Daily Dose: Gaga Telephones Bieber 2.0 on Ellen

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Daily Dose: Gaga Telephones Bieber 2.0 on Ellen

Now that Amy has explained the Bieber-baby dyke rainbow connection, a follow-up to yesterday's Daily Dose. Greyson Chance was invited to appear and perform his rendition of Gaga's acoustic version of "Paparazzi" yesterday on Ellen, and a very special caller dialed in to wish him luck just before he took the stage.


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Erika Davis's picture

wow, that kid is so stinkin' cute!!

He's such a doll-faced boy!  He kinda reminds me of Donnie Osmand from way back when


Erika has spoken.
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Not2Taem's picture

Great voice

His voice has a nice original tone. I hope it survives the change. The hair flip reminds me of a girl I went to school with in the 70's.

Julia Watson's picture

The change. Lulz. Sounds like

The change. Lulz.

Sounds like he's about to go through men-o-pause.

Not2Taem's picture


This makes 2 terms that I have to ask you about in the same day. You are making me feel old. Men-o-pause! LOL The male thing isn't a real problem, but I think he too young for that.

Julia Watson's picture

"Lulz" is LolCat for "LOL."

"Lulz" is LolCat for "LOL."

Joanne Robertson's picture


at 1.39 he did the Bieber "forward flick" with his hair .... I see so many young boys doing this.  That haircut is high maintenance Smile

Robin Rigby's picture

It may be high maintenance

It may be high maintenance depending on the natural shape of your hair or not.  Since my hair naturally grows forward it probably would be easy for me, not that I'm interested in getting a 'bieber', cause I'm not.  Combing my hair back away from my face, on the other hand, is an exercise in futility.  

Joanne Robertson's picture


having a cowlick ... a good part of my life is spent trying to keep my fringe (NZ for 'bangs') from separating like a hippie...

Robin Rigby's picture

I have at least 2.  One major

I have at least 2.  One major one at the crown of my head and another at my left temple.  Both of which push my hair to the front.  I hate having bangs but have no choice.  I constantly badger my hairdresser to cut them shorter and unevenly so they aren't square across because he likes bangs on me.  

Tex's picture

Gosling bumps!

He gave me gosling bumps! Gaga was so sweet with him on the phone - that was special, really really special! 


Twitter Time @kdhales

minniesota's picture


Greyson is a cutie pie! He really worked that song.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Carollani's picture


Hahahahaha, I LOVE that kid! Like, inappropriately. The voice of GaGa in the body of Justin Bieber? Watch out tweens, Greyson is coming for you!

SMBrown's picture

Thanks so much for posting

Thanks so much for posting this Julia.  I made a special point to watch Ellen this morning (I never watch morning TV) and JUST AS Greyson was about to come on the local news broke in with breaking news about a local FBI sweep connected to the Times Square bombing.  They stayed on the air the rest of the morning with it, and I was cursing them because of missing Greyson!

(interesting how much intelligence law enforcement seems to be getting from the bomber suspect, despite reading him his 'inconvenient' Miranda rights--suck it, ReThugs!)



geek4grammar's picture


dude, this kid is freakin' awesome!! and yeah, jules, total bieber 2.0, at least based on pure visuals. I can't believe how composed and well-spoken he is, not to mention the musical talent! crazy the way youtube allows stuff like this to happen; this kid just posts a vid of himself at his school talent show or whatever, thinking his friends will like it...and then he ends up on ellen chatting w/ lady gaga (LOVE that he calls her ms. gaga! miss manners would SO approve)...

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