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Reporting LIVE from pre-finals grad school craziesville… HI! Remember this column? Not having time to do Boob Tube these days is making me have a frowny. So here’s what I think of the TV shows I’m caught up on, in five words or less:

Glee: Music? Check. Story? Story? Bueller?

V: Erica/Ripley, 2; Aliens, 0.

Grey’s Anatomy: Resuscitation successful. Dyke drama, FTW!

Private Practice: Terrible show. Great finales. WTF?


Boob Tube News

NBC has canceled Heroes. In other breaking news, NBC execs circulate memo touting exciting discovery: "The Earth is ROUND!”

What to Watch!

Monday! At long last, it’s ‘When Leonard Met Sheldon’ time on Big Bang Theory, (CBS, 9:30 p.m.).

Tuesday! Don’t forget to flood FOX’s offices with emails reminding them not to cancel Glee since Joss Whedon is helming this week’s EPIC EPISODE, starring Neil Patrick Harris as Will’s high school nemesis, (Fox, 9 p.m.). More wood is thrown on the fires of speculation surrounding Kalinda’s sexuality on The Good Wife, (CBS, 10 op.m.).

Wednesday! The final two are announced on Idol, (Fox, 9 p.m.). (And it had better be Lee and Crystal, or I’m gonna roll my eyes so hard I might induce another SoCal earthquake.)

Thursday! NAILBITER ALERT! CT and I were so traumatized by the teaser trailer for tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy finale that I think we’re going to have to take turns watching, (ABC, 9:00 p.m.). (Last year's finale had me stress-eating Soy Dream mocha almond fudge ice cream and live-tweeting in despair. This year I'm stocking up on Tofutti Cuties and friends who don't let friends tweet TV-nerd-drunk.)

Friday! Sarah McLachlan on Craig Ferguson.

Sunday! The satire strikes back! The season finale of Family Guy brings us part two of the Griffins’ “Star Wars” spoof, (Fox, 9:00 p.m.). Lost bends our brains over and makes them its bitch one last time on the series finale, (ABC, 9 p.m.) Jimmy Kimmel hosts “the ultimate post-Lost party," (ABC, midnight).

Comments [14]

Robin Rigby's picture

Jules, did you watch Chuck

Jules, did you watch Chuck tonight?  There was a Buffy movie reference.  "You threw a knife at my face!"  Of course the original line (if memory serves) was "You threw a knife at my head" but still... 

Julia Watson's picture

I don't watch Chuck, but that

I don't watch Chuck, but that was one of the best lines in that very bad movie. Ha.

Robin Rigby's picture

Really?  I liked when

Really?  I liked when What's-His-Name told Pee Wee that if vampires were so awesome he should clap.  Pee Wee having only one arm by that point in the story.  Loved Pee Wee's death scene too.  So over the top.  

SMBrown's picture

Sarah on DWTS

Sarah McLachlan is also scheduled to appear tomorrow night on the DWTS results show.  I thought it was kinda cheesy that Melissa did DWTS, but I guess it's the thing to do now...

SMBrown's picture

Jules, good to have the BoobTube back!

I'll def be watching the Good Wife finale, but not expecting any major reveals on Kalinda--they've made it pretty clear they're only going to cock-tease us about her sexuality.  Even so, I still love the show!

geek4grammar's picture


yeah, I dunno what the Glee writers have been smoking lately, but I'd check the expiration date. it's been a lil weird and certainly lacking anything resembling a major plot arc. I hope they get their asses back in gear soon! still excited about the joss wheadon ep tomorrow...I just hope he doesn't kill off any of the major characters ;p

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

Julia Watson's picture

re: Glee

In all fairness, they've been taking the easy (and annoying) way out on story all year long. But it's been especially bad lately!

I'm hoping he at least pretends like he's going to kill Emma. If this was a Joss-helmed show, she'd be a goner for sure!

geek4grammar's picture

so true!

haha, you're right, emma would totes be the first to go!

totally unrelated-- I just made a new profile for myself w/ my real name (so grace can post my rachel maddow review and link it up w/ all my old articles from before Vp went all slick and interactive), so I bff'd you from that account-- I know it's slightly annoying, but hopefully not prohibitively so Wink

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

Julia Watson's picture

I got you dawg.

I got you dawg.

Rockets's picture


I have a feeling they're gonna shoot one of the lesbians...

Seriously? Arizona doesn't want to have a baby (her alter ego - Jessica Capshaw is infact pregnant) So either... they have fun filming around that, kill her off or they kill off Cali Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona has a baby to keep Cali's dream alive...

Everyone's freakin' pregnant on that show...

Remember when all that horrible stuff happened? Oh yeah! People die horribly on that show every year! Maybe Owen's gal pal will take one for the team so Christina doens't have to go and live with Merrideth, Derrik and their baby... like some kind of spinster aunt.


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Tex's picture

Monday TNT 9CT May 24th

Saving Grace final eps.....full eps @ TNT

Supportin' the females: Nancy Miller, Holly Hunter, Laura San Giacomo, Lorraine Toussaint....

TNT didn't cancel the series, Fox Television did....they didn't think the reruns would bring in enough money!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Rusty's picture

5 words

My OCD requires that a five word recap have five words, no more, no less. Five shall be the number thou shalt recap, and the number of the recapping shall be five. Six shalt thou not recap, neither recap thou four, excepting that thou then proceed to five. Seven is right out.

Supernatural — Surely heaven waits for you [sung]

Flash Forward — Axed by the heartless fucktards

Merlin — More Gwen and Morgana, please

Legend of the SeekerSee entry under Forward, Flash

Fringe — red-headed Olivia = bow chicka wowwow

Stargate Universe — rocked the lesbian / quadriplegic swap

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

Robin Rigby's picture

Doesn't Fox normally cancel a

Doesn't Fox normally cancel a show within the first few weeks or let it run forever?  Sorry, still bitter over Wonderfalls and it's FOUR aired eps.  

As to NBC canceling Heroes- FINALLY!  It's about time someone smartened up and realized what a giant stinking turd that show is.  

Julia Watson's picture

Fox and Cancellations

Hahahaha. Ever fear the Whedon Clause!