Baring Breasts and Hypocrisy

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Baring Breasts and Hypocrisy

America’s most beautiful homophobe and National Organization for Marriage spokesperson Carrie Prejean has a slutty skeleton in her closet! Semi-nude pics were discovered this week of Miss USA, who uses Christianity to defend her anti-gay beliefs. (Sound familiar?)



More insight into why Carrie is a homo-hater was discovered by TMZ. They found her parents' divorce records which reveal that Carrie's mom accused her ex- husband of being gay. Slinging gay insults, especially as grounds for divorce, is one sure-fire way to make your kid think that homosexuality is wrong. The photos themselves aren’t actually that scandalous; it’s the fact that she hid them from pageant officials. Donald Trump, who produces Miss USA, will soon be holding a press conference to announce Carrie's fate. Lesson to Carrie: Don’t fuck with the gays, we will rip that crown off your head faster than you can say “opposite marriage.” In more uplifiting parenting news, Marie Osmond just came out in support of her lesbian daughter, Jessica, AND gay marriage in general.


This is a shocker, considering Marie is a well-known member of the Mormon Church, the same church who threw a ton of money at California's Prop 8 campaign. Marie said, “You know, on those types of things I'm very supportive. When it comes to marriage, I think that civil rights need to be for all." Here’s one way to get the media to stop talking about your abusive relationship, wear a crazy-ass tux like Rihanna did to the MET Costume Institute Gala. She looks all '80s Lesbionic Woman. Hott! Maybe after that punk Chris Brown, she’s swearing off men forever?

Rihanna attends "The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion" Costume I

The only one upstaging Rihanna was Kiefer Sutherland. Some fashion designer named Jack McCollough allegedly bumped into Brooke Shields so Kiefer (who’s on probation for DUI) turned into a caveman and actually head-butted the dude, injuring his nose. Really, a head-butt? Queer Eye’s Carson Kressley helps the gays talk to boring straight people in my fave video of the week!

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Carson's straight talk


Alcohol will make any conversation possible.  Boring conversation is not the sole domain of straights however . . .class, education, interests can collide in any gender combination.


Rusty's picture

"There's no stopping, no

"There's no stopping, no stopping, no stopping your heart."

I always thought that was Marie Osmond's pro gay song and I feel completely vindicated for watching her show in the 70's. Well, mostly vindicated.

I'm not sure if VP covered this, but Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) is taking heat from the wingnuts for her marriage equality stance. is particularly upset because Cyrus has a large following and is perceived to be very religious. Here are a couple of the offending twits:

"Jesus loves you and your partner and wants you to know how much he cares! That's like a daddy not loving his lil boy cuz he's gay and that is wrong and very sad!"

"God’s greatest commandment is to love. And judging is not loving."

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

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I haven't written about it,

I haven't written about it, but it did make me have a whole new respect for Miley.

Xanadu's picture

I'm pretty sure I saw a clip

I'm pretty sure I saw a clip of Donny Osmand, saying he was against gay marriage ...

mysticsmb's picture

So did I....

So did I....

Xanadu's picture



Xanadu's picture

Um - I saw a picture of

Um - I saw a picture of Marie's lesbian daughter on the web ... unless she's had an extreme makeover since it was taken? - neither of those ladies can be Jessica.

The 'Jessica' I saw was comfortably butch ...

mysticsmb's picture

Yes, we must have seen the

Yes, we must have seen the same pic.

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

Really? Where? This is the

Really? Where? This is the only one I've seen. Maybe the one you saw was of Donny Osmond. He has a certain butch lez look about him Smile

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LongBeachDogLover's picture

Damn, if the girl pictured

Damn, if the girl pictured here is the same girl in the link, she sure does clean up nice.... Wink

LongBeachDogLover's picture

"He has a certain butch lez

"He has a certain butch lez look about him"

I admire that quality in a man....... Laughing out loud

LongBeachDogLover's picture

The hole whole vaginal

The hole whole vaginal virginal beauty contestant thingy is such a charade... Miss California had her breast augmentation paid for by, the "Miss California" organization. They paid for the plumping of her beauty contestant boobage.

Sooooo, it's okay for a 'pageant' organization to pay for the plumping of the boobage, but it's not okay to show the product that was purchased... shit, you can't see anything in the picture anyway. What's the big deal.

**Are the pictures pre, or post plumping? From what I can see....I'd want my money back.**

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Yep. :-)

Yep. Smile

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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Marie Osmond is a Pro-Gay

Marie Osmond is a Pro-Gay Marriage Mormon Mom
BY: Actress Archives | Thursday, May 7, 2009

She may be a Mormon, but that doesn't mean that Marie Osmond isn't all about her gay daughter having the right to marry. Be careful, Marie...somewhere, Carrie Prejean is likely rolling up her sleeves and getting ready to express her opinion for you...right after she takes a dirty picture.

During an interview with Los Angeles radio station KOST 103.5, Osmond laid out her opinions on gay marriage. When the radio host suggested that perhaps gay marriage might be a "sensitive topic," Osmond laughed and said, "That's not a sensitive topic, I love my daughter."

Osmond continued, "You know, on those types of things I'm very supportive. When it comes to marriage, I think that civil rights need to be for all. When you start mixing religion into that and beliefs, you know, I do believe in the Bible. My daughter understands my beliefs. And, you know, God said to be married and be productive with your children and, you know, replenish the earth or whatever. She understands those things. My daughter is sharp. And we have a great relationship and I think she would tell you that."

Whoa. Using the Bible to justify your stance on gay marriage, is totally the move of the anti-gay marriage folks...Osmond is really moving in on their territory.

Following the passing of Prop 8, both Marie and Donny Osmond posed for ads condemning the Mormon Church's stance against gay-marriage. We have to say, we do commend these two for thinking outside the box and showing that tolerance and religion can mix. If nothing else, they're paving the way for an interesting dialogue and, like we said, we're sure Carrie Prejean would be all too willing to take part in it. We happen to think a Miss California/Marie Osmond debate would make for some pretty killer television.


peacekitty's picture

I have a whole new respect

I have a whole new respect for Marie Osmond. I was wondering about them after Prop 8 and the Mormon Church. It's great to see her voice her support for the gay community, and obviously she's smart and has a good heart.

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

itty's picture

I really hope they invite

I really hope they invite "Joe the Plumber" to that debate.
Maybe Marie can enlighten him.
Talk about a homophobe!!!!!

Xanadu's picture

What a 'bright' guy! ... As

What a 'bright' guy! ... As they say in our beer commercials over here "Yeah Right"! Laughing out loud

I love how he say's he has gay friends ... SURE ... Gay friends he won't allow near his kids. What a jerk.

Surely someone can dig some deviant dirt up on him, so we never have to listen to him thinking out loud again? :neutral:

Fastgurrrl's picture

Oh, Marie, RIGHT ON! (and,

Oh, Marie, RIGHT ON! (and, she's hot)

LongBeachDogLover's picture

What an awesome Mother Marie

What an awesome Mother Marie Osmond is...... Smile
I was raised Mormon, my Mother and Father were very accepting.

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* Prejean is just too dumb to

* Prejean is just too dumb to bother discussing.

* Osmands tend to improve with age.

* Lose the puffed sleeves and you're rockin'!

* That film is just TFF! Laughing out loud

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I had to post that shit to my

I had to post that shit to my Facebook because because it was too motherfucking funny.

Oh, wait, it's the Nipplegate blog I'm supposed to be vulgar on.

Robin Rigby's picture

I guess it's true that my dry

I guess it's true that my dry sense of humor doesn't translate well to print. Ah well, that post made me laugh for a solid 5 minutes. Laughing out loud

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Canada Dry?

Canada Dry?