16 May: This Week Belongs To....

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16 May: This Week Belongs To....

Sure, the mainstream media might "give" this week to that 28 year-old Facebook-founding kajillionaire, Gossip Girl's Chair (Chuck & Blair...poor Lonely Boy had no chance), and a Gaylo-donning Obama.

But, over here, we're giving this week to a handful of fantastic queer women who rocked Humpday-to-Humpday.

So, who does this week belong to?

> our daytime queen, Ellen Degeneres, who was named the recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for Humor yesterday. She will receive the award October 22nd at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.

(BONUS: Ellen also sold her estate for $49mil—that's FORTY-NINE MILLION DOLLARS—to Ryan Seacrest yesterday. That's a lot of Pink Purchasing Power!)

> WNBA star and USA Olympian Seimone Augustus for coming out this week, thanks to the encouragement of her fiance LaTaya Varner. (The two plan to marry this summer, fyi!) This past year, Augustus led the Lynx to its first WNBA championship and she was named the WNBA Finals MVP.

> scorned prom couple, Hope Decker and Tiffany Wright, who were forbidden from attending their prom in Lexington, KY, so instead they gathered all their friends and held their own prom outside their school during its prom night.... It's much more fun to get makey-outey outside, anyway. Gymnasiums smell like ass. 

> Sarah Schulman, who offered a pointed, poignant, and just flat-out smart, critique of same-sex marriage in response to Obama's recent publicized support:

"instead of changing society, society changed us—and—on the surface—we now have lost a great deal of our specificity and are so recognizable to straight people that even the most powerful heterosexual in the world, Barack Obama is confidently unthreatened enough to endorse equal marriage rights."

She also is appearing variously throughout NYC this week in promotion of her most recent book, The Gentrification of the Mind. I attended one of these readings this past Monday and was thoroughly impressed by how much gratitude she showed her audience and how careful and considerate she was in engaging with them in discussion. She even went around the room and personally introduced herself to everyone in attendance—which I found refreshing, and sweet. Message: you don't have to act like a pretentious asshole to be regarded as a significant part of the queer community. You become a significant force within your community when you put that community first through compassion and through holding yourself accountable to that community. 

> Tig Notaro, who ruled the This American Life Live Show (with her notorious Taylor Dane story), and who, after a few weeks hiatus (of simultaneously turning 41, dealing with a life-threatening illness and her mother's unexpected death), returned to her hit podcast, Professor Blastoff (in which she reveals her recent trials and tribulations). 

Who would you give this week to?