A Bitch and a Butchie Salute Indigo Girls

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A Bitch and a Butchie Salute Indigo Girls

In the last installment of our Indigo Girls tribute, two queer artists who have worked closely with Amy and Emily write about how their music impacted their lives and coming out.

Kaia Wilson, singer/songwriter:
Like many people, when I first heard the Indigo Girls in 1988 at age 14, my mind was totally blown. "Closer to Fine" was an instant anthem and that first self-titled album was a perfect soundtrack for my coming out, hormonally challenged youth. I learned how to play most of their songs by ear, and would sing "Blood and Fire" to the straight Christian girl I was in love with in high school. As each new record brought new amazing life into the world of music, I was following right along. To see them in concert at age 15 and 16, and to be around so many lezzies like that was life changing. The Indigo Girls are like a rock, so steady and consistent over time, and continuing to grow and change all the while, politically and musically. They have always and will always represent a perfect, beautiful union of heartfelt and worked-at activism with intensely solid and inspirational musicianship.


Kaia Wilson, Amy Ray

Bitch, singer/songwriter/performance artist:
When I was still in college, dating boys and running around trying to find myself, I found Amy and Emily's music and my world shook. After about three weeks of playing "Galileo" on my tape player over and over, my best friend and roommate finally asked me to change the tape. That was the moment i came out as a big, juicy queer. Since then, I'm proud to say that my relationship with them has deepened into co-conspirators in this crazy and beautiful world. I have been lucky enough to get to tour with them, and experience first-hand how their activism is something to which they are both so dedicated. Lovers of their community, which extends way beyond queer — into animals, the earth — even those freaky hets. And when I come back to their songs — which are still oozing out of them both. They still make my heart flutter and sink like I was a younger version of me, agonizing about what jeans to wear, crushed out on my acting teacher and wondering what the crime is in "looking up for truth."

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Steph H's picture

Doesn't matter when you find

Doesn't matter when you find it, as long as you do. xxx

Xanadu's picture

I've been obsessively

I've been obsessively YouTube-ing "Closer to Fine" all week - Thanks Kelly!

I'm sure your all slightly over it, but it's all new and fresh for me!

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I love Bitch. Wish they would

I love Bitch. Wish they would come to SoCal.