Aftermath of the eclipses: stay in the Now

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Aftermath of the eclipses: stay in the Now

So, here's the contradiction.

In the last three weeks we've come through an unparalleled triad of transits.  First the solar eclipse on May 20 at 0 degrees Gemini.  Then two weeks later the potent lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Sag, followed immediately by a rare passage of Venus over the Sun.  These combined unusual events blasted open a portal of energy where many can sense the IMMINENCE of momentous changes.

So if you're intuitive you FEEL the energies (without necessarily knowing exactly WHAT they bring) that are literally around the bend.  Much will begin to hit by the final week of June, if not sooner, as Saturn goes direct on the 25th followed by Venus the 27th.

You may strongly feel this oncoming shift in your cells.

One guy told me he's simply unable to throw out his packing boxes since he KNOWS he'll be moving again soon. He can just tell.  

I'm the same.  There are about 60 people waiting for when I'll start the next Divine Order tele classes and I just can't seem to announce them yet.  People keep reaching me to do book events in August that I can't commit to.  Never felt anything quite like this.

It's so odd. All I hear inside is "Wait, wait, wait." 

I implicitly trust that.

It's all uniquely WEIRD but so palpable.

Many of you may well know just what I mean. 

The sense of EXPECTANCY is profound.

But a caveat.  If you're not careful that's EXACTLY when you can just leave your body and live in illusory anticipation. You can be so ungrounded and in future fantasy you're almost in danger. So I write to say:  come back, come back, come Now.

The rest WILL come, in the right time in the right way. Divine Order is in motion, all exactly will unfurl as needed.  Many of the shifts will likely begin to unfold soon enough.

But if you miss what's happening NOW, you'll miss what's happening LATER.
If you embrace what's now, you'll embrace what's later.

That's just how it goes.

(By the way, much of the potency of these transits can be channeled to deepen a UNION WITH THE DIVINE.  This inner knowing can deepen dramatically right now. I write to help with that.

So if anyone here hasn't read or heard Outrageous Openness yet, what the heck are you waiting for?  It's truly an operating manual for all these transits). 

'Whatever wishes to go, let it go. Whatever wishes to come let it come. All is blessed and in perfect Divine Order. My union with the Divine deepens every day.  I trust and honor my own Knowing.  I can breathe, relax and receive."


Tosha Silver's first book Outrageous Openness is available in San Francisco Books, Inc (Market Street), Scarlet Sage (Valencia), Sacred Well in Oakland and Lewin's Books in Berkeley. It's also available online via and as an  audiobook (and iTunes if you're outside USA).You can reach Tosha at and on facebookThis piece was originally published at The Examiner

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Marcie Bianco's picture

Tosha, this isn't the first

Tosha, this isn't the first occasion where I've read the 25th will bring big changes (perhaps it was Patrice's June 'scopes....)....feeling buzzy.....