Bettens, Meade & McKeown on Indigo Girls

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Bettens, Meade & McKeown on Indigo Girls

Three more great artists in their own rights tip their hats to Amy and Emily in our week-long tribute to 22 years of Indigo Girls.

Sarah Bettens:
When I met Amy and Emily at the very beginning of my career, I remember wondering where the attitude was with 10,000 fans singing along to every single word every night. It was inspiring to see two successful women be so down-to-earth and so close to the music they were sharing with the world. Later I learned that Emily was really just a sarcastic bi... Just kidding. Even though we became friends after that tour, I’m really just another adoring lesbian fan.


Erin McKeown, Amy Ray, Emily Saliers

Erin McKeown:
I'll never forget one of my last nights in high school. It was late, and the senior awards night was just finishing. I had cleaned up, won whatever I was up for, yet I still felt like a fake. Like no one knew the real me. I remember sitting in my tiny blue pick-up truck blasting Nomads Indians Saints and crying buckets of tears. I was leaving something behind, headed where? The Indigo Girls have always been the soundtrack to that part of me in between what I know about myself and what I have yet to discover. Thank you, ladies. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


Trina Meade, Three5Human:

Amy and Emily are gifts themselves that embody key elements of what I believe are combination pieces to universal empowerment! They're caring, giving, gifted, open minded and strong loving people who've not only shared their journeys and spotlights with me and my band, but have also shared their hearts with me and my family! Good people they are! For that, I am grateful and love them both beyond measure! Thanks Amy and Emily for pouring your love out into the world!!! Love, Trina!