Bambú: A Lesbian Oasis En La Costa del Sol

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Bambú: A Lesbian Oasis En La Costa del Sol

Perhaps it's because we "spring forward" this weekend (in other words, Sunday, 11 March, we lose an hour of sleep to "gain" an hour of sunlight), or perhaps it's because I'm on Spring Break, but my mind's on summer holiday—and one fantastic place that I'm considering is Bambú, an exclusive travel resort for lesbians in the south of Spain. 


I recently chatted with Bambú founders and partners, Susanne Moffett and Catherine Potter, about their resort. Enjoy!

How did you and Suzanne come to establish Bambu? Did you always want to get involved in lesbian travel/tourism?

Some eight years before we opened Bambú we purchased a holiday home in the village of Iznate, 10 minutes from where Bambú now is. We then had regular jobs back in the UK. Susanne was a Social Worker and I was Managing Director of a business support company. We brought up our two daughters together (Jasmin and Lucy, now aged 21 and 20). 

So as a family we spent our 4 or 5 weeks of annual holiday staying at the villa, enjoying the Spanish sunshine and enjoying the local culture. We always used to speculate as to whether when the girls were grown up, we would like to emigrate and live in Spain and what we would do to earn a living, as we are both many many years off retirement age! 

Over the years, most years Susanne and I had managed to get a long weekend or even a week’s holiday on our own, without our daughters—and whenever possible we would stay at gay / lesbian / gay friendly places—and go to lesbian bars if we were staying in cities—so we were very familiar with the possibilities and also the limitations of lesbian travel.

The idea of running a lesbian holiday destination arose organically from years of experience of renting out our own holiday home and our desire to engage in lesbian tourism—it was just the obvious thing to do. We managed to sell our home in the UK, more quickly than we had originally expected, and bought a 5 bedroom farmhouse 10 minutes from what had been our holiday home, with the perfect dimensions for converting into 7 separate studio holiday apartments. And so Bambú was born.

When and Why Axarquia, Andalucia? Do you have a personal connection to the region?

Being British, coming from perhaps the country with the

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Sounds awesome. And it's so

Sounds awesome. And it's so close! Gonna have to keep this in mind.

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sounds spectacular!

sounds spectacular!

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