Mixtape Madness: Pride 2009

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Mixtape Madness: Pride 2009

It is officially Pride month and I don’t know what to expect. This will be my first Pride. Now I have heard the stories of women as far as the eye can see and the variety being as varied as ice cream. So as I embark on my official Pride in Chicago this year with friends I will prepare my naive and contrived images of what pride is with a mix tape. It will keep us eager for the up coming events.

This mix tape represents the varied attitudes and personalities of my friends.


1. Cory Lee - "The Naughty Song" Remix

2. Aerosmith - "Just Push Play"
3. Jazmine Sullivan - "Bust Your Windows" Listen & Watch the Video here
4. Don Omar- "Si La Vez" (Ft. Rakim y Keny)
5. T.I. Feat. Wyclef Jean – "My Swag"
6. The Script - "Rusty Halo"
7. Kid Cudi – "Day n Nite"
8. Hard-FI – "Cash Machine"

9. Sarah Hudson - "Girl On The Verge"
10. Matchstik - "Surnia's Song"
11. Uh Huh Her - "Dance With Me"
12. The Notorious B.I.G. – "Hypnotize"
13. Asher Roth - "I Love College" Listen and Watch video here
14. Fort Minor - "Remember the Name" (Featuring Styles of Beyond)

15. Kanye West – "RoboCop" Listen here
16. LL Cool J – "Headsprung"
17. Nelly - "Grillz" (Featuring Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp)
18. Pink - "Stupid Girls"
19. Kimya Dawson - "My Rollercoaster"
20. The Beatles - "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
21. Flo Rida- Right Round Listen here

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Tex's picture

Geezy, that's a wide range of

Geezy, that's a wide range of listening - loved throwing the Beatles in the mix. I was cleaning out the place this week and found a stack of my sister's 45s.....guess I smuggled them out with my things a loooooonnnnnng time ago! Anyway, I found vinyls of "Let There be Drums" by Sandy Nelson, "Laugh, Laugh" by The Beau Brummels, "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James and The Shondells, "Help Me, Rhonda" by The Beach Boys, "Summer in the City" by the Lovin' Spoonful, etc....and my fav of the bunch "Wild Thing" by The Troggs! My sister used to throw some wild parties - well, I thought it was wild at the time and from my vantage point - hiding under the refreshment table. Lordy, I was a pest of a little sister!

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Laniaya Alesia's picture

You are awesome. I think that

You are awesome. I think that your are my new music hero.

Tex's picture

....and 'I like what you say

....and 'I like what you say by the way you rock your shoes!'

Naughty, naughty,


TLW - S3E5

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minniesota's picture

Gracias for the music and

Gracias for the music and enjoy Chicago Pride, Laniaya!

Still searching for the right brainy quote.