Friday News Wrap Up, March 20th

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Friday News Wrap Up, March 20th

I'm standing in for Kelly today, who is as of this moment driving to Los Angeles where she will be living from now until she moves again. Let's wish Kelly happy travels and we'll see her back online sometime next week after she gets situated.

In the meantime pardon me for my one liners and spelling errors (Julia if you're online please fix anything you see). As for the rest of you (CA, Minn, Rusty, et al.), as usual, please add any other news items that I may have neglected.

Tauscher takes a job at the State Department and leaves DADT in a dangle.

AIG bites the hand that feeds them.
(New York Times)

It really sucks to be an AIG employee right now, click to see AIG Corporate security memo.

Protesters across the country mark March 20th, the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

The former Sheriff of Wall Street fingers treasury secretary Geithner.

Special Olympics bowlers invited to the White House for a bowling match with Prez.

Gay hero saves man from speeding subway train.

Wunderkind, Zukerberg, has Twitter envy as he turns Facebook into a "disruptive" company.

According to CNBC, poor people shouldn't tell rich people what to do.

Suze Orman reveals juciy personal anecdotes and says: Bush. Effed. The. Economy. Period.
(WWD Media)

Even the Vatican doesn't like the Pope.
(Austrailian News)

Michelle Obama celebrates Women's History Month with famous friends, and 110 inner city teens in the White House.
(Chicago Sun-Times)

Barack Obama counters Islamic extremists by wishing a Happy Persian New Year to Iranians everywhere. (

Have a great weekend everyone! XO

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yonks's picture

I admit that i have been

I admit that i have been inspired by your picture. look sooo relaxing.

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

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Check this out:

yonks's picture

Israeli soldiers report

Israeli soldiers report abuses in Gaza

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

yonks's picture

Sarkozy was already pissed

Sarkozy was already pissed because Obama refuse to meet him or to tell him that he want to meet him.
And now, Obama wrote a letter to french ex-president Jacques Chirac as if he was still president. Tell him that "he want to collaborate with him on the next four year in a spirit of peace and friendship to create a safer world."

Some annalists saids that the word peace was use because Obama appreciate Chirac opposition to Bush on Irak.

Anyways, if Sarko is pissed, i'm happy. Thanks to Obama for make my day.

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

yonks's picture

It cost me to give you that

It cost me to give you that advice because i find your indignation very appealing...

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Forget network news, this is

Forget network news, this is the news I prefer to watch........ Laughing out loud

*growing up is VERY over rated*


LongBeachDogLover's picture

Exactly. Enjoy the love of

Exactly. Enjoy the love of your pup's totally unconditional.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Now, the girls on the

Now, the girls on the beach...... THAT'S what I'm talking about !! Laughing out loud

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lol :)

lol Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

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Our little skunk, thank you

Our little skunk, thank you darling. Wink


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I'v found this interesting.

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

Lezbeth's picture

I'm with you on this one,

I'm with you on this one, LBDL. I'm reading/watching news selectively...mostly, I'm interested in the weather...loving the walks with my pup.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

And in other news... the BSG

And in other news... the BSG Edition

Last night marked the end of the highly successful 6 year run of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series on SciFi Channel. All afternoon, SciFi replayed Season 4.5, just to make sure everyone was up to speed. The two hour series finale was, to say the least, both exciting and sad.

I'm not posting any more details than that, in case some of you fans out there haven't seen it yet and are waiting to download it or watch it on the internet. Suffice to say, the spoilers from earlier this week were not even close, lol. Let's just say many fan questions get answered. Wink

This, however, will NOT be the end of the BSG concept, very good news to we fans out there in geek land.

Next month, the two hour pilot movie Caprica will be available on DVD and for download from iTunes. The series itself is expected to air around early 2010. The series is set 50 years prior to the Cylon attacks, on Capirca.

This Fall, The Plan, is expected to air, and thus far appears it will have most of the cast members we geeks have come to know and love. The story line is from just prior to the Cylon attacks on the 12 Colonies, and is presented from the perspective of two Cylon "skin jobs."

And, there are talks ongoing with Universal Studios to produce a cinema movie for BSG as well, though there is no word as to how that's going yet. According to information I'm getting, the movie will be based on the original series, not the SciFi version, but you never know.

BSG was the only show of its kind that presented so many women in positions of power, and which effectively blew apart stereotypical expectations regarding gender. Women were in charge in both worlds, Human and Cylon, and in a way that wasn't mysogynistic. That, and having attracted one of the largest female audiences ever for this sort of genre, was key to what made the show so successful.

Well, that, and Ron Moore was a fracking creative genious, lol.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

It would explain the sudden

It would explain the sudden drop in UFO sightings lately, lol! 8O

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

That's why I put "presumed to

That's why I put "presumed to be lesbians," since neither I nor the journalist reporting the story have any clue. It would not be unusual either way, since a majority see gender as an either/or issue, with no middle ground, and many become uncomfortable at the thought there might be variations.

And, yeah, it's frustrating. Unfortunately, violence against trans-persons remains the most universally accepted and permitted form of hate world wide.

yonks's picture

dear fasrgurrrl, we don't

dear fasrgurrrl, we don't want you to have an heart attack too young. take it easy, anger is not good for the health...
take a deep breath, close your eyes, picture yourself on the beach, under the sun.. surrounded by a bunch of beautiful lesbians....
big hug

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

itty's picture

Yeah Baby... Lovin' the

Yeah Baby...
Lovin' the view!!!

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**TOTALLY OFF TOPIC** (sort of Laughing out loud )

I am so sick of the fucked up, lousy, shitty news........... the surf report always makes this girl smile. Laughing out loud


Tex's picture

I'm up and dancing with ya,

I'm up and dancing with ya, Banana.......Hey, Macarena.....BUT, I AM trying to seduce you......ah rite!

Twitter Time @kdhales

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Okay, here's my retro dancing

Okay, here's my retro dancing banana and the song she's dancing to:

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I had a much more descriptive

I had a much more descriptive analogy, but I was afraid some might blow chunks if I posted it. Laughing out loud

Gotta be very careful how I use my medical training, hehehe.

Lezbeth's picture

What a visual! Is that what

What a visual!

Is that what they'd see looking at the world from space?

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Actually, TLW was a

Actually, TLW was a relatively knew thing. This sort of discrimination and violence within our population has been going on for a few decades now. It's particularly hard for gay transmen and lesbian transwomen. When I first started going to my favorite watering hole many years back, I would often find myself being targeted, until word got around that I really did know taekwondo. After a few rather one sided fights, the violence stopped.

Unfortunately, the rest of it didn't. I'm still largely shunned, except by those who've been around for a while and eventually took the time to get to know me. I still get called names, just not to my face anymore. It's one of the main reasons my friends got so skittish about some of the comments directed at me when I first popped up over at OC, and turned oppressively overprotective.

Yet, for some reason I'm still much happier just being myself, rather than being forced to live another's expectations.

Go figure, lol.

Fastgurrrl's picture

Oh -- my -- gawwwwd...

Fastgurrrl's picture

OMFG, CNBC host Mark Haines,

OMFG, CNBC host Mark Haines, FUCK OFF MO FO!


mysticsmb's picture

First the LWord fucks over

First the LWord fucks over the transgendered, now these lesbians. Geesh. Time to start policing our own...

Fastgurrrl's picture



"The I.R.S. has identified so-called foreign tax-credit generators as an area of abuse that it is increasingly monitoring."

Well, how nice to know that internal racket service is "increasingly monitoring" shenanigans that they know for a fucking fact have been happening for a looooooong time. But they will fucking swoop down on the little guy in a heartbeat for PEANUTS compared to the big corporate shit.

Yvonne's picture

agreed.. it's sad.

agreed.. it's sad.

Yvonne's picture

lol yup, taking it to the

lol yup, taking it to the full.

Fastgurrrl's picture

CMW, if the women were

CMW, if the women were lesbians, oh the shame and hypocrisy to give those transmen a hard time. It's f'd up no matter who would be that mean, geez! Gawd I get tired of so much pettiness in this life.


Fastgurrrl's picture




Fastgurrrl's picture

Yvonne, darling, so the king

Yvonne, darling, so the king is queen? Wink

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Yeah, kind of hard not to

Yeah, kind of hard not to tune out when the whole world seems to be one giant turd swirling the bowl.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I'm watching the BSG

I'm watching the BSG Marathon, leading up to the season finale. Yeah, I'm a fracking fan, lol! Laughing out loud

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

And in other news... The

And in other news...

The Real Last Acceptable Form of Bigotry

Two transmen were assaulted at a Washington DC gay-oriented club, after two women and one man taunted one of the transmen repeatedly over his gender identity. Police are unsure if this qualifies as a hate crime, since the attackers are presumed to be lesbians. DC lists attacks over gender identity and expression as a hate crime, but officers see gender identity as being gay or lesbian (which is something totally different). Staff at the club, as well as the straight-oriented club below them, observed the attack but made no effort to stop it or summon police.

I encourage the reading of the comments that follow the article, which sheds a light on some of the sources of this particular aspect of bigotry.

Vermont Moves Closer to Same Sex Marriage

Vermont edged closer today to same legalizing same-sex marriages, after the state senate committee voted unanimously for passage. The bill goes before the full state senate next Monday. Time for the womyn in Vermont to hit the phones!

Transgender Youth Face Extreme Harassment

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network released a study this week that reveals that transgender youth are far more likely to face far more extreme harassment than any other group. Apparently, they are also the more likely to speak out against LGBT bigotry, according to the report.

Have a safe journey, Kelly!

Yvonne's picture

Yup, hope similar others will

Yup, hope similar others will follow as much as I hope that one day the Yemen king will come out of the closet =)

Grace Moon's picture

and that is good news!

and that is good news!

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Tex's picture



Hey, Lez, I'm with ya on the moratorium - I need to recharge my energies - watching the news does no good - in fact, I'm not turning on the television - gonna listen to some music and dance! I will be turning on the tube tomorrow night however - gotta watch "My Big Redneck Wedding!" Smooch to you!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Tex's picture

Super weekend to you also,

Super weekend to you also, sweets - good karma to you and yours.....may the travel angels be with Kelly!

Finally back home in the Lone Star - here's to my own bed and some alone time!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Yvonne's picture

All the best to Kelly and

All the best to Kelly and thanks for the news. Great weekend to you too!

One more news to add:

Former president Moshe Katsav (Israel) was indicted yesterday for rape and indecent assault against a female aide and sexually harassing two other aides.

Lezbeth's picture

Thanks Grace...all the best

Thanks Grace...all the best to Kelly. If you text her, please pass along good wishes for an easy transition. And, thanks to her for living a spiritual example for all of us about impermanence. As I face housing upheaval, it's helpful to know there are others in this cyber-community who are finding ways to make it work. I'm hoping Kelly will write about her adventure (if that's what it can be called).

About the other news, the headlines are enough. I'm taking a moratorium from much of it (selective news exposure) because it has been grinding down whatever positive outlook I can muster.