FringeNYC Renews Hope for Tri-State Lesbians: Dating Pool Expanded

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FringeNYC Renews Hope for Tri-State Lesbians: Dating Pool Expanded

Hello Queer Sisters. This is Doris Anderson, Executive Director of the Self-Identified Lesbian Community Center. The New York International Fringe Festival opens this Friday, August 10th and runs through Sunday, August 26th

The Fringe will bring with it lots a woman from out-of-town, both regionally and from overseas! This is the perfect opportunity to meet women here on a staycation for dating and perhaps more importantly, for casual sex. As we all know, the lesbian community can be a tough place to find opportunities to engage in sex without a mandatory commitment*—so this is the perfect time to take advantage of a carefree romp as lots of these gals will be leaving at the end of August! 

Here are a few hot tips for you to meet women while you are “Fringing” as they say: 

  • Actually go to see shows! You can get off to a great start by attending my event “IN HEAT: Is She Hot Under Her Collar of Under Her Skirt?” premiering this Friday, August 10 at 5:00 p.m. at the Gene Frankel Theatre. This is only the first of my five shows. FringeNYC thinks I will be doing a spoken word interpretation of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Everyone is going to be in for a big surprise when they find out this is really a dazzling show for lesbians and our allies! 
  • Take your cell phone out of your face! While you are in line waiting for tickets or standing around in the lobby, nothing cock blocks an introduction more than pretending you have an important text message sucking all your attention. This is a good chance to practice being available, if not for a relationship, at least for meeting new lezzies. 
  • Carry your business card. Nothing is slicker while you are “networking” than to slip your contact info into another sister's hand. Then, if you never hear from that person again, you don’t have to be totally embarrassed because you can tell yourself it was “for business.” (If you don’t have a business card, please contact me for how you can pull this together fast.) 
  • Are you a gal on a budget? With tickets costing between $15-18 for FringeNYC, how can you possibly see more than one show? Well – there are tons of folks running around with “Participant Badges” that get them into shows for $5. (These are people who have worked on individual shows and they extend far, far beyond the cast.) Buddy-up with one of these badge holders and together you can walk up to the theatre before each show and purchase one $18 ticket and another for $5 – total: $23. Split this and you each get in for $11.50!
  • As always, there are a lot of online and in-print press outlets that claim to be inclusive of covering LGBT events. But, what a surprise, it happened again. Gay male shows have almost exclusively received all the attention from certain “Gay” press, which I won’t name. But, I am going to take this opportunity to highlight the lesbian shows in the Fringe that pass The Anderson Test. (They contain characters and/or content about Queer women and are written, at the very least, by a woman— whether queer or not.)

Please support these shows:

Antigone Unearthed

A Coupla Crackpot Crones

Fortunate Daughter

Hadrian's Wall

IN HEAT: Is She Hot Under Her Collar or Under Her Skirt?

Magic Trick

The Reluctant Lesbian


See you at FringeNYC!

Sexy Hugs,


* I am all for commitment, but if you are not finding people who aren’t relationship -ready, you can at least be have a roll in the sack! Why should gay men have all the fun?