Boob Tube: Fall Report Card... and ZOMBIES (!!!)

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Boob Tube: Fall Report Card... and ZOMBIES (!!!)

Fall means back to the work/grad school grind for this TV Geek, but I’ve still managed to catch bits and pieces of some of the new fall shows. How does the 2010 crop measure up? Let’s see, shall we...

NBC, Wednesday 8/7c

I’d been looking forward to JJ Abrams’s spy series all year long. Alas, it has turned out to be the single biggest disappointment of the brood. The commercials had me thinking this one’d be a good ol’ fashioned spy caper, with plenty of action and a heaping helping of sexual tension and hot hot hotness, given the immense humpability of the lead couple. I hearted Alias, after all. JJ Abrams wasn’t going to let me down! Truth? I tried to watch the pilot three times. THREE TIMES. And never made it past the second act. Total snoozefest. For reals. Painful.
Lingering question: Was it Abrams’s idea or Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s to have her stand around with her mouth hanging open in every scene like a fish out of water? Dude. Way to visually dumb down your female lead, thereby irritating the bejeezus out of this girl power action-adventure fan. Sydney Bristow would not approve!

Final Grade: D-

All hunky-sexy brawn and no brains. Boo.

The Event

NBC, Monday 9/8c

Despite some moments of brills in the casting (Laura Innes as passive-aggressive alien race mama grizzly! Blair Underwood as POTUS!), NBC’s widely touted heir to the whackadoodle mindeff that was Lost falls short of the mark. Why? Because it lacks Lost’s heart. We fell in love with Jack, Kate, Claire, Charlie, Sayid, Sawyer and Hurley before the pilot was even over, because we were allowed to see their humanity in the face of danger, terror and tragedy. Not so with the folks of The Event, who seem so intent on running around like people-shaped-chickens-with-their-heads-cut-off that it’s hard to get to know what makes them tick, much less care as the frenetic pace continues to spin out of control. I’m still tuning in every few weeks if I have time, but it’s all a little meh.

Lingering question: Does Sophia end up with a hot firefighter?

Final Grade: C-

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skeeterG's picture

re: fall TV

1. Running Wilde made me cry.... not in a good way.

2. Chase I like only when Annie jumped off something. Not enough to watch epi.2

3. The Whole Truth lasted about 13 minutes. Sucks is being kind.

4. Raising Hope.... brill on so many levels. MP is underrated. 

5. OK it's not new but "leave it to the gays to raise the only under achieving Asian in America".



"What a bad break"

the g

NCSha25's picture

Also meant to mention

Cooking Channel is  love! And yes the breast feeding gag on Raising Hope had me in the floor, but I have yet to watch a whole epi. Not just black male leads but leads in general. I get you though Julia, it doesn't have me running to the screen(I can dvr without thought) but I'll hang in there till its canned, if thats the ultimate fate. I'm glad you saw the comedy in my previous comment. Smile You know it's true though. We all know that vest was a FAIL after about the 5th time she rocked it.

Robin Rigby's picture

Jules, I have got to disagree

Jules, I have got to disagree on Wilde.  I couldn't even finish the pilot.  I thought it was godawful.  But you are spot on about Raising Hope.  It may well be the best thing on television right now.  Definitely in the running for best comedy on TV.  I can't get enough of Cloris Leachman getting topless at every opportunity.  The breast feeding gag was hilarious (and disturbing).  She is giving Betty White a run for her money in the Old Broads Making Us Laugh Till We Pee category. 

minniesota's picture

Dinner and Dessert

Let's see. Now that I have upgraded my cable again, my TV has been stuck on Bravotv and The Food Network. I crave Top Chef: Just Desserts (not quite as good as the orginal Top Chef but there's chocolate, Gayle Simmons and Team Diva!). Also, I have been drooling over Executive Pastry Chef Elizabeth Falkner's videos as she replicates the winning dessert on

 I can't get enough of Chopped and Iron Chef: America. Can you say, Cat Cora?

This is my "Yum TV" line-up.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

NCSha25's picture

Chase and Undercovers

Jules I must say I enjoy Chase and Undercovers for the most part. One thing I'm glad to see is Rose Rollins back on my tv screen in tank tops and being a bad ass without IC directing her to make "the angry face" or rock to ugly vest 24-7. I for one enjoy the action and craziness of the criminals(you really should see the one with the crazy was slightly sad but disturbing). "Annie" also has no fear and that I enjoy seeing from the female lead. The fact that she runs her partners blood pressure up at every mission gets mine up as well I must admit.

Undercovers, I enjoy for more superficial reasons I guess, its just eh ok story wise(whatever secret they are keeping from them but talking about every epi is working my nerves...SAY IT ALREADY!...sorry) Being the Bi woman I am Boris makes me swoon every time he comes on screen in everything he's in and Gugu Mbatha-Raw is gorgeous! That pretty much keeps me in, for the eye candy and the fact that there hardly is any strong African American leads in shows these days on Primetime I definitely try and support them if I can when I can make it through the first few epi's< All I'm truly over the moon enjoying right now is Glee, Grey's,and Private Practice.  Am definitely ready for True Blood and Treme's return..

Julia Watson's picture

"One thing I'm glad to see is

"One thing I'm glad to see is Rose Rollins back on my tv screen in tank tops and being a bad ass without IC directing her to make "the angry face" or rock to ugly vest 24-7."

I can hardly type right now because I am DYING LAUGHING from this comment.

... okay, I have recovered. Being a fan of hunky masculinity in general, no matter who's performing it, I was prepared to find Boris to be downright dreamy, too. But I have a hard time forgiving bad pilots. The occasional bad episode I understand; making TV shows is crazy and hectic and hard! But dude. Generally you have weeks, months, sometimes YEARS to perfect a pilot script. There's no excuse for that shiz! Especially from someone like JJ Abrams who totally knows better. 

That said, I know not everyone is as picky (okay, perhaps Nazi-tastic is the word I was looking for there) as me about story stuff. I'm glad you're having fun watching! And I hear ya on supporting shows with black male leads. At least Undercovers has good casting going for it.

Julia Watson's picture

Ooooh. BREAKING Boob Tube

Ooooh. BREAKING Boob Tube News!

SyFy just ordered up a brand new Battlestar Galactica spin-off series about the young William Adama's service during the first Cylon war!



Kelly McCartney's picture

The Whole Truth

It's not the greatest show, but I need it to not be cancelled. Rob Morrow is pretty much awful, but I've had a crush on Maura Tierney for 15 years.

Won't you be my neighbor? @theKELword