The L Word Recap 608: I Can Haz Ending?

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The L Word Recap 608: I Can Haz Ending?

our house.” Bette: “What did you just say?” Oops. Tina: “Oops. I said, ‘Oh my God, that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had,’ and I think you deserve more of the same.” Oh, Tibetters. This is Ilene Chaiken throwing you one last bone (so to speak). Enjoy it while it lasts! They kiss passionately, tenderly, sharing sweet nothings. Bette: “You know what I’d like to do when we get to New York? I’d like to marry you.” Cue the lazy, afterglowy, candle-lit cuddling montage, complete with a Sade song. Okay, now it’s a sleeping montage. And it’s still going. And going… In the interrogation room, a sullen, worried Bette proclaims, when asked about Tina, “She’s the love of my life.”


The next morning, Shane teases Bette and Tina about the general JBF-ness of them. Bette wants to hear why Jenny is using Shane’s studio, but Shane dodges – the video is a surprise. Bette: “You know what I think it is, Shane? I think she needed to give you something so that she could have something else to take away from you.” Shane and Tina defend Jenny. Bette: “Yeah, I think her heart is in the right place, I just think she misplaced her meds.”

Upstairs, Helena watches Dylan drive away after another tense phone call. Alice, on the phone with Shane, still hasn’t heard from Tasha. Alice does an impersonation of Tasha pillow-talking to Jamie that sounds uncannily like Redd Foxx from Sanford and Son. Oy. Jenny arrives home, freaked about time. Shane swoops in and offers to go run errands for her so she’ll be able to finish her video before the party starts.

Kit and Sonny arrive back from the zoo with Angie. Sonny has to morph himself into Sunset and get to work; Tina offers him their pristine new master bathroom upstairs to change in. Bette gets testy: “What if he forgets to put the toilet seat up or something?” She says there’s something about men that just makes her “queasy,” but swears up and down that she’s not a “man-hater.” James makes one last ironic appearance, just in from running an errand. Kit, to James: “How do you put up with her?” He smiles tolerantly. Ha ha!

Meanwhile, Jenny’s personal assistant, Shane, arrives at the photography studio with lunch and Final Cut Pro. Jenny wants her to stay and help

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Not2Taem's picture

Dang Julia, you're doing a

Dang Julia, you're doing a hell of a lot better than I could. Most of this season I haven't even been able to detect a plot. Laughing out loud

Grace Moon's picture

yeah i gotta chime in and

yeah i gotta chime in and say, that ending with all of them walking towards the camera smiling was sort of like the end of a play when the cast comes out for a bow. it was a kind of weird grasp at a feel good moment. i'm still so confused...

tweet tweet @gracemoon

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Hi Kitty !! ;) You will be

Hi Kitty !! Wink

You will be happy to hear that even with our current 'economy', there are more sitcom pilots being shot this 'pilot season', than in the last 7 seasons. The cost per episode, to produce a 1 hour drama or a single camera comedy ( i.e., My Name is Earl), has become prohibitive.... even by 'network' standards.

Every studio is shooting multi-camera, sitcom pilots this season. Smile Most, with very talented unknown actors and fresh writers, to hold down the cost. So far, I've been impressed...... and, that's a huge task !! Laughing out loud

The advertising dollars have really dried up. The sponsors just aren't spending what they used to spend on shows, particularly a new product with no history of bringing in viewers. GM, Proctor & Gamble, etc. all have cut back on their advertising. In the long run, that MAY be a good thing for fans of the multi-camera sitcom format.

You know Kitty, the sit-coms that you mentioned were all 'family' shows. And, even the shows with a slight 'edge' to them (All in the Family,and at times... Friends) still were 'family' driven shows.

This demographic has changed. Families haven't watched TV together for years, until recently that is........It's somewhat odd, but with 'the economy' the way it is right now...the studios are banking on 'family night' returning. So, maybe one thing to come out of this lousy economy will be families spending more time together, laughing.... and hopefully, more multi-camera sitcoms. Personally, and professionally, I adore them.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that, at least, a few of the pending pilots will get picked up. But who knows, viewer-ship is so fickle right's a huge gamble.


Kate's picture

Am I the only one who thinks

Am I the only one who thinks IC took a page directly out of the Sopranos book? It was shocking and original when they did it, but it would really have been nice to have more of an actual ending here.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I have to agree with you PK,

I have to agree with you PK, the current trend towards "the dark side" of human nature in the entertainment media is sad. Back "in the day," as it were, even dramas weren't quite so dark as today, and mostly ended on a more positive note.

But, I think the old saying that "life imitates art" has been flipped to "art imitates life." And life, for many, has become much darker, especially over the last several years. With the entertainment media trying to compete with the reality fad, it's hard to make a show that has a positive message, when the reality all around us is anything but right now.

Hopefully the public will lose interest in reality shows. I would seriously hate to see the current trend evolve into something akin to the movie The Running Man. I use to think such a thing would never be possible in our society, but after seeing some of the reality shows, I'm not so sure anymore.

Once this fad has faded out, maybe creativity will once again become popular.

Erin Blackwell's picture

that's a lotta work. thank

that's a lotta work. thank you.

Lezbeth's picture

I agree. I've noticed since

I agree. I've noticed since the beginning of S5 (maybe it started before) there were so many weird manipulations of real time, dropped threads and plot holes that this episode doesn't surprise me. I know nothing about television production, but believe there should be several writers story-boarding, examining time lines, character/story development, sequencing, production and editing. Attention and scrutiny seem to have been missing for at least two season. The result suggests there were dynamics either in writing or in production that prevented that from happening.

Julia Watson's picture

Part of me thinks that IC

Part of me thinks that IC didn't want to give them a proper goodbye because she's having trouble letting go of the characters and this whole experience. That may have played into the way she wrote this last episode. But realistically, I think any considerations about good storytelling and plausible character arcs got thrown out entirely this last season in favor of setting up the spin-off series. I think that was the sole purpose of having a season six in the first place.

Epic fail. For real.

Julia Watson's picture

My method is to watch the

My method is to watch the show, sleep on it, and watch it again (stop n' start) the next day while I recap it. I usually go into way less detail than I did with this one... chalk it up to me desperately wanting this final episode to make more sense than it did.

A lot of stuff I would usually cut because it's not directly relevant to the plot got kept, too, because I am a sap and this was the very last L Word...

Lezbeth's picture

I was looking forward to your

I was looking forward to your recap Julia because I watched the episode twice and was still confused about timing and sequencing. Thanks for getting it down in order.

I can only think back to the final episode of Queer As Folk to know that there are ways to exit a successful show--allowing people to go their own ways, their lives ahead of them and individually resolved to the point where we can let them go.

In the pre-show, IC said something about not being able to or good at (something like that) saying good-bye. This sad mish mash confirms it. I'm sad, not angry like some others, just sad about what happened to something that started out so well.

Erin Blackwell's picture

technical question: how did

technical question: how did you manage to write that recap? take notes while watching? record it and stop'n'start while writing? it's pouting detailed.

Erin Blackwell's picture

oh my blogging god! the whole

oh my blogging god! the whole juicing bible!

little_earth's picture

I've seen the

I've seen the icanhascheezburger, but I didn't realize they did some bible with it... thanks for the link!

Lots of Love - little_earth "Occasionally, I'm callous and strange" - Willow

little_earth's picture

Yeah that was an excellent

Yeah that was an excellent set up for pinning it on Alice (she also "found" Jenny which is suspicious).....

Lots of Love - little_earth "Occasionally, I'm callous and strange" - Willow

little_earth's picture

Bette didn't do it... My

Bette didn't do it... My theory is Dylan did it, came and went and nobody ever saw... You heard Helen, it was Jenny's fault she couldn't trust Dylan. Also the only person not there...

Lots of Love - little_earth "Occasionally, I'm callous and strange" - Willow

mysticsmb's picture

My understanding is that the

My understanding is that the actors had no idea the season was going to be told in flashback--who else didn't know? So shows 601 and 608 were pieced together in the editing room, and perhaps (speculating here), the final product is indicative of inexperience in working in this mode and quite possibly not having all the necessary material 'in the can' for the editors to work with.

peacekitty's picture

Excellent point Sarah. Lydia

Excellent point Sarah. Lydia Martin pointed out on her blog that in her profession as a journalists, there is always at least one editor that checks your work just "in case some alien comes down and sucks the gray matter out of your head and you start writing nonsense."

Who was checking the L-word scripts and who allowed this to pass? Also, who are the editors who pieced everything together? Did they have to let people go because of budget issues.....just like the OurChart staff when the site was costing too much?

We'll never know, but you're right...we'll just say the problem is "some unnamed Other." xoxo - PK

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

Robin Rigby's picture

I remember all of those shows

I remember all of those shows that you mention and in the broad sense of the word drama, all of those shows had drama because they had dramatic situations that set off the action of an episode. The biggest difference between classic TV and current TV is the idea of a season (or series) arc.

Just as an example that I can think of off the top of my head- when Chrissie Hynde showed up on "Friends" as the new performer at Central Perk, Phoebe was upset over losing her gig. That's drama. That she responded to it by having her friends ask Hynde to perform "Smelly Cat" and then teaching her how to sing it was comedy.

There are still comedies on the air, but with the reality show becoming king there's less of all types of scripted shows. I personally watch "Chuck" which mixes action with humor and "My Name is Earl" (Jamie Presley is a riot).

And to Kel below. No problem. I just wanted to clarify what I meant. Good luck to you on being a TV writer (I'm assuming that's what you meant about doing better in a couple of years).

Sarah Pappalardo's picture

you know, part of me thinks

you know, part of me thinks that some kind of natural disaster happened in pre production that shook the earth and maybe Ilene's computer and jumbled up the script of that entire episode.

Like, it's really as if a second set of eyes never looked at it to check it's consistency. We see Jenny using FinalCut early in the episode, then Shane pops in from the Apple Store with a copy of FinalCut? I hate myself for promoting their products any further in this paragraph.

Little things like that make me think that some internal drama made them scramble at the last minute. This way I can place the blame on some unnamed Other I will never know about.

peacekitty's picture

"Regardless of how any show

"Regardless of how any show may end it’s run along the way there must be drama or no one will tune in because it’ll be boring."

This is a false notion that many current tv directors and producers have adopted. Over the past few years, the trend in television has been drama, dram, drama! Crime drama, medical drama, "reality tv" drama. It didn't used to be this way. In the 70's, 80's and 90's the family situation comedies such as "All in the Family", "Kate and Ally" "Growing Pains", "Family Ties", "The Cosby Show", "The Golden Girls" and "Friends" ruled the airwaves. Although all of the families and friends experienced life's tribulations, they ultimately always solved their problems with love and humor.

Now, however, the public seems to want drama, horror, cheating, suspense, death, etc. etc.

At the risk of sounding old...I don't know if I like this new trend. It's okay to have drama, but I miss the happy situation comedies. I miss seeing happily married couples solve life problems with humor.

I want to see a lesbian show like that. It's NOT boring. It's uplifting and fun. We could use more of that in the times we're in. xoxo - PK

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

deedee's picture

Most of all I am just sad at

Most of all I am just sad at how great this show was ,yes I liked S1 loved S2 and I thought S3 was the worst ever but after seeing S6 ,S3 was great S4 I thought had it's moments was pretty good and The L-Word should have ended with the last epi(512)of season 5.I feel so sad knowing My fav show ended with this laughable ending.

I just want to say that I know the actors give it there all and I so thank them ,I wish them all luck in what ever they do after the L-Word

I am just very sad not because it is ending but because S6 COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE.

Julia Watson's picture

By way of explanation, may I

By way of explanation, may I direct your attention to one of the bestest inventions ever:

And my favorite thing ever spawned by it:

Erin Blackwell's picture

ooh reading your comment

ooh reading your comment julia just reminded me of one or several agatha christies i've read where there's more than one murderer. i too feel the Jenny offed herself because it suits the producer.

Erin Blackwell's picture

i don't know what font

i don't know what font "cheezburger" is but it sounds right. i just downed two j-in-the-b junior bacon cheezburgers but i couldn't have written as elegant recap with them as you.

is shane wearing a wig? her hair used to look great. now it's awful. WAS awful. phew. it's ova.

mysticsmb's picture

Drama doesn't have to descend

Drama doesn't have to descend into melodrama. Season 3 onwards was all melodrama.

p.s. SATC was actually considered 'dramedy,' though no such award category as yet exists.

minniesota's picture

I mighta/woulda been turned

I mighta/woulda been turned on if she had used a Swiss Army Knife (butch fantasy). Lalala.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Kel's picture

RobinR: you may be right… Oh

RobinR: you may be right… Oh well, that was perhaps a "loose canon" type of comment of mine... I admit my statements weren’t the most coherent… but I guess I was just disappointed because I feel I can do better if I had the opportunity. (I will do better, few years later.)

Especially the interrogation tapes – it made it worse for me – I feel it further emphasized the sloppy writing. Bad planning. Omission errors.

So many brilliant actresses, so much support, but poof... Legacy lost. Squandered away.

Example of good writing "If These Walls Could Talk 2":
That show made me laugh, cry and laugh again.

Robin Rigby's picture

I think maybe my point was

I think maybe my point was not expressed clearly enough. Regardless of how any show may end it's run along the way there must be drama or no one will tune in because it'll be boring. Also, the 2 examples you mentioned were comedies. By definition a comedy will have a happy ending. It's expected.

I don't care if celebrities mess up, but you mentioned them as positive role models so I'm just pointing out that they are certainly not perfect anymore than the characters on The L Word. In order to make the characters real they have to have flaws just like real people do.

I think the show did celebrate Love and Friendship as well as Death and Destruction. Even in this final episode the women all talked about their love for one another. Season 6 was just lousy writing- plain and simple.

Of course I've never felt that the show had to be anything more than entertaining. It was fun to watch hot chicks getting it on week after week but I never felt like the show had to represent me or any ideal of lesbian lives. I just wanted it to be GOOD.

Kel's picture

1. "Friends" has a happy

1. "Friends" has a happy ending. Rachel and Ross reunited. Monica and Chandler remained married. I watched every single episode of "Friends". They had drama, but managed to find laughs each time. None of the main cast members died.

2. Even "Sex and the city"... It got more and more depressing as we watched the women age and not be able to find love and all... BUT the show ended on a sweet note. Samantha found love and cured her breast cancer. The other 3 ladies got someone as well.

Just saying. I couldn't bring myself to watch some clips TLW because they were too painful - that's why I read recaps.

Positivity! Can't we celebrate LOVE and FRIENDSHIP instead of DEATH and DESTRUCTION?

P/s: Yes Jodie and Lindsay are imperfect and sometimes messed up, but we read the news (tabloids) for that! (That's why I say real life is depressing, but they seem to be less depressing than the L-Word!)

P/ps: If this was CSI or Law and Order then I want a serious scientific resolution of the crime. The L-Word was no crime show. Why should it be a crime show?

Julia Watson's picture

I know, right? C'mon, Alice.

I know, right? C'mon, Alice. What, she couldn't throw a table like Tina and liven up the proceedings?

Zara Thustra's picture

that was hilarious. the whole

that was hilarious. the whole scene was classic alice (thank god!) that being said, didn't it seem random that tasha just showed up to the party? like, wtf, tasha, you smell like sex with a social worker. ugh.

minniesota's picture

Julia, the L Word I have

Julia, the L Word I have loved and loathed but your recaps I have only loved. Gracias.

After all that, I'm still wondering, "Who is taking care of Sounder?" However, kitty says, "Pfft, that pretentious puffy dog can take care of himself!"

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Robin Rigby's picture

Unfortunately, healthy

Unfortunately, healthy relationships and people with no drama in their lives make for really boring television. As for the real examples you mentioned- From what I've heard Lindsay may not be completely off the sauce (drugs, whatever) and Jodie recently dumped her GF of 15 years for some chick she met on a movie set.

We've all had drama in our real lives. God knows I have, as much as I hate it. Regardless, all you have to do is look at any other TV show (Ilene mentioned 'Friends' during the recap as an example) to see lots of drama, or comedy, more than most of us ever see in real life.

Having said that, it doesn't excuse crappy storytelling like we saw this season.

minniesota's picture

ZT, my favorite lines of

ZT, my favorite lines of Alice mocking Jamie and Tasha were these, "You know that eventually they should just stop having sex because they're so the same, they could just masturbate. It would be the same thing." Ha ha ha.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Kel's picture

/steps on soapbox I don't

/steps on soapbox

I don't know. Ilene makes it seem that we lesbians are somehow dysfunctional, somehow disturbed, or somehow damaged in the ending. I don't know... We may be flawed, we may be imperfect, but we learn. We heal. And we’re growing from strength to strength.

I think lesbians in real life are significantly better role models than those on the show. Melissa Etheridge didn't die of breast cancer (thank goodness). She lives "happily ever after" with Tammy without ever abandoning her children. Ellen Degeneres and Rachel Maddow continue to be hired, working "happily ever after" on network TV committed to their partners. Wanda Sykes is as cool as ever.

Like Nikki, who's modeled after Lindsay Lohan? In TLW, she was hiding in the bushes, insinuated that she murdered her ex girlfriend who's turned from mildly depressed to a complete psycho? In real life, we know that Lindsay cleaned up her act and is living "happily ever after" with her girl Samantha Ronson. She’s not scared anymore.

Everyone… Every famous lesbian around us seems to be doing relatively well. Except on the L-Word.

True, there’re may be hate crimes, and terrible things happening in the world to GLBTQ people... Yes we do need a platform to watch them - but don't we have the NEWS for that? Everyday I go online, I read about depressing stuff. Can't we have some optimism on the only TV show we can call our own? A show that emphasizes the fact that although we're different, but we just make up the colors of the rainbow in each of our uniqueness?

Quote Jodie Foster - out of context but very true in this scenario. The L-Word is "A cheap cry for attention and money filled with hazy recollections, fantasies and borrowed press releases." Oh, and Jodie continues to draw audiences.

If we were on the L-Word or in Ilene's brain, we'll all be dead by now. Yes.

/steps off soapbox.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Yes, skipping this episode

Yes, skipping this episode was the right choice.

Robin Rigby's picture

Bette did it! And good on

Bette did it! And good on her for it, too. I see you caught all the things I mentioned in my comments for your other post- Bette lying about not having seen Jenny, the close-up of her talking about Jenny to the cops, and that bizarre as all hell ending. WTF? Indeed.

Alice is totally going to get framed for killing Jenny because she's so honest and couldn't help spewing out that 'who killed Jenny' comment.

lucia_2008's picture

Julia you captured this

Julia you captured this episode without missing a beat. You had me laughing from the first paragraph. is good!!!

Julia Watson's picture

"I honestly felt bad for

"I honestly felt bad for Jenny - they really turned into a bunch of lobsters hey?"

Ooh, that's a rather snazzy bit of analysis. They kinda did, didn't they? I'm still holding to my "Jenny offed herself and framed everyone for it" theory, but after this episode, I am halfway tempted to wonder if Bette really did it...

Xanadu's picture

grr- I meant patiently!

grr- I meant patiently!

Julia Watson's picture

I confess I was tempted to

I confess I was tempted to write the entire recap in Cheezburger.

Zara Thustra's picture

alice's nutjob ramblings

alice's nutjob ramblings whilst eating Red Vines was the saving grace of the episode (in addition to Bette's very sexy and very domineering "I don't abide" tirade to/at Jenny). The whole mocking of Jamie and Tasha was brilliant: (the lolcat rendition:) if u haz hard nipple, I haz hard nipple!

Rockets's picture

I honestly felt bad for Jenny

I honestly felt bad for Jenny - they really turned into a bunch of lobsters hey?

I saw the "Tina" interrogation episode thingy... and I didn't really like it.

Why do there have to be so many damaged souls among us? Does this really celebrate female empowerment? "look what we've overcome..." I also felt they were all really over sharing for a "first date" with Zena.

Zara Thustra's picture

my crush on dylan ended the

my crush on dylan ended the moment she whipped out the knife.

hey dylan, don't bring the crazy!

Xanadu's picture

I've only seen two (and a

I've only seen two (and a 1/2) seasons!

So tempting - but I'm totally not watching this!

*waiting paitiently for that DVD box set* ... I wonder if they will have the interrogation webisode extras on it? hmmm