Ant Christ, Piss Christ, Holy Christ, Holy Holly Hughes

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Ant Christ, Piss Christ, Holy Christ, Holy Holly Hughes

So remember the art review/interview that Patricia conducted with the curators of, Hide/Seek Desire in American Portraiture, at the National Portrait Gallery in D.C.? Well just like clockwork, the GOP is calling for a congressional investigation into one of the video works by the late New York artist David Wojnarowicz, in which ants crawl over a little crucifix, as well as condemning the entire show for its blatant homo-eroticism.

Since many members of the GOP confuse their asses for hats, I guess they never bothered to read the museum literature which states that the shows' premise was an investigation of same-sex themes and portrayals "from the Gilded Age through the end of the twentieth century." That's beside the point, because what the real message is the Republicans are back! And you HOMOS better watch out!

Rep. Jack Kingston from Georgia is incensed by representations of an AIDS victim's ashes, male nudity, and Ellen grabbing her Boobs! Boobs! Homosexuality! Male Nudity! An outraged Eric Cantor proclaimed the show was "an obvious attempt to offend Christians during the Christmas season."

Who cares this shows been in the works since 2007, there should be NO gayness and Christianity! Michelangelo, you hear that! Stop gaying it up at the Vatican!

Remember this painting of "Adam and Steve", one of the many vignettes decorating the Sistine Chapel ceiling. What? That's God, not Steve you say?! Oh well, considering the recent scholarship that Michelangelo was inspired by "Roman bath houses" in his portrayal of the "Last Judgment" on the back wall of the Chapel, not a wonder I got confused.

"Holy Crap, its a raid!" photo. Liberty Baths, San Fransisco circa 1978 (or 1540)

According to art historian, Elena Lazzarini, "The figures descending to hell and ascending to heaven are inspired by the virile, muscular manual workers and porters Michelangelo would have seen during his visits to the baths, which are well documented."

Face it, Gays and God go together like a horse and carriage...

...Um, Uncle Leo, why is Mary sitting on St. Anne's lap?

What is this 1980? Remember Ronald Reagen came into office and tried to abolish the National Endowment for the Arts? Anyone remember 1980, it was the year John Lennon was shot. Anyone see that doc

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Ah yes, the arts!

Spent our lay over in Chicago yesterday taking our reflection pic in The Cloud Gate, catching the sun through Tiffany glass, and spent time with Renoir, O'Keeffe, Picasso, Monet, Pissarro, with a fitting last stop at The Herring Net.....

Twitter Time @kdhales

Lake's picture

Art stands for ....

Individuality ...for some reason this scares the hell out of republicans!
We've become a society of everyone should look, think, like, eat, and love the same!
If not...something must be wrong with you!

So boring!

Heading off to see some artistic individuals.....ASAP !!!


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I remember the 1980's NEA

I remember the 1980's NEA brouhaha. One of the shows they had a hissy fit over was the Mapplethorpe retrospective, The Perfect Moment. I went to see the show at a small gallery in Boston. The S&M pieces, which were the ones at the center of the commotion, were a tiny part of the overall show and at the venue where I saw them they were roped off so you had to make it a point to go look at them.

Nothing about a photo of a penis nailed to a board was appetizing to pretty much anyone though. Just saying.

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I could comment on Sistine Chapel mandorlas, but I will just say this: Yoko Ono has always been and remains, my favourite Beatle. That's it! 

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and you deff need to discuss the mandorlas.

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