Happy Christmas President Obama!

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Happy Christmas President Obama!

A "Christmas Miracle?" The Romney Campaign is really the gift that keeps on giving—and unlike the W campaigns of 2000 and 2004, this time the GOP candidate can't use his international wars as his jedi mind trick to win the election. 

As if the GOP's class warfare wasn't any more explicit (especially as evident in the correlative and related war on women), Mittens was caught on camera dismissing 48% of Americans as lazy entitled Obama supporters—you know, because on the pre-tax amount of $24,000 from teaching seven undergrad courses this semester, I should certainly pay for my own healthcare. My sense of entitlement is disgusting.

Rachel Maddow ran a lengthy segment on Romney's speech and discussed its implications on his campaign:

This past Saturday's SNL segment couldn't be more apropos:

In other must see TV, a FOX News employee was tasked with finding a "disillusioned Obama supporter" for an interview segment. Unfortunately, I didn't make the cut,

Kirk is a Breitbart contributor & frequent FOX News guest

but this guy (a real Obama supporter who duped the conservative media) did:

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yams's picture


how can you not care about 1/2 the population? what an ass.. 


Marcie Bianco's picture

a friend of mine (who,

a friend of mine (who, granted, is an obama advisor) just said that romney has truly, in this moment, unified the country.

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You should have went on Fox!

You should have went on Fox! Now that would have been entertainment!

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Marcie Bianco's picture

my honesty, ability to

my honesty, ability to fudge-a-bit, and my whole heart-on-sleeve thing have ruined my chances at a political career.... But I think this kid did a pretty steller job of shocking the host—I mean, EVERYTHING she and most on air commentators say is scripted for them by really socially, culturally oblivious people...oddly enough...or perhaps not so odd!