POTUS Workin’ It

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POTUS Workin’ It

The Obama administration has been getting pummeled by the press over the AIG bonuses, so what's a popular president to do but to shake off the White House, hit the road, and do a little stumping for his policies.

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Lezbeth's picture

Did anyone else watch Bill

Did anyone else watch Bill Moyers' Journal Friday night? The entire hour-long episode as a podcast is here.
Mike Davis' interview starts about 1/4 of the way in. The first interview is with a woman who runs a battered women's shelter and is also good.

Moyers' second guest, Mike Davis, a true socialist and educator, used a great metaphor for the current financial crisis. He said it's like what baffled the first explorers when they saw the Grand Canyon. His essay is here:

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I also forgot about the

I also forgot about the bouclier fiscal lol
Thanks for the crisis to bring back solidarity between peoples of every country and to show the true face of their master.

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

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It surprises me when I tear

It surprises me when I tear up over the POTUS. Last time that happened was when Kennedy was assassinated.

I also tear up when Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer) shows his love for dogs by helping some pet owner(Drunk turn relationships with their pets around. That's because I love my pooches so much and am not the least bit embarrassed about that sentimentality.

lmz's picture

Sorry, i forgot! they do

Sorry, i forgot! they do something, they give money to the crooks every month (Sarko gave French banks 80 billions euros)

yonks's picture

"And our leaders don’t have a

"And our leaders don’t have a single idea about what to do. They talk and do nothing." Is it better or worst than give billion to the same crook who did the mess?

I also read that Russia's new rich fall off of forbes list like dead leaf on winter. there's a joke going on the russian internet.
A sun ask his dad: is it true that rich peoples gonna be hit by the crisis?
dad: yes they gone be hit but we'r the ones who gonna die.

sorry, its in french

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

lmz's picture

Hi Yonks i don't read

Hi Yonks
i don't read anything about that but it's true that some European countries are already in very very great trouble as Spain and Ireland where unemployment rate increases very quickly (Spain lost almost 200 000 jobs in January and 154 000 in February). But the economical situation is worse in Eastern countries especially in Hungaria which can't even take out a loan. it's a very risky situation for the whole European Union.
And our leaders don't have a single idea about what to do. They talk and do nothing.

lmz's picture

LB I've been surprised too.

I've been surprised too. No one in France made a comment about this very very bad joke.

yonks's picture

Hi LMZ. I have a question,

I have a question, i'v seen on some french head lines that the crisis will be worst in europe than in america. Have you heard anything about it?

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

yonks's picture

You can always use a

You can always use a provocative post to bird call LMZ

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

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Not silly at all, and how did

Not silly at all, and how did sentimental ever get such a bad rep, anyway?

Not2Taem's picture

I <3 mutts! :-D

I <3 mutts! Laughing out loud

rovermom's picture

Mom and I were watching all

Mom and I were watching all this and just talking about how much this country was in need of a people's president and he was willing to step up and be that president. For years we've had presidents who only would address and speak to politicians and media only. Very seldom opening up the doors to the actual people.

Barak Obama is keeping the lines of communication open to us, for us, and has tried to bring the oval office into the people's grasp of understanding and even allowing the position being human.

He's humbled the position...or attempting to.

I think people are still thinking he's god...and all he wants to do is be an inspirer.....so we can get back on track.

It's not really about him....he's just a messenger.

rovermom's picture

I sometimes wonder if Jesus

I sometimes wonder if Jesus actually looked about like Osama bin Ladin. Tall, lanky....soft spoken....

But I get what the white man's "god" is suppose to be like in Christianity. God is in man's own image.

why? be cause we are....I am.

lucia_2008's picture

Everyone has foot in mouth

Everyone has foot in mouth disease periodically. I am sure President Obama regrets saying what he said. Think before you speak isn't always accomplished. Especially when you are in an interview like this, you talk off the top of your head trying to be funny. I just hope our leaders can get this country back on track with the economy and start regulating where regulation never should have been taken away. Yes, I believe regulation is necessary.

Smile...life is good!!!

Not2Taem's picture

I think you're right about

I think you're right about the media spin, which is a shame. I bet those athletes will be thrilled with the opportunity to give the president a lesson or 2. Laughing out loud

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Yeah, I can see that view.

Yeah, I can see that view. I'm sure Obama's comment wasn't meant in any sort of hurtful or otherwise mean-spirited way. I just tend to think that such comments are inappropriate.

The cool thing is, Obama apparently invited some bowlers from the Special Olympics to the White House for some bowling. Here's my prediction of the outcome, should Obama follow through on the invite:

A) The media will say he's being exploitive.

B) Obama will have his butt thoroughly kicked, as the average score (from what I gather) amongst Special Olympics bowlers is 182!

Please, oh please, let there be cameras present during the match!

Not2Taem's picture

Funny, I actually spent

Funny, I actually spent Friday at a Special Olympics track and field event with my kids and didn't find it offensive at all. But then, the only time I broke 100 was the first time I bowled, so clearly it was a fluke. By the time many of my students get to 5th grade they outscore me easily, but still applaud my efforts. Laughing out loud

The Athlete's Creed:

Let me win,
but if I cannot win,
let me be brave in the attempt.

Basically, he was saying that he is not embarrassed by his challenges, even under public scrutiny. I think my students would be thrilled to know that our president is not without his own challenges.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

I have to disagree about the

I have to disagree about the media reaction. I suspect if Bush had made the comment, the most of the media would never have reported it prior to 2007. In fact, Bush made some particularly disgusting, and even frightening, comments, that got little if any mainstream media coverage. Cheney was even worse.

And, yeah, I thought the comment Obama made was in poor taste. I've worked with many disabled individuals (physical and mental) in the past. Quite frankly, those in positions of power or who have great wealth could learn a thing or two (as could everyone else in my opinion) from their courage, their triumphs, how they deal with setbacks, etc.

I think the media coverage, which was totally overblown (in my opinion, based on both the above experiences and my experience having worked briefly in the media), and for very different reasons than the one they pretended. The story was a huge distraction effort, one that worked quite successfully. If anything, I found the media coverage of the comment far more harmful to a much wider population (including the disabled) than Obama's actual comment.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

The running joke on the rez

The running joke on the rez when I was growing up was that Europeans weren't white most of the year, they were usually pink to chicken eggshell in color.

I think Gandhi made a similar comment early in his activism as well.

As for myself, I'm quite happy being a mutt, of sorts. After all, I come from two races that have survived the worst side of humanity, multiple times.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Yeah, I've never really

Yeah, I've never really understood the whole thing about a light skinned, blond haired, blue eyed Jesus myself. That is a particularly European look, especially involving two recessive traits.

I've always imagined Jesus would look more like most others from that part of the world we see today, olive skin, dark hair and eyes, more Middle Eastern features than European.

But then again, there weren't a whole lot of cameras around back then, so who knows.

Tex's picture

Yes it is, and yes we are!

Yes it is, and yes we are! Which makes it all the more 'dangerous' when some think that they are superior to others - 'pure' ignorance.

Twitter Time @kdhales

lmz's picture

Races are such a dangerous

Races are such a dangerous "concept". We are all mixed-breed.

lmz's picture

Hi PK good to see you hope

good to see you
hope you're fine

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Hi there Loveminuszero. Long

Hi there Loveminuszero. Long time no see. Smile

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

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Twitter Time @kdhales

lmz's picture

i get it. Thanks for the

i get it. Thanks for the explanation.
It sounds bizarre to me. Even racists here wouldn't say that Middle Easteners are not "white".

Tex's picture

Raj Bhopal and Liam

Raj Bhopal and Liam Donaldson, both M.D.s at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, criticize the broad classification of white used by contemporary demographic surveys such as the U.S. Census and British Census. They state that the term white "in practice, refers to people of European origin with pale complexions". They conclude that white people are a sufficiently heterogeneous group that white should be abandoned as a classification for purposes of epidemiology and health research.

US race and religious bigots do not refer to Middle Easteners as "white". I'm not saying that I agree or disagree with their concepts of "white". I'm just making a statement about their bigoted views as to any "race" other than theirs not being "white" - along the lines to the above quote.

Twitter Time @kdhales

lmz's picture

Hi Tex and Yonks if Jesus

Hi Tex and Yonks

if Jesus has ever existed he was certainly a jew of palestine, so, i'm afraid, he was white.

and Cleopatra was half greek (her father Ptolemy XII was greek) and maybe half egyptian. As a queen of Egypt she was called Cleopatra VII Philopator (i.e. who loves her homeland). It was a strange name for a greek queen. Many historians think that this name could mean that her mother was Egyptian.

Natasha's picture

Obama certainly did make an

Obama certainly did make an inappropriate comment. He's human, and has in fact, been getting sh*t for it.

On the other hand, our last President could barely form a complete sentence, yet was in office for 8 miserable years.

Tex's picture

Cleopatra article is

Cleopatra article is extremely interesting, Yonks - thanks for posting. One of my favorite statements to self righteous bigoted religious types is the fact that Jesus was probably NOT "white".

Twitter Time @kdhales

yonks's picture

Varun Gandhi's speech on

Varun Gandhi's speech on Religious tolerance
Cleopatra's mother 'was African'
it's a little hold but shows the scientist actual ethic

:oops: i thought i was on friday news wrap

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

LongBeachDogLover's picture

President Obama's, "Special

President Obama's, "Special Olympics" comment, was shameful. Now, had that been President Bush making such a distasteful statement, the media would have torn him a new asshole. The media is so biased it's really quite disgusting.......

I hope that this 'joke' opens some eyes, and brings attention to disabled individuals and the challenges that they face daily..... The Special Olympics is an awesome organization that helps to build a sense of self confidence, and allows those with 'different abilities' to participate in a vibrant, positive, encouraging, and exciting environment.

I have been a volunteer with the Special Olympics for years....and the pride that the participants, and their families experience, is nothing to 'joke' about.


Tex's picture

Thanks, Tae!

Thanks, Tae!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Tex's picture

While on youtube........CHiPs

While on youtube........CHiPs protecting the Prez -


and Wanda on Obama....and Bush -


on the Bailout -


Wait, should I have put this on the Friday News blog - too much time on my hands,


Twitter Time @kdhales

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Yeah, I thought he did pretty

Yeah, I thought he did pretty good, too. He's going to need his sense of humor in the years to come, trust me.

Robin Rigby's picture

On the other hand, didn't

On the other hand, didn't people make fun of Walt Disney back in the day for buying up all that swampland in Florida? Now, that swampland (Disney World and the surrounding cities) is some of the most valuable in the state. It all depends on how much vision you have and how hard you're willing to work for it. Could be a lesson to all of us and the country, really.

Not2Taem's picture

That's funny. I saw this

That's funny. I saw this interview in real time and didn't remember that comment. When I saw the comments here, I went to the show site and listened again. I'm not surprised I didn't make much of it the first time.

On the whole, I thought the interview was well done. The Pres actually does a pretty decent soft comedy routine.

Not2Taem's picture

Try this link for the full

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Unfortunately, that was what

Unfortunately, that was what most of the media focused on all morning, with even the BBC made a point of pouncing on that remark.

With everything going on in the world, that's what made all the headlines.


Lezbeth's picture

I don't know where all of

I don't know where all of this is headed. I, personally, have been slammed as many others have. At the end of the interview, I teared up a little bit. Maybe I'm silly and sentimental, but I'm proud and grateful that people voted him and all he represents into office.

Do I believe his leadership can turn this thing around? Who knows? Yet, he's willing to speak authoritatively with intelligence, ease, grace and humor. I trust he will give this the best he has. I also believe he will do it with sincere intention. Will everybody be happy about his policies and actions? No. Yet, I'm glad he's making the decisions.

Lezbeth's picture

Yonks, maybe I'm a skunk too

Yonks, maybe I'm a skunk too because I agree. After living in Canada for a couple of years, I got the subtle but powerful difference between the two countries--the entrepreneurial spirit. Cleverness is considered high value here. It's weird because those who are taken advantage of are often blamed..."let the buyer beware."

US capitalism and business success are rarely due to community spirit. "Morality" tends to be defined by sexual behavior rather than professional integrity. We are in an interesting time though and the things that are happening out in the open are outraging (and affecting) enough people's homes, jobs and lives, that maybe there will be some kind of populist rebellion that will demand a change--I hope.

yonks's picture

the second video have been

the second video have been removed Sad

"we have to get back to an attitude wen peoples know enough is enough and peoples have a sense of responsibility and they understand that their action are gone have consequences and impact on every body and if we can get back to this values who built america then i think were gone be okay"

We'r not out of trouble yet if we have to wait for this.

That remind me of a Dickens book Martin Chuzzlewit. Two English guy migrate to america and they buy a land in Louisiana who appear to be a swampland. So they want to return to the guy who sell it to said that he is a robber, a crook.
But the peoples full of admiration replied no, he is a cleaver business man, he manage to make profit on a swamp.

So, lets just said that those peoples are cleaver business man, who create a swamp and make profit on it in the straight line of the values who built america.

Okay guys, i'm sorry for this, i just could not resist, i can't fight it, i'm a skunk

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

mysticsmb's picture

I hope Meghan McCain is

I hope Meghan McCain is eating her words today, after tweeting about how maybe Obama shouldn't be going on Leno, but should be explaining the AIG bonus mess.

The interview was extremely substantive on the current state of affairs and I thought it was a good, relaxed venue to further communicate with the American people. And I thought Leno asked great questions--the kind most of us would have asked.

I hope the only take-away isn't the Special Olympics comment.