Are You A Non-traditional Parent or Child With A Story To Tell?

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Are You A Non-traditional Parent or Child With A Story To Tell?

This morning Staceyann and I chatted about her two big projects. She is trying to get pregnant, and she is making a film about non-traditional motherhood. Staceyann is hoping that her film will include anyone and everyone in the community that has a story to tell. So if you are interested in participating contact Chin at the end of her blog.
— Grace Moon

Moon: So Chin what are you working on?
I'm working on making a baby. And I'm working on making a film about the process of motherhood.

Moon: Shouldn't you do one thing at a time?
Staceyann: I suppose, I could. But that is just not my style, Moon. I really don't know if my body can do the do. It's been twelve years since I've been close friends with sperm. So, I'll just say I'm trying to become a mother. And discovering that's there almost nothing out there that deals with non-traditional motherhood for lesbians, or women without a partner who want to co-parent.  
Moon: Okay so who is helping you out here? I mean with advice, guidance?
Staceyann: I've got an amazing team of friends, colleagues, professional baby-makers, talking to other women, and using loads of good sense, and passion, and hope, and risk.
Moon: Okay so the movie, what is it about? And you said you were looking for other women?

Staceyann: Tiona McClodden, who made the documentary Conversations with Black Womyn, she is in on this madness with me, BABY MAKES ME: A Film About Motherhood Outside The "Normal" Parameters. We are particularly interested interested in single women, in lesbians, in women of color, in poor women, in women who choose this path of motherhood...  the marginalized groups.

Moon: Yes, I know Tiona, I told her I wanted to be interviewed for your movie, but that's when I thought you needed help with insemination... I was volunteering.
for what, Moon?
Moon: The insemination!
Lord, you sure you know where to put it? The sperm, that is.
Moon: Don't even! I'm sure I could be good at it! I like a good challenge.
Staceyann: Just like a lesbian! Get dirty. Then call foul. LOL. On a serious note, this insemination stuff is no joke.

Okay, okay...

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Useful resource

deedee's picture

Good luck

I hope you haves all the kids you want and be very happy.

Rusty's picture

Good luck, Staceyann

The day my twins were born my mother sent me a card and in it she wrote:

"Nothing in your life will ever make you happier or sadder than your children."

She's right so far.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

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Baby making project...

I love babies, but after a few hours I love handing them back to their parents even more...

I think you will make a great mother Stacyann and I wish you good luck on your journey.

" Teachers teach and do the world good, Kings just rule and most are never understood "

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Good luck

Good luck to Staceyann with her baby bang and movie. Haven't had the pang myself but was there once with my friend and her partner when the sperm tank arrived, then nine months later the morning the water broke. Reproduction among lesbians is an (applied?) art and science.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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A bit of advice.....

My Granfather told me when I was growing up when I have kids tell them everyday you love them and everything else will fall into place.   I have two a 17 yr old and a 5 yr old...and I tell them everyday I love them....the best advice I've ever received!!!

Good Luck and stay positive it will happen!!  Wink