12 Dec: The Monday Mix: Catch Up On Yer Culture

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12 Dec: The Monday Mix: Catch Up On Yer Culture

This past Friday Lady Gaga appeared on Ellen’s show; it was a mutual lovefest, with a discussion of the meaning behind “Married the Night,” along with some hilare moments sprinkled throughout:


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Queers in San Fran are PISSED—and so they decided to “Occupy the HRC” in the Castro last week to protest the HRC’s priorities, believing instead that the non-profit should refocus its priorities to assist homeless LGBT youth and peoples with HIV; to address the high unemployment among the trans* community; and to assist LGBT seniors attain affordable healthcare:



Jessica Valenti, founding editor of Feministing, has a fantastic new documentary out  based on her book, The Purity Myth, (& produced and distributed by the Media Education Foundation):


The Purity Myth Trailer from Media Education Foundation on Vimeo.


I Can’t Think Straight is a new romantic drama­—available via VOD And OML+—about an affair between two women who, up until their meeting, were pretty much…well…straight:


I Can't Think Straight - Trailer from OML+ on Vimeo.


I’m in love with Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” and with her latest album in general (really, how amazeballs is Body Talk?!), so I was ecstatic to watch her perform ("Dancing on My Own" and "Call Your Girlfriend") on SNL this past weekend:



As 2011 draws to a close, various media sites and organizations are releasing their “top of the year” lists (which Vp will do shortly, as well!). In this clip, the interweb connoisseurs at Know Your Meme name the top memes of 2011:


Comments [6]

Conlite's picture

That abstinence-only

That abstinence-only documentary creeps me out, because I know these people.

Marcie Bianco's picture

wait wait wait! you know

wait wait wait! you know these ACTUAL people, or people like them? either way, totally creepy...esp those father-daughter abstinence parties...UGH

Conlite's picture

People like them.  They don't

People like them.  They don't do purity balls (not that upper-class-snobby), but they have definite notions of male/female roles and female virginity.  It's just creepy to see people make a whole industry out of this.

I actually think it's fine if people want to make a vow of chastity (monks, nuns and whatnot) but it should be an adult informed personal decision, not something brainwashed into you.  And I am totally horrified by the whole anti-sex-ed aspect, I know too many girls who got knocked up because of this deficiency in their education.

Marcie Bianco's picture

i agree with the whole

i agree with the whole chastity vows ...that bit in the clip, with the teen girl staring into her father's eyes and pledging herself to him was ZOMG GROSS! i really had no idea purity balls exist!

Conlite's picture

Totally agree - too much

Totally agree - too much control-freak father ego.  And I didn't know about these balls either!

Marcie Bianco's picture

he he....you said BALLS. (see

he he....you said BALLS.

(see this purity thing could NEVER work for me... Smile Chastity, sure.)