Editor's Letter for LGBT Association at OU-Tulsa

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Editor's Letter for LGBT Association at OU-Tulsa

Hey everyone I'm wondering if you might help me today to send a message to a brand new LGBT organization at the University of Oklahoma - Tulsa.

My friend and one of the founding editors of Velvetpark, Kent Martin, is now an administrator and a founding member of this new organization at OU. Kent emailed me earlier in the week letting me know that today is the very first meeting of "LGBT Association at OU-Tulsa," its the very first queer campus organization, ever. So he asked if Velvetpark might like to cheer them on.

For all of us who live in big metropolises like New York, San Fransisco, or Chicago we forget how privileged we are being out. We have tons of resources and orgs to turn to for support, and we benefit from millions of cultural events our cities host nightly.

But its really all of you who are in places where basic rights and acceptance is still a huge struggle and having the courage to organize and be out is an incredible feat. I couldn't help but quote Sarah Schulman again, because what she had to say still applies to our struggle now. Regular people can change the world!

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Kent Martin's picture


Hi everyone,

The LGBT Association at OU-Tulsa is in the midst of officer elections! I wanted to thank all of the supporters from VelvetPark once more - and let you know about an fantastic conference happening this month in Tulsa...yes Tulsa!!!



It's called "Be. The Conference for Change" and will have two days of LGBT panels and organizing for change in Oklahoma. I'm just thrilled that this is happening. I'll be part of a panel called: Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Panel for College Students during day two.

Much Love!  KENT

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Yay Kent! keepin the queer

Yay Kent!

keepin the queer fires buring!

tweet tweet @gracemoon

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Good luck!!!


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Hey student activists,

Take care of yourselves and each other--student organizing is hard, especially since you also have a life in school, so watch for burn out in yourselves and each other. Recharge. Party hard.

And, connect with other student organizers. I'm an Arizona State University grad, and I organized for ASU's LGBTQ Coalition (track them down on facebook, or me at kendalljoy at mail.utexas.edu). I'd be happy to share ideas for projects, events, funding, community-building, and governing documents--anytime.

Go after what you want and don't let go.

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From a Native Tulsan

Go OU-Tulsa on making this significant step forward in increasing the visibility of LGBT students in the buckle of the Bible-belt. As the writer of the first story about gay kids committing suicide in Oklahoma ten years ago, I would have never expected this to happen -- and in fact, didn't wait around for it to happen. I left, and eventually moved to New York. But you are fighting the good fight down there! Keep it up and keep us all posted.


Adrian Brune

Tulsa World Staff Writer '98 to '99

Adrian Margaret Brune | Freelance Writer | BlindFolio.com

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Nothing to do with anything....well...

pearl buttons! Been a long time since I've seen those pearl buttons! 


Twitter Time @kdhales

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Without community....

we don't exist. Use your wits for guidance, empathy for the ignorant, patience for the movement, and each other for support. Be safe in your pursuits....if there's anything I can do, don't hesitate.

Congrats on being the Founding Members - make an official charter, sign your names, and hang it on the wall for all to see! You are now, and will always be magnificent human begins!

Remain diligent....we can be our own worst enemies.

This might help:  www.outintulsa.com   Don't know if the site is any good, but the ads are pretty hot!


Twitter Time @kdhales

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CT, I second 'you're doin'

CT, I second 'you're doin' fine, Oklahoma'!  Love seeing red bleeding into purple.  Good luck Kent and all you queer Sooners!

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Making history!

Congratulations!! Wishing all the best. 

OU-Tulsa LGBT campus center: keep an active archive of all activities and document everything.  Everything! Future generations will appreciate it and build on it. 

Enjoy and employ the power of the arts in establishing and growing a community.  


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Making the gay safe and suave

is like playing checkers; you try to have some fun while conquering one square at a time. Thanks for adding to the board, OU-T.  Wink

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I am so excited for you guys

I am so excited for you guys at OU-Tulsa! Wishing you all the best that queer community has to offer as you start this journey together. Listen to each other. Learn from one another. Be there for each other. And, most of all, enjoy your time with one another!

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This news makes me want to break out in song

Wow! We are all behind you, first LGBT organization at OU-Tulsa. Oh, what a beautiful day for you!

Best wishes to Kent, all of the LGBT students and allies on campus.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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rock on, OU-Tulsa!

I hope you're all celebrating and enjoying each other's camaraderie. having community IS a huge big deal when you're in a minority (or several overlapping minorities), and I know how much it meant to me to be part of a queer youth group in high school. it had just started when I joined; we were a dozen teenagers and a queer social worker, no budget, no facilities, no infrastructure, nothing but heart and 2 hours of free space a week in an art gallery downtown. that was 15 years ago. now, that same group has a building, a scholarship program, a peer sex ed initiative, and a whole staff of full-time counselors. regular people can make it happen! you're all awesome and brave and you're going to rock your school!!!

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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Thank you Caramelteddy!

It's a historic day at OU-Tulsa!

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but you are one good looking dude! xoxox

Congrats on all fronts (and backs)! Remember, I have a fantastic son that's in higher ed also.....PMing ya!

Big smooch


Twitter Time @kdhales

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You're doin' fine, Oklahoma!

Wow! The first LGBT organization on campus? That is an amazing accomplishment and a critical step in achieving equality in your part of the nation. Now that you've taken this first step, I want to encourage you to keep moving forward. It will not be easy, I think you already know that. Just remember that there is a huge community out here that you can always turn to for support. In this age of technological advancement, there are many resources available that can aid you in your struggle, so use them.

I wish you the best of success and growth in the community that you are working to establish in Tulsa.