 separate camera angles, stationary set lighting, an onstage sound dept. with no set-up time involved, and of course less time editing, so there is a huge cost savings in post production ....

With a 4 camera sitcom, if the director does her 'homework' and knows how to block a scene, and she makes it work for cameras the first time they rehearse, it can be a very quick and productive day.

Single camera is slowwwwww. Each scene will have several 'set-ups'. Camera, sound, and lighting equipment will need to be re-set and the scene re-lit for every different shot. Flat 2 shot, cross 2s, close-ups, etc. It's time consuming.... generally a 16 hour day, at the least.

So, the production cost starts even before the table read.....and continues till post production is complete. There is a huge dollar difference between the two styles.... they each have their own fans.

**All in the Family......that was an awesome show. It was one of the first videotape, multi-camera sitcoms on TV. Norman Lear was a leader in comedy at that time.**

A bit of useless trivia : I Love Lucy was THE first multi-camera sitcom.


mysticsmb's picture

Taem, I'm sure LBDL can give

Taem, I'm sure LBDL can give you a more detailed explanation, but quickly: one camera doing all the shots from different angles needed in any given scene means shooting that same scene several times. Time obviously = money. With multiple cameras, all angles are shot simultaneously.

Single camera is still the standard of cinema, but television has been a mixed bag since the mid to late 70s. Although EARL and WEEDS and a few others are single camera my understanding is that sitcoms since the 80s have generally used a multi-camera set-up. Of course we don't really have many regular sitcoms these days, as PK pointed out.

Hope that helps...

Julia Watson's picture

May not be your cup of tea,

May not be your cup of tea, Taem, love, but for some of us? HOTNESS!

Not2Taem's picture

Now that would have been cute

Now that would have been cute and funny. Laughing out loud

The damn chopping knife was gratuitous aggression. I would have thrown her off with a resounding WTF! and sent her packing.

Not2Taem's picture

How do more cameras running

How do more cameras running translate to less money spent?
I once watched them shoot All in the Family. Wow, that was eons ago!

Not2Taem's picture

Trying to envision Shane and

Trying to envision Shane and Carmen as the Petris. Hmm... Maybe Alice and Tasha? Tina and Bette! I finally found a way that I could enjoy being a Tibbetter. LOL

Thanks for the giggle! Laughing out loud

Not2Taem's picture

Unfortunately, I think this

Unfortunately, I think this season has been the worst possible promotion for any spin off. In my mind, the only chance it has at this point is if it can stand entirely on its own merits. I just hope all of the gals go on to other worthy projects where we can once again appreciate their individual abilities.

Especially Kate. Wink