Eve Ensler Says Your Electronics Are Pro-Rape

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Eve Ensler Says Your Electronics Are Pro-Rape

Thousands of women are raped every month in the Republic of Congo. Rape is a method of political control and coercion in the region, and the country’s Coltan manufacturing trade is the primary catalyst of this conflict.

You can find this mineral in any compact capacitor that is used to create laptops, phones and almost any other electronic device you use every day. Coltan is a sought-after resource in Africa and everybody wants a piece of the profit. Unfortunately, this has led to the rape of 1,100 women and girls per month. This issue was brought to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently, where super-feminist Eve Ensler spoke about the issue.

Playwright Sexual Atrocities

Since boycotting the mining and production of Coltan is nearly impossible (It’s one thing to boycott Microsoft; it’s another thing to boycott hearing aids.), Ensler asked that we take a more direct approach to the problem. Fostering awareness throughout the western world, speaking up to our governments and then demand that products be manufactured as rape-free. As these rape-free products become more heavily marketed, this would theoretically coerce corporations to take their ethical responsibilities more seriously.

Until this issue is brought to the mainstream, very little will be done to change the politics and culture of the Congo that perpetuates rape in the name of political and social control. What can be done to promote ethical mining and ethical politics in Africa?

Eve has been behind this cause for several years, and continues to fight for women in Africa and beyond.

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mysticsmb's picture

Eve inspired me as a student

Eve inspired me as a student and continues to inspire. Thank you Eve for living the mantra 'we are all connected.'

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Sarah, thank you for blogging

Sarah, thank you for blogging about this very serious issue and bringing it to our attention.

I'm printing out the in-depth article Eve Ensler wrote for Glamour. I'm having trouble reading it online because I keep seeing headlines for articles in that magazine such as, "10 Things He's Thinking about When You're Naked" or "You're Cute. Why are You Single," which I find disconcerting.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Xanadu's picture

Thanks for pointing that out

Thanks for pointing that out Minnie. This is the reason I stopped buying 'women's' magazines ... the sheer hypocrisy of them!

They have an article about a serious topic (then probably pat themselves on the back, for being modern day feminists) ... but turn the page (or read the online headlines around the article) and they most often write something totally contradictory.

I actually can't believe women still read stuff ... it's so 'Cosmo' circa 1990 Shock

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*that* stuff

*that* stuff

K I T's picture

they can get it out of

they can get it out of Australië to i think infact that is the biggest producer of coltan

if you stop forbid the import from coltan
niobium and tantalium out of the african area / congo then you would also effect the armed conflict there because it is partial financed by both partys in it with money that comes from illegal trading of coltan and blood diamonds.

so who and how you can stop anything there?

the (western) world benefits from it and the weapon busyness benefits from it so it will not stop things like this will only be stimulated and encouraged in order to keep the profit / money coming (and with it power and control)

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Don't you think that the

Don't you think that the mindset, that allows a human being to do such horrendous acts to another human being, really has little to do with war, money, or greed? I can't help but believe the demented mind, and the individual attached to it, will find an excuse for their brutal and deplorable acts of cruelty regardless of the motive. In so many countries it has become generational, the younger generations only knowing a brutal lifestyle.

If it wasn't coltan, it would be something else. As a global community, we need to set standards of humanity, since so many countries seem willing to turn a blind eye to suffering..... and enforce it! Of course, women need to set the standards.

As a country, we certainly can't stand on any moral high ground..... after all, we find torture a perfectly acceptable form of behavior when there is a 'threat' to our security. That's one of our forms of sanctioned brutality.

I can't believe what I read on the link. Sarah, that really touched me......

mysticsmb's picture

Well said, LB. If it's not

Well said, LB. If it's not one resource it would unfortunately be another. And as a country we have indeed lost the moral high ground--I just watched Bill Moyers tonight and he aired much of the award-winning documentary TORTURING DEMOCRACY that recreated (because the actual tapes were of course destroyed) what we have done to prisoners (I refuse to use the euphemism 'detainees' because that immediately connotes they are not subject to the Geneva Conventions) during the so-called 'War on Terror.'

It made me nauseous to think that we could so easily cross over to the dark side. And we have a free press, a stable government, most of the world's wealth at our disposal. So any thought that the savagery in the Congo is somehow incomprehensible to Americans, that we are above it, is unfortunately self-deluding.

p.s. Women aren't the only ones suffering--according to the wiki link the mining is stripping away the habitat of species of gorillas. What a surprise, not! Sad

K I T's picture

countries etc. will turn away

countries etc. will turn away pretend to be blind etc only if and when there is so called nothing to gain and everything to lose (for them)

look at Tibet ? no one is blind they see they know but
there either are (to) afraid and or there is nothing to gain and a lot to lose when they really would do something about it

different subjects i know but still

K I T's picture

i think a lot of people

i think a lot of people forget that although we think rape sucks ( sorry for the word but i know no better one to discribe it)

to a lot of people it is not considered to be a crime
they find it normal ( hack you know the storys of having sex with young kids (if possible virgins) that would protect people from getting aids or it would cure aids?

so besides all the things i already said it is also a matter of education and slowly trying to change thoughts ideas behavior etc.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

The awful thing Kit, is the

The awful thing Kit, is the article that I read wasn't about 'rape' as most would think it to be. It was about brutal, vicious, torture of an entire class of being.... women. It is much more disturbing, and unsettling, to see that hospitals have to be built to house and treat these women, and young girls, and to put them back together. Literally.

This isn't about sex, or virgins, or ignorant 'traditions'....this is about the brutal emotional, and physical control of women by monsters.

I'm not so sure 'education' would stop a man from placing a gun inside of a woman, and pulling the trigger. When I read that, I just about threw up...

This is a disturbing subject, But, an important one.

Thank you for caring Kit.

K I T's picture

well i do care a lot more

well i do care a lot more then most might think or even know
and i have met and talked with and listened to a lot of people who have gone trough the most terrible things things that most of us cant even imagine even if we try etc.

and although it may sound as if im very negative about a lot of things i always have and will encourage and stimulate to not give up nor to lose all hope because those two things we all need without it we and the world are domed

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Kit, you don't sound negative

Kit, you don't sound negative at all. Caring about other people, and helping to enlighten others about the suffering of those without a voice, is important. If someone finds acknowledging it negative, then they're part of the problem.

K I T's picture

thanks LBDL glad you

thanks LBDL glad you understand and im glad this post and stuff is on this site.

you know some people that i mentioned have the idea or feeling that a lot of people not really want to hear or see etc. even avoid them
and i figure that it is not (always) because of who they are but because there scared of the stories and scared of what might come with it.
not just a matter of being afraid of the unknown but afraid of being helpless thinking or feeling that they one person can not make a difference.

i have reached and or tried to reach to those kind of people with soft gloves etc gentle
but along they way i found out as stupid as it might sound and unfortunately that sometimes you just have to use a different aproges and shock or the more so called intensive once strangely enough can work

and i don't think we should be there voice they have one of there own .. we should be the enlarger of there voices like the boxes on a radio or tv
because then we enlarge there power instead of taking it away and we give them strength instead of making them weak(er)

thanks for the conversation lbdg !

LongBeachDogLover's picture

You're right, there are

You're right, there are people that don't like to hear the truth because it hurts, and they feel powerless...

Being aware gives us the opportunity to stand up, and change things... or, at least, share our experiences and hopefully open other hearts and minds.

Thank you for being you.....
the world is a better place because you care.

K I T's picture

oops need editor ? lol i

oops need editor ?
lol i meant insensitive (as in how it looks or appears) instead of intensive although you might say that insensitive is intensive?

K I T's picture

forgot to say to

forgot to say to politicians the weapon industry and the company's etc. that benefit from it the rape part is as they would say a minor (unfortunate) side effect
in war terms one would say casualties of war and there no probs to them (although they might say they do care they prove that they don't )

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Blood diamonds, rape

Blood diamonds, rape electronics... why do we do these things to each other?

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword

LongBeachDogLover's picture

What an incredible woman Eve

What an incredible woman Eve Ensler is...... I read the story of the Congo. OMG. How can that not command the attention of the world? Why are we not hearing about this on the network news, where are the journalists... where is the global condemnation.

*wiping my tears*

Tiff's picture

Hmmm....Somewhere I think I

Hmmm....Somewhere I think I still have a handout a fellow classmate gave during the presentation of her senior thesis on the subject (the seminar was International Criminal Law). Wonder if I can find it....