Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl

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Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl

How often do you get to see films with a real lesbian couple talking frankly about their relationship and sex life, having sex, and genuinely being authentic and open? What? Never, you say? Oh yeah, I forgot, lesbians are a completely underrepresented minority in popular culture. We rarely see images of ourselves, and the ones we are treated to are often exploitative, or vaguely unappealing... cough, cough
The Real L Word, cough.

But guess what! This Saturday night there is a sneak preview of a new film called Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl. This is an erotic documentary, meaning, it's a documentary about a real life couple and contains explicit footage of them having sex.

Plus! I'll be speaking on a panel after the film. What will I be speaking about? I have no idea! Come be surprised!

About the film:

A sneak preview of the seventh in Tony Comstock’s ongoing Real People, Real Live, Real Sex documentary series, Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl is an exploration of sexual pleasure in committed relationships and the problematic place of explicit sexuality in cinema. Brett and Melanie depicts a butch/femme couple, and opens up questions about strength and vulnerability in the context of how we portray and interpret gender. Throughout Brett and Melanie’s interview, there is a constant dance of who is strong for whom, of who is vulnerable and who nurtures; and this dance continues when Brett and Melanie make love. By including frank footage of Brett and Melanie’s lovemaking along with their candid testimony, the film also opens up questions about the meaning of reality in the context of documentary filmmaking, and explodes preconceptions about the place of sexuality and eroticism in cinema.

Curated by Colin Weatherby, and followed with a panel discussion exploring cinema, sexuality, gender, and love with Velvet Park Managing Editor Diana Cage, Cinekink Film Festival Director Lisa Vandever, and Tony Comstock.

Location: Union Docs, 322 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Cost: $9 suggested donation


Comments [2]

Grace Moon's picture


This movie was pretty amazing.

Kudos to Tony for making the most lesbionic docu-real-word flick I've seen in like... ever.

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KJ's picture

Damn Texas.

I wish I could go to this!