People Killing People

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People Killing People

I'm thinking of poor Karst T, who mowed down a bunch of Dutch people like tulips on his way to having a whack at Queen Beatrix's topless tour bus full of royal hangers-on. He didn't get to the queen, except metaphysically, emotionally, and of course securitywise, revealing exploitable loopholes. In the end, he's done her a favor.

People will rally round the antiquated institution, which don't misunderstand me I've got a weakness for myself, rather than think, "Shouldn't we abolish this seriously out-of-touch codswallop whose smug displays of overweening wealth only provoke the unbalanced unfortunate?"

Watch Karst T self-destruct his Suzuki Swift in Apeldoorn, April 30, 2009.

Why do I say poor Karst? Because the guy was described as a nice, quiet loner who paid his rent on time, recently lost his job as a security guard, and had no place to go when his lease was up the day after Queen's Day. He was a nonentity who decided to seriously crash the party. Et in Arcadia Ego.

There's a reaction shot of the prince and princess as their subjects are mangled by Karst's runaway black Suzuki Swift: expecting to be spectated, they're suddenly not the main attraction. Wow. What a heretofore unthinkable show he put on for them. Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine someone so malcontent in their storybook kingdom, begging the question how a guy in such distress stealthily dreamt up this spectacular finish for himself and a few unlucky countrymen.


Princess Maxima & Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands watch death by car.

I'm thinking too of William Parente, who offed his wife and 11-year-old daughter and then 19-year-old daughter in a Maryland hotel room, laid out the bodies on the bed and cut himself to death. The dreadful piece of this puzzle, apart from premeditation and its happening at all, was the duration. He took them out to breakfast, saw his eldest off, returned to the room, struck and suffocated his wife and youngest, then waited for the college sophomore's return from campus. Very Lizzie Borden, that time lapse.

Very Lizzie Borden, too, the motive: greed. Parente was prey to the great Ponzi scheme pandemic of 2008-09,

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Erin Blackwell's picture

my background is theater. to

my background is theater. to play a character you have to imaginatively project yourself into their situation. some situations are really horrible to imagine but that's the actor's job & the playwright's & the audience's. theater allows people to experience horrible things without real-life consequences. great art affords us insights into the human condition that ideally increases our compassion.

i just watched a bette davis movie, "deception". to watch her embody a murderess is uncanny. how does she do it? she enters into a place of such desperation, panic, irrationality, everything we rationally try to guard against in our everyday lives. and with no help from the script, which is preposterous!

i didn't understand your initial question, "why did i write from murderer's perspective"? because i was so deep into the subject i didn't realize that i was trying to understand this phenomenon the only way i know how: to try to see from their point of view. but i didn't go all the way, i didn't really get inside their heads, that was a bit too challenging.

unless we factor in the power dynamic, we miss the point of these actions. in each of the cited cases, the individual is dwarfed by an institution organizing social status: the crown, the church, money. institutions fail & individuals freak out.

cameo's picture

I can't find "Possession"

I can't find "Possession" anywhere. I've looked on Amazon, Ebay, Flixter and search engines. Do you have any suggestions of where I might find it?

Erin Blackwell's picture



K I T's picture

just wondering Erin, are you

just wondering Erin,
are you maybe seeing to much in to things?
sometimes things are more simple then one think it it
you keep hammering on what you now call institutions
i could add the government (any gouvernment) etc to it ? but that a side...
those so called institutions have failed are failing and will keep failing at one point or the other. why ?
because it not only effects humans it is made by humans and simple fact is that we humans are able to make anything or everything fail.

but again i think it is to easy and simple to just put the blame there
i have and will keep saying that one person only always is responsible at the end and that is the person him or her self
one of the reasons why i get upset or what ever you wish to call it about these kind of stuff is because it seems as if we have to understand dig deep etc. we have to have compassion and feelings for those who do all those terrible things.
we come up with all kinds of reasons motives excuses etc.
but in the end all that it does is give people a platform power control even after they them selfs die.
hard to explain ?
i mean look at justice / court etc. i cant speak for other country's so i will speak for my own
here the system has more sympathy and feelings and understanding and consideration with the once who have committed a crime then we do have with the victims. and you can see it back in the punishments sentences they get
i really believe we should stop defending or caring that much for those falling people
we should start defending and caring more for there victims

no matter how hard one tries to understand one can and will never really (but even if one could do you really think it will solve anything?)
its a waste of time energy and it will not do anyone any good. it is not going to stop others from doing something like that etc

lmz's picture

KIT "we have to have


"we have to have compassion for those ..."

do you mean you really want to share their "passion" ?

lmz's picture

sorry KIT i read you too

sorry KIT i read you too quickly
Anyway, i don't think that the point is about having feelings or finding excuses but when someone goes beyond all our rules this way, "something" is going wrong. As a member of the human race, I'm interested in that "something".

K I T's picture

no probs and i can understand

no probs and i can understand that people are interested in stuff like that.
although i doubt anyone can or will ever fully understand the human mind/brain

besides that one thing you say strikes me
the beyond all our rules
because our rules might not be there rules and our truth might not be theres etc.
so maybe the fact that something is going wrong (and the right/wrong part is a concept made up by us humans to)can easily be just a matter of nothing more then prehistorical /basic instincts and emotions/ feelings

beats me
all i know is that non of it should be used as an excuse etc.


K I T's picture

to imz mm we run out reply

to imz mm we run out reply buttons so i place it here? lol
ok first of all i believe any one( or perhaps i should say 99.99% of the humans is capable of murder.
we all have our bounders/lines and when we cross them for what ever reason then we to belong to that group and sure we can come up wit excuses and justifications then to.

in karts case:
the fact that he may or may not have choosen a target shows that it was premeditated on purpose not a matter of oops i acted without thinking etc.

besides that (long) be for this thing with karst happened. he already stated what he would or might do in a cafee/bar after having smoked a joint he told it ... people just did not believe him ?
(mm reason to not let people smoke weed ? or perhaps the other way around because at that point he did tell the truth)
and that was be for he no longer could pay the rent etc.
believe it or not but the royal fam always has been a easy target
personally i believe that it was not about the royal fam it was about the media and the attention he knew he would get. now he is somebody his name is known and for some that is worth a lot even if there name is attached to a horrible thing
(think of it a planed action small car so called trying to hit a big bus .. how much damage could that do?)

lmz's picture

i don't say i can understand

i don't say i can understand (i think i can't cause i'm not that guy, i can't feel what he feels). But in this particular case, the guy is not an outlaw, a criminal, a pedophile, a rapist, he is an ordinary guy like you and me. How an ordinary guy becomes a murderer ? Plus, he chose his target, "the royal family" a symbol. i'm just wondering ...

PS i didn't use the words "right" and "wrong" from a moral point of view but just to say something doesn't work correctly.

Erin Blackwell's picture

well put! tres juste! voilà!

well put! tres juste! voilà! c'est ça!

K I T's picture

not sure what you mean ? but

not sure what you mean ?
but i ment with that line that lots of people want or expect us to have compassion etc with those ...
but i for one do not

lmz's picture

to KIT in reply of your

to KIT

in reply of your comment of 2;53 PM

please KIT, i repeat

i'm not trying to find excuses to his act. i said that killing is not "ordinary" (i'd like to reassure you, i'm not interested in all crimes) As you said he probably did it on "purpose". Which purpose ? that's all i wonder...

i am not saying he is the good guy. OK ?

K I T's picture

i not said i think you

i not said i think you yourself are trying to find excuses i ment some people in general not you personal
if i made you feel like i thought you where then im sorry for thats not the case!

lmz's picture

having compassion means

having compassion means sharing passion
it doesn't mean having pity.

Erin Blackwell's picture

it's a helluva concept

it's a helluva concept

lmz's picture

thanks Erin i read too

thanks Erin
i read too quickly

lmz's picture

compassion, a beautiful

compassion, a beautiful concept, a bit difficult to experience.

Erin Blackwell's picture

elle veut dire que les

elle veut dire que les "bleeding heart liberals" insistent que tout le monde pleurent les criminels, pendant que les victimes sont ignorés.

mais merci de nous rappeller le sens de "compassion"


K I T's picture

does your comment mean this

does your comment mean this Erin?
it means that the "bleeding heart liberals" insist that the entire world mourn the criminals, while victims are ignored.

but thank you for reminding us the sense of "compassion"

: baguette:

Erin Blackwell's picture

kit, i have no secrets from

kit, i have no secrets from you.


Erin Blackwell's picture

1. guilty, i read too much

1. guilty, i read too much into things

2. the netherlands is one of the most tolerant societies in the world

3. artists, mystics, idiots like me NEVER STOP

4. barbarians have it much easier

5. individuals are responsible for their actions, we are all free agents.

cameo's picture

i don't believe that we are

i don't believe that we are truly free agents at all. we are engrained with intergenerational patterns of familial roles, behaviors, etc. none of us is immune from the emotional influence of our intergenerational family system. the only way to unshackle some of the chains of unconscious familial patterns of behavior is to dispassionately observe the intergenerational patterns, make an intelligent decision to become an independent self and change; then one must be vigilant for the rest of his/her life bcs that family stuff is always there ready to pounce. even the conscious intellect is not immune from the immense power of family systems.

in the case of your murderers, they have no self or insight at all. Only the emotional pull of the family system. thus they are simply allowing generations of indoctrination to crash down on their emotionally driven heads. Since they are essentially powerless with no sense of self whatsoever they must gain a pseudo self from outside. the murder is a desperate attempt to seize power from institutionalized oppression to gain a self which ironically is now more remote than ever. the institutions of which you speak prey on this person with no self like a tick. they are its bread and butter.

yet i am not denying that each individual is responsible for his/her own actions. most people unconsciously act out patterns of intergenerational behavior without murdering people. we all may have the ability to choose from the limited sampling offered us by our ancestors but that choice comes from a place of emotion not intellect.

just a thought...or two Wink

Erin Blackwell's picture

another great noir on this

another great noir on this subject: POSSESSION starring miss joan crawford.

we are free: it's the only dignified approach. yet we are born in chains: family & culture & biology.

cameo's picture

i love it, your perspective

i love it, your perspective from a positive always surpprise me. we are free if we recognize the chains in which we are entangled. brilliant. it doesn't sound so overwhelming or fatalistic yet conveys the same principle.

so now you have me intrigued. i have an obsession about watching deception and possession. which should i watch first?

K I T's picture

oops forgot to say the

oops forgot to say
the Netherlands may seem to be one of the
most tolerant societies in the world ...
but i can a sure you that is not really the case
a lot of it is just hidden and not so open or visible.
(and personal i believe that that is even more dangerous)

Erin Blackwell's picture

ok, then, Karst pulled the

ok, then, Karst pulled the lid off... that's the point... it's kinda like shooting the messenger to jump all over his dead body.

it seems to me there *might* be fewer victims in future if some well-placed structural changes were enacted. wtf those should be, i realize, is a brain-twister. but maudlinism advances zero (either for the "victims" or the "perp")

Erin Blackwell's picture

kit don't look now i think we

kit don't look now i think we agree!


K I T's picture

i don't think he pulled the

i don't think he pulled the lid off
the lid is pretty transparent
to those who use there eyes and ears that what lays underneath is no real secret

Structural changes ? how often do we see them?
and even when there are structural changes
it still does not mean it is for the better
i doubt there will ever be fewer victims

K I T's picture

i don't think i ever called

i don't think i ever called you a idiot

nor am i asking you to stop (as you might have red from the comment i made to LBDL .. eyes up)

Not2Taem's picture

He-he! I first read that Geek

He-he! I first read that Geek tragedies. I was so disappointed when I figured out I was wrong.

Erin Blackwell's picture

misreading is so creative

misreading is so creative

minniesota's picture

All I know is that I never

All I know is that I never want to become so immune to such tragedies that I forget that real people suffered and died, and that real people are left to grieve those they loved.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Some people are born evil,

Some people are born evil, with no conscience...
There are no excuses for these types of violent acts.

yonks's picture

I think i'm gonna have

I think i'm gonna have nightmare.

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

Zara Thustra's picture

very cool -- what made you

very cool -- what made you think of et en arcadia ego? specifically? that punning phrase always gets me!

Erin Blackwell's picture

"et in arcadia ego" has

"et in arcadia ego" has puzzled me but as i wrote about this, it came to mind and i suddenly understood the phrase, so i threw it in, although most people won't recognize it. i appreciate the perspective it provides on the shock. death is always such a surprise!

Zara Thustra's picture

well, for me it's the double

well, for me it's the double meaning (a la As You Like It) of 'I too am in Arcadia' and 'death also exists in Arcadia' (loose trans). That juxtaposition of pleasure and death (outside of overdetermined psychoanalytic discourse) is brilliant.

Erin Blackwell's picture

i'm reminded of solyony in

i'm reminded of solyony in chekhov's 3 sisters: he's there, he's a nuisance, but the baron doesn't take him seriously: a fatal mistake

Erin Blackwell's picture

it's impossible for me to

it's impossible for me to grasp abstractly but expresses the clash of world views in this event

please unpack AYLI reference

cameo's picture

Wiki has two disparate

Wiki has two disparate meanings:
1) "'Even in Arcadia I exist', as if spoken by personified Death." In other words death exists everywhere, even in Arcadia.
2) Poussin's biographer, André Félibien, interpreted it to mean that "the person buried in this tomb has lived in Arcadia"; in other words, that the person too once enjoyed the pleasures of life on earth.

How do you understand the phrase as it applies to this situation? It sounds like you are referring to the second interpretation but I may be wrong.

Not2Taem's picture

I would assume both. The man

I would assume both. The man in the car has lived among (in a loose sense) the royals of Arcadia, yet he has not had access to the same ease and privilege. As the conditions of his life become more strained, we see him become the personification of death.

Erin Blackwell's picture

:oops: bingo :oops:

:oops: bingo :oops: