Calgon, Take Me Away

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Calgon, Take Me Away

I was wrong, so very wrong last week when I said that there's nothing worse than working with a fighting couple.  Much worse is working with a couple of women who have fallen in love, all over again, and who are planning a spring wedding.

I comforted myself with the thought that our boss, Elston, would put the kibosh on all this romantic nonsense at work.  Wrong again.  Elston could not be more delighted.  In fact, even though he hasn't ever been married himself, it's like he always had this secret calling to be a wedding planner.  I will come back from lunch and find them lounging around Jackie's desk talking about fabrics, locations, and hor d'ourves.  If I dare to interupt with a question like, "uh, does anyone know what happened to the invoice for the shipment of printer toner?"  They look at me like I'm the marriage grinch who's trying to spoil their wedding.

Another bad thing is that I can't complain about this to my girlfriend, Autumn.  Every time I mention the latest romantic work atrocity (like finding them kissing in the ladies room, for like the third time that week) her response is something to the effect of, "aw, that's so sweet."

So, this week I'm feeling exhausted from having had to do nearly all the productive work at the office myself.  I'm feeling frustrated that instead of sharing my indignation, my girlfriend has been looking at me like she's sizing me up for a future engagment.  And all my friends (most of whom are married) have been calling, not to talk to me, but for the latest wedding gossip. 

It's time to resort to my solution for every situation that has started spinning out of control.  I'm going to turn off my phone, pour myself a glass of wine, run a hot  bubble bath and let Calgon take me away.