December 2012 Horoscope

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December 2012 Horoscope


You’ve broken free from your restraints and now it’s all about you! Whatever has been brewing underneath the surface regarding your personal and public identity now bursts forth. You have support from significant individuals and also the faith to speak your truth! You may need to leave a few childhood or former friends behind if they do not see your full splendor. There are plenty of new and more powerful
Individuals who recognize you as one of them. The more you are you, the higher you will soar!


Much of the work of this year has been internal or relationally-based. You’ve had to face your fears in the realm of sexuality and intimacy and realized they were implanted by others. By changing your mind and
your beliefs, you have allowed your inner strength to prevail and slay any worries and misgivings. There are still some niggling doubts around your intelligence and ability to make money, but these will dissolve in the light of your superior grasp of the attraction principle and its ability to magnetize a powerful partner. You will not be alone this winter.


Your greatest strides have occurred in the arena of new friendships and communities. Perhaps you’ve partnered with other writers or similarly inclined folks. One of these may have a slew of connections that can forward your career aspirations. You need to make sure you are honest and truthful with yourself about what you want and are willing to commit to. If you waver or have been flakey, the die will come out in the wash. Make sure you know who you’re in bed with as it’s now showtime.


You’ve been redefining your career these last few years and this month, you brainstorm yourself into a whole new profession. The bigger the idea, the better, particularly if it has international applications. Now, see who is in your court because one of these individuals has the power to make your dream a reality. Childhood fears of not being ready are your only enemy and during the holiday season you may finally see the root cause and eliminate it. If you love what you do, do it with someone you love.


You are able to take your rightful queenly place now that you believe you deserve it. You’ve put the energy into your work and now it