Breakfast To Go

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Breakfast To Go

After her fourth wrong answer to my question: "Guess who showed up on my doorstep last night," I told Autumn, my current girlfriend, that it was Faith, my first lover.  I hadn't expected her to guess, of course;  especially since Faith's visit had come as a complete surprise to me as well.  I was just trying to make the revelation as cheery and upbeat as possible by turning it into a game of "Guess Who?"

It didn't work.  There were about three minutes of silence on Autumn's end of the phone, during which time I might have thought she'd hung up, except I could hear her breathing, loudly, and growling a little.
I finally asked her, "are you still there?"

"It depends.  Is she still there?"


"Well, then I'm not sure.  If I wasn't so astonished and what-the-hellish right now, I would definitely not still be here.  But I'm curious, since I cannot even imagine the circumstances that could make this phone call possible."

"Yeah, I'm totally with you," I agreed,  "This whole thing caught me like a bolt out of the blue, too."

"And she's still there?" Autumn asked again.

"Yeah, she sleeping on the living room couch," I said, trying to emphasize the couch part.

"Sissy, what would compel you..." she began, then subsided into more breathing and growling.  Finally, Autumn sighed and said, "OK, I trust you.  I know there has to be a good reason why Faith is there, and you can tell me all about it over breakfast."

I was relieved, and asked her, "do you want to meet at the Deluxe Diner before work?"

"Oh, hell no!  I will be at your place at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, with bagels and coffee.  I want to get the story straight from your mouth and hers."

Autumn hung up, and without knowing what else to do, I went to bed.  I woke up the next morning, feeling a little unreal.  Had I been dreaming that Faith showed up at my place?  Had I conjured her up out of some perverse inclination for self-destruction?  I showered, got dressed for work, then headed for the living room, and, yep, there she was, the living evidence that I had not been dreaming.

Faith wasn't sleeping, just sitting on the couch, looking sad, embarrassed, and something else... was it hopeful?

"Hey, good morning!  Listen, my girlfriend, Autumn, will be coming over in a bit...."  Just then the doorbell rang, and I buzzed Autumn in, noting that she'd arrived 20 minutes early.

When Autumn came in, I felt more than a little awkward -- Faith sitting on the rumpled couch, bleary eyed and sleep tossed, wearing the monkey pajamas that Autumn has seen me wear dozens of times.

Autumn, was dressed, for work (she teaches 2nd grade at a public elementary school on the west side), and she looked crisp, teacherly, and  no-nonsense.

Faith stood to greet her.  "Hi, I'm Faith Morehead," she said, offering her hand.  

Autumn stuck a paper cup of coffee into Faith's extended hand and continued in the direction of the kitchen. "Autumn Byrne. Cream and sugar?"

We three sat down around my kitchen table.  Autumn broke out the bagels and cream cheese, then we all waited for Faith to begin.

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This tale just keep getting better :)

More problems are on the way.  Thank you for commenting and reading.

Big hug,


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This tale just keeps getting

This tale just keeps getting better!