Chaz Bono: Put Down the Hater-Ade (Like Old Yeller)

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Chaz Bono: Put Down the Hater-Ade (Like Old Yeller)

I should state up front this isn’t my typical crush blog. My love of celebrity ladyfolk is never-ending but I can let my latest crush marinate in my affections while I discuss something a wee bit more pressing. Don’t worry, neither my crush, nor my unyielding love for her are going anywhere, but recent events have compelled me to drag out my virtual soapbox. When people start attacking my crush’s kinfolk, I get all in a tizzy. I stand by Chaz Bono, not just because I’m madly in love with his mom, but because I respect and support the hell outta him.

This week the internets are abuzz with the news that Chaz will be on this season’s Dancing with the Stars. I’m no gleek about DWTS, but I’ll watch on occasion. When I first heard the news, I said to myself, “Self, set your DVR.” Then I heard haters were doing what haters do best: talking trash all over the interwebs. That shit pissed me off. Probably more than it should have. Really? This is what people are bitching about? Chaz on Dancing with the Stars?! To make matters worse, they’re pissing off my dream-wife Cher!! Shit just got real.

I’m always amazed by people’s persistence to not only be hateful, but to spread and proclaim their distaste throughout the media. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of it too. I’ve logged 200+ tweets about crazy Michelle Bachmann and her slightly off-kilter Stare of Doom. One part of me wishes the haters would take a chill pill or a chill blunt and calm the fuck down. Another part of me understands everyone has a right to say whatever they want, even if their free speech is fueled by a healthy dose of hater-ade. All of me is woefully perplexed by people’s unhealthy obsession with controlling everybody but themselves.

I respect Chaz more than he’ll ever know because he took proactive steps to reflect on the outside who he really is on the inside. He boldly did what most people go their entire lives without doing: Chaz Bono decided to be true to himself. This is no easy task. There are people who won’t wear white after Labor Day if they wanted to... “Oh gawd, what will the neighbors say… Becky’s wearing white… in the middle of October?!!” Chaz changed his gender. That’s a mega-colossal

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For sure!  This is totally

For sure!  This is totally well said all the way through.

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LOVE THIS: "I am so sick of

LOVE THIS: "I am so sick of mofos trying to impose their half-baked ideals on everyone else. If you’re not happy with you, I suggest you do something about it. If you’re not happy with me, Chaz or anyone else, I suggest you re-evaluate your priorities."