April Foolin': Best of the Interwebs

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April Foolin': Best of the Interwebs

Our April Fool's prank today taught me something important about the internets-browsing habits of our readers. For starters, you suckers don't click our hyperlinks! If you did, you would have seen this meticulously placed reassurance that, no, Tila Tequila is not starring in The Real L Word: Los Angeles. (At least, not as far as we know. Eek!) But since you silly sidewinders don't click links, here's what you would have seen had you clicked the aforementioned one:

I freaking love April Fool's Day! As I told a new friend earlier today, it is second in my affections only to International Talk Like a Pirate Day. In case you missed them, here are some of the best pranks the interwebs had to offer today:

  • Felicia Day announces new Guild spin-off animation series for kids, Lil' Guildies.
  • My favorite artisanal cheesemakers, Cypress Grove, offer a new product sure to make any fancy wine and cheese party a real hit with the neighbors.
  • Those crazy kids at CollegeHumor.com cruelly tricked hundreds, if not thousands of New Yorkers into thinking that popular west coast burger chain In N' Out was finally coming to the Big Apple this summer.
  • In what I can only hope is a deliciously executed prank (and not real news, egad!), NYDailyNews.com announced the upcoming debut of the "Viagra-fueled 'Sunset Daze,' a geriatric version of 'Jersey Shore' starring Gail Leibowitz." The article goes on to say that the on-screen geriatric antics include, "steamy scenes in Jacuzzis, a wild night out at a gay rodeo and makeout sessions during happy hour." Again, we really, really hope they're kidding!
  • And my personal favorite, those crazy kooks at FunnyOrDie.com overhauled the homepage to make way for the site's "new owner," Justin Beiber, even jokingly changing the site's name to BeiberOrDie.com. Heaven help me, this Beiber kid is starting to grow on me.

Did we miss any good ones? Share them below in the comments.

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geek4grammar's picture

it's not the links, it's the subject matter! ;)

Julia, I have to say that if I am any indicator for the general masses at velvetpark, it's the article itself that was not of interest, rather than any links it may contain. I don't really give a fuck about reality TV, even lesbo-style, and I really don't give a fuck about tila tequila. sorry dude! 

but there was a very funny blurb on Gmail about a "vowel outage"...


We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

che's picture

agreeeed.   also, thanks for



also, thanks for not going all "woo dinah shore!" on our asses this week.

Julia Watson's picture

I now live 20 minutes from

I now live 20 minutes from the Dinah and I'm not going to any of the parties or anything this weekend. Does that make me a bad lesbian?

karrr's picture

in other news...



did anybody know this? has she dated any other female celebrity in the past?

Keeli M's picture

I heard!

pretty rad that she came out despite being able to hide in her heterosexual relationship! 

blow up my ego @lvrandafighter

Keeli M's picture

a sucker born every minute

ahahahahahahahaha!  I swear I usually do click on the hyperlinks (although not sure that I ever knew that they had such a fancy name) - but the idea of looking any deeper at anything to do with Tila Tequila was enough for me.

blow up my ego @lvrandafighter

karrr's picture


yeah, well we all click on hyperlinks if it has something to do with politics or an interesting art event...

but this was about tila tequila......you are excused


ZaraThustra's picture

I love the Xander pic!!!

the end

SMBrown's picture

Anyone know if it's for realz

Anyone know if it's for realz that today is Rachel Maddow's b-day??

ZaraThustra's picture

according to

wikipedia - yes. 1 april 1973

ZaraThustra's picture

i think yes

because she's thanking people on twitter for bday wishes.

SMBrown's picture

A couple of the best ones

A couple of the best ones came courtesy of the Brits (where's Steph?):

This year, The Sun reported it has developed the world's first flavored newspaper page and invited readers to lick a square of newsprint "to reveal a hidden taste." Just below the spot to be licked was the fine-print warning: "May contain nuts."

BBC radio's "Today" program ran an item claiming new research in Stratford-upon-Avon had revealed that William Shakespeare's mother was French.