December Horoscope

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December Horoscope

We're one year into the Uranus in Aries seven year transit of liberation and evolution. Obviously the astrology has been spot on in terms of revolutionary impulses abroad and disruption of the status quo here in the United States.

On December 10th, Uranus moves forward again after a six month retrograde cycle. Whatever has been bubbling underneath the surface explodes out in full view. In this instance, we will be witnessing the next stages of earlier Uranian events from March 2011 such as the Arab Spring revolutions and anarchic political stalemates at home. Additionally, we are all experiencing the need for freedom and change in the house/s in our charts ruled by Aries.   

Uranus direct in Aries on Dec 10th will accelerate our growth here: 

ARIES—an entirely new personality and ability to express oneself 

TAURUS—the quickening of your spiritual awakening, releasing trauma in the family lineage 

GEMINI—expanded social networking presence 

CANCER—career opportunities, particularly those with a technical, media or scientific bent 

LEO—a new belief system that supports the individual 

VIRGO—sexual experimentation 

LIBRA—dynamic new partnerships that upend our fetish with niceties 

SCORPIO—a totally new working situation and lifestyle 

SAGITTARIUS—a grand passion, renewed creative license 

CAPRICORN—breaking down the family imprint, freeing oneself from the past 

AQUARIUS—sharpening our communication skills 

PISCES—making bank 

On the same day, we have a double whammy with a Lunar Eclipse ending eclipse in Gemini/Sag. This month's eclipse may shed light or bring culmination to ideas, projects, relationships begun in September 2007. For the most part, we are letting go of immature, limited thinking and replacing it with a larger more catholic vision of life.   

We are leaving the compulsive details behind and seeking a more adult viewpoint here: 

ARIES—school learning vs. higher education (including spiritual seeking) 

TAURUS—our view of ourselves vs how other people see us 

GEMINI—trying to get everything right all alone vs letting others help us 

CANCER—letting our fears overwhelm us vs taking practical steps to change our lives 

LEO—worrying about popularity at the expense of authentic self expression 

VIRGO—trying to please Daddy vs seeking to please ourselves 

LIBRA—having the credentials vs really knowing how things works 

SCORPIO—the idea that we need a partner vs our ability to thrive on our own 


Comments [10]

Patrice Kamins's picture

my catholic intention

Because the eclipse on Thanksgiving weekend was meant to bring up erroneous beliefs from childhood, including religion, I was making a point about how people rally around their faith without intelligent inquiry.  So yes, the use of the word "catholic" was meant to provoke but also to point out that

the true meaning has been obscured.  When I was going to an all girls Catholic high school, even then, I was aware the word meant universal.

The ravages of religion are many including co-opting a very beautiful word to mean oppression, hypocrisy and dogmatism.

And I am one of many who were negatively effected by this religious brainwashing and becoming an astrologer is the ultimate heresy!

So Conlite, thanks for intervening and setting the record straight!



Conlite's picture

You're most welcome!

You're most welcome!

Marcie Bianco's picture

what is a larger, more

what is a larger, more catholic vision of life? 

sounds grim.....

Tiff's picture

This was my thought. Now back

This was my thought. Now back to actually reading the horoscope....

Grace Moon's picture

i was thinking it was

i was thinking it was possibly a typo, and the word may be Cathartic... or Chaotic... or Catatonic?

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Conlite's picture

Catholic (with small c) also

Catholic (with small c) also means "universal" (Catholics believe they are the one and only universal church) - so read as "larger, more universal vision".


Marcie Bianco's picture

catholic small "c" makes more

catholic small "c" makes more sense Wink

Marcie Bianco's picture

Patrice! HALP! clarify,

Patrice! HALP! clarify, please! I don't want a catholic life!

Tosha's picture


i don't want a catholic life either lol!

Marcie Bianco's picture

srsly! it's bad enough i'm

srsly! it's bad enough i'm surrounded by former-catholics/catholic-in-a-past-life blah blah people!