This Friday: Queer Art Exhibit Opening in Philadelphia

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This Friday: Queer Art Exhibit Opening in Philadelphia

Works by Molly Landreth, Elisha Lim & Aiden Simon
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday 11/11/11, 6pm-8pm
Exhibit runs through December 31, 2011
Co-sponsored by the Leeway Foundation

This November and December the William Way LGBT Community Center’s Art Gallery will celebrate transgender and gender non-conforming community through a special exhibition curated by Eli J. VandenBerg featuring the works of three national and international artists: Molly Landreth, Elisha Lim, and Aiden Simon. An opening reception will be held on Friday, November 11 from 6-8pm.

As a community of queer and gender variant people our strength is in the power and diversity of our personal narratives. The three artists featured in the exhibition are visual story-tellers, presenting compelling images of today's queer landscape. Elisha Lim's work has been described as comics or illustrations, but on a deeper level they are visual memories. They present queer life as a series of moments—moments that shape our histories and comprise our communities. From the curious character of PeeWee Herman and the family structure of Sharon, Lois and Bram to the series of 100 Butches, Elisha's unique observations are rendered through a distinctly queer lens, taking the everyday and contextualizing it within queer history.

(Elisha Lim)

Photographer Aiden Simon's work takes us back in time to The Twin Lakes Swim and Tennis Club where Aiden spent his childhood running, playing make-believe, living out fantasies. Today the club is abandoned and slowly being reclaimed by the landscape. Aiden's work captures all the awkwardness, reflection, exuberance and experimentation of youth. He reclaims this childhood but through the wisdom and memories of a trans adult. His is a childhood that has been lost, buried, and at times morphed beyond recognition but where vital stories are visible, hiding in the overgrowth.

(Aiden Simon)

Where Aiden's work is about reflection, Molly Landreth's is about projection. "Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America" began in 2004 out of Molly's desire to see images of her own community. The project connects queer individuals highlighting a national experience in its many diverse, overlapping and, at times, conflicting parts. Rather than categorizing individuals—butch, femme, trans, bears, fat, thin, dyke, lesbian, gay, etc.—this project unites a tapestry of identities into one powerful force that covers the entire country. Molly has the ability to go beyond portraiture to find that part of

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