A Boi's Summer Style

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A Boi's Summer Style

Last night I was reminded by my best-friend that we are doing some traveling this summer. So I started planning the key pieces of clothing that I need to pack in order to hop from state to state without buying anything extra.

So here are some pieces I have selected to take with me this summer.

I think it's an imperative for every one to have at least two key pairs of jeans on hand. I prefer American Eagle's Slim Straight or Vintage Slim jeans.

Going along with the jean theme, I am planning on packing a pair of cutoffs, as well as my cargo shorts.

Because I do a lot of traveling during the summers I find having a cool pair of slip on shoes that can go with every thing is a must. If you read any of my last posts on fashion you know I love shoes and I tend to carry three or four pairs along with me.

Since spring began I have been wearing last fall's line of vans quilted collection.

During the summer I have found myself in situations where I've needed to have a nice collared shirt at the last minute. So I always carry a gray, white, and two other random colored polo shirts that match my shoes.

I know you might think I am a little crazy but having a long sleeve shirt to take along is a good idea. Especially traveling to northern and mountain states.

Last but not least I can't forget the head gear. Other than blocking the sun I think I just look good in them. I do prefer the NewEra 59fifty caps.

So what's in your closet this summer, do you have any must haves?

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Thanks to new luggage limits

Thanks to new luggage limits when travelling to Europe, I been trying to think up more creative ways to save space on a June trip.  Especially because I am also going to try to bring back a desktop computer Dad has built.  And because my sister just gave me 8lbs of gifts to pack along too.

The solution involves a lot of cheap disposable clothes from the salvation army store that may not come home with me, plus some undershirt Ts that I will give to Dad once I am done wearing them (since he likes the american kind).  So I will be making rather a grunge fashion statement in France and Spain - thank you Thomas Cook airways!

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When I went to HI last summer

When I went to HI last summer I took 2 pairs of cargo shorts, a pair of linen shorts and my linen slacks (just in case we went somewhere nice). Tees, a couple of polos, my hikers, my sport sandals and my suede topsiders.  And of course my boardshorts, bikini top & wet shirt.  I also took my Spam Museum baseball cap (even though I hate to wear hats) to protect me from the sun.  What more does one need on a tropical island?  If I was vacationing here in SoCal I would have thrown in a light sweater or my corduroy shirt for the cool evenings.  I also always carry this very old, worn & faded bandana with me which comes in handy for a variety of uses.  In this case to tie around my neck to protect from sunburn.

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Been done already.... and thank god not in Texas!

www.kooziebelt.com     The ORIGINAL KoozieBelt! by golly!

 EDIT: This was to FB-Tit below. I just can't seem to ever get on the bottom!

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Thanks for asking!

www.altrec.com    Consistently best prices!

Summer traveling musts:

Keen shoes, Teva f'flops, Asics, Merrell hikers, and one pair of nicer sandals. Thorlo hiking socks when needed. I do not scrimp when buying socks for hiking.

Columbia shorts and shirts.  Absolutely on the long sleeve. I take the long sleeves that have a sleeve roll up tab. Shorts are hiking/cargo type with lots of pockets, loops, and such. One nicer outfit.

One set of long undies. Sleeveless tops for under the shirt - layers.

Except for nicer outfit, all my clothing is made from a Omni Dry or dry fit type material. Most have a UV protection built in and are wash and wear. You never know when you just might jump into that crystal clear water and take a swim.

Summer weight rain jacket and vest.

Full brimmed hat - I sun burn easily!

If you need a chaperone let me know - I LOVE to travel! Y'all have fun and be safe out there. I didn't get into the knives I carry..... hehehehe



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Green get-alongs

Check these kicks out: http://sanuk.com/

Just discovered them the other day in a surf magazine. Going to try some on tomorrow in Malibu.

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword

SMBrown's picture

I love Sanuks!  Have a pair

I love Sanuks!  Have a pair of funky flip-flops with bamboo footbeds (which keep your feet cool when it's hot out) from years ago that I loved so much I just had to repair 'em when they finally busted.

Tex's picture

Aloooooha, K-Mac! Well, maybe....

Nice site - those Sidwalk Surfers/Vagabonds are cute, but the things hurt my feet. Actually got a pair at Whole Foods in Austin a couple of years ago. Got the son a pair also - both hurt feets. They're cute enough to be worn with a certain outfit, but not comfy enough to wear for a long walk!

Never been able to wear surfer type shorts - got too many curves to pull off the boi look!

Be safe in Malibu - don't collide with a star - big smooch!

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Maybe you have weird feet. All of the reviews say how comfy they are. I'll report back. Not on an island just yet.

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword

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Could be...but the last woman I was with said......

oh,never mind. Let me know after you wear them some.


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The bugs are bad here - so layers for warmth and protection from the suckers and biters.  Sunglasses to shade eyes from the big, beautiful and bright sun.  And can you wear a beer koozie and call it summer fashion??  Maybe create some kind of belt with a built-in koozie - (Tex is going to have a something fun to say about that, I'm sure).