23 May: This Week Belongs To....

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23 May: This Week Belongs To....

Happy Humpday, Vp'ers! Are you still recovering from last night's Gossip show? >THIS GUY< is. So, without any further ado, this week belongs to.....

Gossip - Move In The Right Direction by AceVideos

> The Gossip. (DUH.) Their new album, Joyful Noise, was released yesterday, the same day of the aforementioned show (and performance on Letterman) in NYC, during which they did a rendition of Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl." 'Nuff said? Perhaps, but let me just plug their new album, which is totally bitchin' ("I never date girls who say bitchin'): if you need a self-esteem pick me up, whether the lack of self-esteem is from being unemployed ("Get a Job") or from having your heart mind-fucked ("Move in the Right Direction"), this album's for you. 

> Jillian Michaels. Yes, that "Biggest Loser" Jillian Michaels. Why? Because she very smoothly, very non-melodramatically, just TOTALLY came out of the closet in People Magazine when interviewed about the simultaneous arrival of her adopted daughter from Haiti and HER PARTNER Heidi's birth of their son. What-the-what?! Michaels' partner Heidi Rhoades, who she covertly and affectionately referred to in public as "Mouse," was a kinda-not-secret (much like Robin Roberts and her gf, Amber.) Way to go, Jillian. Seems like a few kidlets made you step into yourself with more pride. (Which isn't what I can say about Queen Latifah, 'natch.)

> Sam Feder, for their upcoming documentary on Kate Bornstein called Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger, for which the Kickstarter hit the interwebs earlier in the week. I'll have a piece on my adopted queermother Kate and Sam's production of the film later in the week. For now, get thee to the Kickstarter site and contribute to help secure this documentary's completion!

> Margaret Cho, for giving us a reason to stay tuned in to 30 Rock—not that all the Lizbeanisms aren't enough. But Cho's addition to the show—as both Kim Il Jong and Kim Jong Un—adds some much needed diversity, humor, and out-and-out narrative crazy. Jongisms are the new Lizbeanisms, didn't you know that?

> People-Who-Did-Not-Buy-Facebook-Stock. Yes, you—for withstanding the hype and the desire to be "one of us." Granted, maybe you didn't buy any FB stock because you're poor. Fair enough. But I still salute you. Facebook, according to a new piece called "The Facebook Fallacy" at The Technology Review, is not the new Google, rather it's the new Yahoo .... y no es bueno, verdad?

"The growth of its user base and its ever-expanding  page views means an almost infinite inventory to sell. But the expanding supply, together with an equivocal demand, means ever-lowering costs. The math is sickeningly inevitable. Absent an earth-shaking idea, Facebook will look forward to slowing or declining growth in a tapped-out market, and ever-falling ad rates, both on the Web and (especially) in mobile. Facebook isn't Google; it's Yahoo or AOL."

(To be read with MEN's "Boom Boom Boom" playing at the back of your minds.)

Who would you give this week to?