1 August: This Week Belongs To...

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1 August: This Week Belongs To...

Yesterday USA’s women gymnasts won gold—the first time in 16 years. Michael Phelps won a record breaking 19th Olympic medal. Abby Wambach got a black eye from a Columbian soccer player this past Saturday, and Misty May and Kerri Walsh, in their teeny-weeny bikinis, remain undefeated in beach volleyball.

("Owww, my entire eye!")

“But, really,” you ask, “who does this week belong to?”

Well, let me tell you something:

This week belongs to feminists—and, yes, I’m taking a direct shot at Marina Abramovic for saying she’s not one (a shot that I’ll elaborate upon later in the week)—even feminists who are not quite the "ideal." Alternet’s Julianne Escobedo Shepherd penned an insightful piece about Nicki Minaj’s almost-perfect, “retroactive” feminism, which you can read here. In the meantime, I’m also giving a piece of “This Week” gold to Minaj, for her new booty-shakin’ music video for “Pound the Alarm,” and, belatedly, “Starships”—yes, I love that song. Think less of me all you want.

This week also goes to Deborah Harkness, whose Shadow of Night sequel and second volume of the All Souls Trilogy was published two weeks ago and has remained atop the bestseller’s list. 50 Shades be damned. Harkness is a scholar who can write a pretty great fantasy—and romance. The fact that she includes my main man, Christopher Marlowe—Elizabethan poet, dramatist, double spy and notorious sodomist—into her plot only makes me more eager to get my paws on a copy. That is, this is a MUST summer read. More creative, brilliant women need book contracts—hear that, publishers? Stop giving contracts to douchy white men who plagiarize everything.

This week also goes to Charlie Rogers, the Nebraskan lesbian who was brutally assaulted by a bunch of bigots—who beat her and carved homophobic slurs into her skin—who revealed her identity to the world in an act of strength and in solidarity with her community, who has been rallying around this hate crime. “I’m not hiding from this anymore,” she told a local TV station in Omaha. No, she’s not. And I salute her for her courage and resilience.

Can we talk about The Real L Word for a minute? Please? Thank you. In this past week’s episode, the adorable couple Kacy and Cori lost their baby at 5 months in perhaps the “realest” as in “rawest” moment in L-history. Plenty of women, and plenty of lesbian women, have heartbreakingly miscarried and their story is an important narrative to be told. I appreciate the extent to which they made themselves vulnerable by letting the cameras follow them throughout this painful loss. Side note: the couple wrote an editorial for The Huffington Post about the episode, which you can read here.

(Talking about the miscarriage to the cameras.)

Speaking about reality TV and the dog days of summer, can we just all acknowledge that Bravo has the bestest as in most GAY reality programming ever? RHONY makes me so RAMOTIONAL—will Aviva’s hornball dad George (who unapologetically offered Carole the best “squirting orgasm” of her life) become a regular character? Will the Countess make another music video, or a baby? Besides the new season of RHONY, Bravo’s summer line up includes “Gallery Girls,” which, like the rest of Bravo’s reality programming, centers around an uber-elitist NYC bitchfest—this time, in the art world.

Ah, summer programming at its finest. Forget going outside. I can.not.wait for this show to premiere Monday 13 August.

Yesterday I mentioned that comic Tig Notaro has been dealt with a cancer scare; it’s with sadness and dismay that I announce that out filmmaker and queer cinema dynamo JD Disalvatore has been diagnosed with breast cancer. JD has no insurance and is seeking help from friends and supporters—donate to her cancer fund HERE.

Happy August, LEOS!

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Jeez that charlie rogers

Jeez that charlie rogers video is heart breaking and angering!

That is a brave woman.

Nice week update! 

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