Five People of 2017 Making a Difference in 2018

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Five People of 2017 Making a Difference in 2018

not talking about the drugs and crime but more so the reliability and characters. I am already invested in the show without seeing an episode.

Kid Fury & Crissle - The Read Podcast

I am a couple years behind on this podcast but The Read is a certifiable hit in my book from the first five minutes into their podcast. This podcast is a dose of realness about hot topic issues that surfaced throughout the week. I have commiserated with them and lived with them through their love of Beyonce, Steven Universe and video games. Fury and Crissle are the voices in my head saying all the things that I want to say out loud.

While their jokes and side ways glances (shade) are ever present throughout their podcast they do bring light on good things that go on throughout our country. I even bough some vegan popcorn after hearing them talk about a little boy who started his own business.

At the end of all their podcast they do reader mail. Even before the letter ends I am screaming ‘Break up with him.’ While there are a lot of podcast out there The Read will be one of those I bring into 2018.


Danica Roem - Virginia (D)

When I think of Roem all I think of is perseverance and unwavering calm under pressure. She won the 13th district becoming the first openly transgendered person elected in the state house. The election did take some ugly turns but Roem won with over 53 percent of the vote.

Only time will tell what kind of impact Roem will have in the Virginia State House but her being elected speaks volumes on its own. Roem living her truth openly and willing to run for public office and winning makes me hopeful for the coming year.

Janet Mock - Writer/Activist

I took a copy of Mock’s book Redefining Realness off the shelf of a friends and it made me sit back and think about how real can someone live their life. To know that you were different to know that you were something more than the outward appearance and how others perceive you is redefining.

After reading Redefining Realness I never really looked back and life got in the way but I was reintroduced to Mock when she did an interview with The Breakfast Club where I found it awkward at certain points but there were certain points within the interview that made me what to know more about why she dared to be herself. So when she said she had another book out Surpassing Certainty I knew that I should read it.

When I think about Mock and her contribution to this past year all I have to say is that she lives fearlessly open and with a certain kind of confidence that I wish to obtain myself.