Indigo Activism

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Indigo Activism

Today we honor the work that Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have done off-stage, with contributions from two of their comrades in arms.

Winona LaDuke, activist - Honor the Earth:
I met Amy and Emily some 16 years ago or so, all young things we were at that time with fire in our bellies, passion in our hearts and full of love for this land and all the relations who are upon her. Together we founded Honor the Earth in 1993. From the beginning, Amy and Emily have been the most steadfast and truest of friends to our community, coming to the reservation communities across this country, faced with daunting coal strip mines, huge corporations and nuclear waste dumps. They have stood by our sides, contributing their love, their music and their influence to change the tide in many battles for the survival of Native people and for the survival of our most sacred lands. We are forever grateful.


Emily Saliers, Amy Ray, Winona LaDuke

Michael Bracy, activist - Future of Music Coalition:
I have had the honor of working with Amy and Emily and their team for over a decade, mostly on the fight to expand and protect community radio. We all know they are spectacular musicians, committed activists and two of the nicest, most grounded people you'd ever want to meet. I've had the unique privilege of watching them work in the trenches on Capitol Hill. Because they are so knowledgeable and feel so passionately about the issues they work on, they bring a level of credibility and intensity into meetings with some of the most powerful members of Congress that transcends political ideology.

I was fortunate to witness one of the most beautiful musical moments of my life in a packed House of Representatives committee room, where over a hundred Congressional representatives, staff people, Low Power radio activists and members of the media gathered for a press conference in support of expanding LPFM. At the event, Amy and Emily sang two songs which quickly turned a traditional news conference into the most cathartic, wonderful sing-along hootenanny ever seen on Capitol Hill. Incredibly powerful Congressional aides sang out the lyrics to "Closer to Fine" with tears in their eyes, as Amy and Emily played along grinning from ear to ear. It was a wonderful moment that reflects the unique power of their art and activism. I'm happy to report that, 10 years into this effort, we've succeeded in creating nearly 1,000 new LPFM radio stations and we're on the verge of passing legislation that will allow for hundreds more. It’s an honor to be their partner in crime and their friend and I can’t wait for further adventures.


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minniesota's picture

I really enjoyed reading this

I really enjoyed reading this and knowing there are some really good people in this world.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Kelly McCartney's picture

You're welcome. I like

You're welcome. I like letting other people tell the story sometimes. Drives the point home in a nice way. Amy & Emily are pretty awesome gals and everyone agrees on that.

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword

conlite's picture

Thanks for this series Kelly

Thanks for this series Kelly (and all contributors) it is great hearing more about why these two are so highly respected.