Girlsalon Returns This Friday

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Girlsalon Returns This Friday

This Friday, 30 September, Girlsalon returns to Brooklyn.

I established Girlsalon ten years ago, shortly after coming out and moving to NYC. I ran the first event out of my apartment in Park Slope, with 12 other women in attendance. My motive was to create a non-discriminatory space where queer women of all races, ethnicities, and orientations could share and discuss their art. I was interested in women's artistic expression and I enjoyed writing; I also believed that there must be many queer women out there like me who were seeking a comfortable place to discuss their art. So, Girlsalon morphed into this space where people shared their writing, music or comedic skits, or they just sat in a big circle and listened to other people. I thought it was really beautiful that in a large and often impersonal city like New York, a group of strangers actually felt safe enough to come together in a stranger’s home for the purpose of sharing their art.

Soon thereafter, as an experiment I hosted one show at Bluestockings Bookstore, and I was surprised and delighted to see there was a line out the door the very first night. This signaled to me that there was a clear need out there for women to have a positive space to congregate and share their art, and, I think, it was this need that fueled Girlsalon's success. It soon became a monthly show with a dedicated group of regulars who either performed or watched the performances.

Due to work obligations, I had to take a hiatus from producing Girlsalon, but, I’m happy to announce, the break is finally over; this Friday, Girlsalon will take place at the Branded Saloon (8pm). This particular Girlsalon event—with anticipated performances by Robin Cloud, Grace Moon, Stephanie Schroeder, Kelli Dunham, Sassafras Lowrey, Jessica Halem, and Mimi Ferraro—will be held as a tribute to Cheryl Burke, who passed away from complications due to chemotherapy treatment this summer, and who hosted Girlsalon on a number of occasions.

~ Janine Avril, author of Nightlight and creator of Girlsalon.


Friday the 30th, 8 p.m.
Branded Saloon
603 Vanderbilt, Brooklyn, NY 11238

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Jenny Aisenberg's picture

yeah, girlsalon is back!!!

aaaggh, so sorry I missed your return, janine! blame it on rosh hashana, but I am so there for the next one! is there a calendar? looking forward to juicy literary lady time Smile

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